Top 10 Best Carry On Luggage For Your Travels In 2022

While carry on luggage is not something the average person tends to use everyday, it’s an important investment during air travel. The best carry on luggage can also prove useful during the occasional road trip. Since different airlines accept different sizes of carry on luggage, it’s wise to check with your airline of choice to discover their maximum dimensions of carry on luggage before making the investment.

There are many types of carry on luggage available on the market today. Some pieces arrive as sets, fit with a matching handbag in addition to the main rolling bag. Many rolling bags have four wheels instead of the traditional two, preventing the need to tilt the luggage at a 45 degree angle at all while transporting. Rolling carry on suitcases come in fabric and hard case materials. Plus, there’s always the duffel bag option for those seeking a classic approach to the carry on luggage situation. With so many types of carry on luggage available today, it can be a daunting search at first. Let’s break down ten great carry on luggage systems from different brands.

Best Carry On Luggage Reviews

1. Rockland Two Piece Luggage Set

This two piece set from Rockland is a great pair for the fashionable traveller. Perfect for a weekend away, the main rolling bag measures 14 inches by 21 inches. It comes fit with an expanding feature that increases interior space when needed. The rolling back has two sturdy, skate-style wheels and a raising handle. The small matching bag is a bowling ball bag style with hand straps and a removable shoulder strap. The set is made of polyester fabric, and is available in a wide array of colors and patterns. It’s a gorgeous matching set that will look sleek on any airport runway.

2. Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 20” Four Wheel Upright

Originally known for his gorgeous clothing line, Kenneth Cole is taking the luggage game by storm. His line of hard exterior rolling suitcases, called Out of Bounds, is stylish yet durable. Though the hard exterior of the case provides extra protection to its contents, it still remains lightweight thanks to the latest materials. The four wheel upright design remains standing as it rolls, gliding across the terminal floor toward the gate. This rolling suitcase from Kenneth Cole is available in many different solid hues, ranging from bright purple and red to more subdued cobalt and charcoal.

3. Olympia Luggage 22” Eight Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag

 Those who enjoy the classic duffel bag design will love this rolling duffel bag from Olympia Luggage. Measuring in at 22 inches high, it’s an ample duffel bag fit with skate-style wheels and a hideaway handle, combining two styles of luggage into one great combined design. In addition to the handle, the bag has two carrying straps, keeping to the true duffel bag design. It’s made of thick, durable polyester with reflective material on its exterior and is lined with synthetic material inside for extra strength. The bag arrives with eight zippered pockets in different sizes and shapes for extra storage, and is available for purchase in fourteen different shades.

4. Samsonite Wheeled Underseater Large

This Underseater bag from Samsonite falls on the smaller side of the wheeled carry on luggage spectrum. Measuring just under nine inches high and 13 inches wide so it’s able to fit beneath a passenger seat, the Underseater is undoubtedly small. It has several internal compartments that make this small carry on shockingly roomy. Its wheels are skate-style and the pull handle locks into place, giving a nice glide over any surface. This bag arrives in a sleek and durable black blended fabric with chrome accents. The Samsonite Wheeled Underseater is the perfect compact option for the traveling businessperson or any traveler who plans to be away for one or two quick nights.

5. Samsonite Luggage Winfield Two Fashion HS Spinner 20

Crafted in state-of-the-art polycarbonate material, this carry on luggage from Samsonite is practically indestructible. The hard case design has a lightweight feel while protecting its interior contents by absorbing every impact it experiences. The bag’s spinner wheels turn 360 degrees, pulling upright along the airport floor. Its fabric-lined interior arrives with ample storage, including pockets, cross-straps and a zip divider. Every zipper on this piece of luggage is stylishly oversized, making it easy to open and close every compartment. This Samsonite carry on bag is available in five fashionable colors.

6. US Traveler Rio Two Piece Expandable Carry-On Luggage Set

This two piece carry on luggage set from US Traveler is the ultimate package. The main rolling bag has ample interior storage with multiple pockets, and measures 22 inches high and nine inches wide. The bag has an expanding zipper option, opening the width to just under 11 inches when expanded. The handle of the rolling bag locks when pulled into place, unlocking with the quick push of a button. The matching shoulder bag is perfect for carrying a laptop and other flight accessories onboard during travel. Both bags are made of ultra-durable 1200d polyester fabric. The set is available in an array of colors.

7. Rockland Melbourne 20-Inch Expandable ABS Carry On Luggage

Lightweight yet durable, Rockland’s Melbourne carry on luggage arrives in a strong polycarbonate exterior material that maintains a popular hard case design. The bag’s four spinner wheels rotate a full 360 degrees, making this piece of luggage easy to maneuver during travel. Measuring in at 20 inches by 13 inches, this bag is ideal as a carry on for most short-term trips. It has multiple zip, mesh and elastic pockets inside, plus a hefty chrome handle that locks in place. This bag is available in 29 different color and pattern combinations.

8. 5 Cities Multi-Use Trolley Backpack

Part rolling luggage, part backpack, the 5 Cities Trolley Backpack is perhaps the most unusual carry on luggage design available on the market today. With two wheels on its base plus a retractable trolley handle, the bag is a small rolling carry on. It also has two shoulder straps, making it easy to strap on and go, plus side and top tug handles for a handheld carrying option. A convenient flap can pull down to cover the wheels when using the shoulder straps. The bag has multiple pockets, including two exterior zip pockets for easy access to passports and water bottles. This 5 Cities bag is available in various colors and patterns.

9. TravelCross Luggage Two Piece Carry-On Set

This two piece carry on luggage system from TravelCross is a durable way to travel. The main rolling bag measures 20 inches high and has two wheels for steady rolling throughout travel. Fit with multiple zippered, elastic and mesh pockets, the rolling bag has ample capacity for storage inside. The bag also has a side-mounted TSA-approved lock in addition to OKOBAN, a global lost and found registration system. The corresponding smaller bag has two zippered compartments along with two strap options. This two piece luggage system is available for purchase in four different colors.

10. Western Gear Lightweight Duffel Hold All

Perfect for the lighter side of travel, this classic carry on duffel bag from Western Gear does the job of essential luggage without the added fuss of wheels and handles. It arrives fit with hand straps and a removable shoulder strap for maximum traveling versatility. The bag has two zippered pockets on its sides for increased storage during travel. The bottom of the bag perches atop sturdy plastic feet, preventing the surface of the bag’s fabric from touching the ground when resting on the floor. This duffel bag from Western Gear is available for purchase in six different color and pattern combinations.