Top 10 Best Tool Backpacks for 2022

A tool backpack is not only one of the handiest things to have when working at remote sites, it’s virtually necessary for some projects such as building and construction, computer and technical repairs, and on-site machinery repair. Most tool backpacks are capable of holding a large drill or medium sized saw, stud finder, along with over a dozen hand tools, and various switches, parts, cables and hardware.

Most tool backpacks are designed with rugged materials such as nylon or Kevlar, as manufacturers know you need something that will hold up on the job. There are several types of tool backpacks at varying price points, so read ahead to find what will be the best fit for you.


Top Ten Best Tool Backpacks – Comparison Table


Custom Leathercraft 1134 Tool Backpack, 48-PocketAdjustable compression pocket accepts bulky items

41 pockets inside and 7 pockets outside to organize a wide variety of tools and accessories
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DeWalt DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack Bag, 57-Pockets48 Multi-use pockets inside and 9 outside

LED light can be easily directed at work area or into backpack to help identify tools and parts
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Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Tradesman Pro Organizer BackpackTaller bag and interior pockets allow for long screwdrivers

39 Pockets
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Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac Service Technician Bag3 MM thick polypropylene base- won't tip over with tools stored in the bag

Quick release metal hasp for easy access to back storage bay
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Milwaukee 48-22-8200 Job Site Backpack35 Pockets for organizing tools

Laptop Sleeve - Holds Laptops up to 15.6"
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Nupla 67419 Black Label Rubber Bottom Back PackIncludes breathable shoulder straps and chest strap

Twin side pockets.

Rubber bottom to protect against water penetration
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Carhartt Trade Series BackpackRugged, durable, roomy backpack

Front organization panel for pens and pencils
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Craftsman Heavy Duty Backpack Tool BagMolden Rubber Bottom

Deep Main Compartment
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CLC 1132 75 Pocket Heavy-Duty Tool Backpack75-pocket tool backpack

Holds 14-piece wrench sets, electric drills, extension cords, pliers, screwdrivers and more
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ToolPak Original108 easily adaptable pockets and tool holders

Six different tool holding panels for different shaped tools

Two outside zippered pockets for bulky items and a trouble light loop in the top one
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Custom Leathercraft 1134 Tool Backpack, 48-Pocket

As it’s name suggests, this backpack has an astonishing 48 pockets! With 41 being interior pockets inside three main compartments, 7 are exterior pockets for quick access to regularly used tools. The two largest compartments are zippered for secure holding of a large drill and spare battery. This is a great choice for general repairs and maintenance. This bag features thicker material than some others, which can prevent your sharper tools from tearing out of the pockets. If you don’t want to always carry your tool backpack on your back then this is a great choice for you, as it has two top handles for easy side carrying. The main exterior pocket is also great for storing an extension cord, and expands to fit approximately an 8 foot rolled cord, or even a small air compressor hose and gun for mechanics.



DeWalt DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack Bag, 57-Pockets

Few brand names have garnered the respect DeWalt has over the past 90 years of being in business, so it’s no surprise that the DeWalt DGL523 tool backpack is a high quality product. With an abundance of pockets, no less than 57 in fact, this durable took backpack will surely meet the needs of any remote repair or construction project. The most unique feature of this backpack is that there’s an LED light built right in. Lights like this are indispensable on dark job sites, in crawl spaces or under machinery. Just face your backpack toward your project and get to work without worrying about holding a flashlight. This backpack can hold over 50 wrenches, screwdrivers and accessories, along with a medium sized drill.



Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Tradesman Pro Organizer Backpack

Klein Tools is offering a slim yet rugged tool backpack in the Tradesman Pro Organizer. At a price of around $100, you can get your tools neatly organized into it’s 39 pockets. Most importantly, it also features a unique hardened compartment to store your glasses or safety goggles. This bag is taller than most others on the list, so it’s great for tools with long handles such as handsaws, or long drill bits and deep specialty sockets. The bottom is fully hard-molded meaning you can rest it on a wet floor without worrying about damaging your expensive cargo. Klein Tools is a trusted name in tools, and they seem to have made this backpack with appreciation of that. It has double stitching at stress prone points, so it’s less likely burst open even when slightly overloaded.



Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac Service Technician Bag

While most tool backpacks listed here are great choices for general contractors, this backpack focuses on those working with H-VAC systems, with specially sized compartments and quick access zipper-free pockets. The base is 3mm thick, so don’t fear your sharper tools ripping through the bag. This bag has 2 storage bays, which makes it stands out from others in its category. There are also 4 main compartments. This bag is a great choice if you don’t plan to carry 40 smaller tools, but instead have 3 or 4 large tools you normally use. This specialty tool backpack costs just over $200.



Milwaukee 48-22-8200 Job Site Backpack

Milwaukee has a general job site backpack for you here, with a molded hard plastic base that keeps your tools upright in high wind, or if knocked during working on your project. This backpack is extremely rugged, in fact it’s made out of 1680 certified ballistic material. It may not stop a bullet, but it will not rip under any normal circumstance. This is great backpack for those who want something rugged that can stand up to pressure, be thrown in the truck, and fold like a wet noodle when put to the test. This tool backpack stands out for having a laptop pocket, which is important as more projects are now requiring digital records and diagnostics.



Nupla 67419 Black Label Rubber Bottom Back Pack

Another tool backpack with 1680 Ballistic Material, the Nupla 67419 tool bag is a great option for those who require durable equipment. This ballistic material is the same stuff the military uses on much of its combat gear. At a low price of just $60, this backpack is a good economic choice. It’s high stress seams are all double stitched with heavy duty threading, meaning your not going to need a trip to the backpack repair shop anytime soon. Nupla claims this backpack has 20% heavier-grade fabric than other tool backpacks in its market. The rubber bottom will keep your tools dry and therefore guard against rust, which will save you money in the long run.



Carhartt Trade Series Backpack

The Carhartt Trade Series Tool Backpack comes in both black and the signature Carhartt brown, and is the most affordable tool backpack on our list. This rugged tool bag with two padded shoulder straps can be picked up for just $35 online, making it ideal for students, entry-level technicians, or for less regular use. It’s professional quality and can definitely pack your tools around without ripping. One great feature it has is a rain-proof protector coating to keep your valuables dry when working outdoors or getting back to your vehicle. Keep a water with you in the mesh side pocket, and never lose your keys with the built in safety key-ring strap. Weighing just under a pound this is great choice for anyone walking long distances to and from the job site.



Craftsman Heavy Duty Backpack Tool Bag

No tool backpack list would be complete without a Craftsman model. Sear’s Craftsman line is one of the most known names in tools, and the Heavy Duty Craftsman Tool Backpack sets the bar for mid-prices durable tool bags. At just $65, this tool backpack offers a rubber heavy duty bottom for use outdoors and in damp construction sites. It also has thick, comfortable, padded shoulder straps and a large main compartment for those with one or two primary tools. There are three outer straps on this bag which not only keep your contents tightly secured, but can be used to strap the bag to a stationery object so you don’t lose or forget it at your job site. This backpack is great for mechanics who use air tools, as you store a small compressor in the main compartment. There are over 6 smaller pockets in the main storage area to keep your commonly used smaller tools and sockets organized.



CLC 1132 75 Pocket Heavy-Duty Tool Backpack

Made specially for mechanics, the CLC 1132 has an amazing 75 pockets. These are specifically designed to hold wrenches and ratchets, along with a variety of regular and deep well sockets. While this tool backpack costs around $125, it is well worth it for those who want to keep their wrenches organized while on the go. One feature of this tool backpack you won’t see in any others in our list is the plastic parts tray which snaps shut and holds small parts. This bag is also heavier than some of the other tool bags on the market, weighing around 5 lbs when empty. All of the zippers on this backpack are heavy duty, which is a must for anyone regularly on the job site.



ToolPak Original

The ToolPak Original tool backpack is a great choice for general construction sites, as it can hold dozens of hand tools in it’s organized inner pockets. A nice thing about this bag is that it has adjustable shoulder straps to fit to your size, the straps also have a thick padding so even when you’re carrying 20 lbs of tools you won’t hurt your shoulders. It also has heavy duty zippers for long lasting durability. This backpack is made of heavy duty nylon and weighs in at about 7 pounds when empty. Expect to pay around $125 for this specialty tool backpack.