Top 10 Best Adjustable Standing Desk 2022

best adjustable standing desk

According to some of the newest research, sitting is the new smoking. For anyone who lives a very sedentary lifestyle, this is unsettling news. Today, consumers are spending more time sitting than ever before. Maybe you sit for 45 minutes on your way to work.

Once you arrive at the office, you spend another eight hours sitting in a cubical while smashing away at the keyboard. Studies have found that sitting too much can cause cancer, type two diabetes and several serious illnesses.

The final nail in the coffin is that these health problems cannot be reversed through exercise. One of the best solutions to this problem is a standing desk. In an attempt to avoid these health issues, many consumers have decided to purchase the best adjustable standing desk.

When shopping for these products, it’s important to find a desk that can be adjusted easily. You shouldn’t have to waste precious time trying to figure out how to adjust the desk to the proper height.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you know what you’re buying. Some products are advertised as standing desks, but they’re really conversion kits and can only convert an existing desk. Below, you’ll find reviews for the top 10 best adjustable standing desks.


Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk Frame

If you’re just looking for a solid frame, consider the Jarvis standing desk frame. It might seem intimidating, but this frame isn’t difficult to build on.

After the purchase, all that you need to do is find a top for it. Although the price is on the upper end of the spectrum, this is a very high-quality standing desk. You can adjust it from 23.5” up to 82”, and the width can also be adjusted.

The Jarvis standing desk frame can support up to 350 pounds, so there is plenty of support for a top and computer monitor. With an intuitive digital display, you can quickly select your desired options, and you even get four memory preset options.



“The Slider” Standing Desk

Technically, this is a conversion kit, but it still counts as a standing desk, and it lets you adjust the height. This product features an ergonomic design and can be adjusted to fit the height of any user.

It can be placed on existing furniture and can be used anywhere. On the lowest setting, this desk assumes a height of about 11 inches. The highest setting gives it a height of 17 inches. The benefit of this standing desk conversion kit is that it lets you work while sitting or standing.

The Slider is designed to support as much as 25 pounds of weight. With a beautiful black color, it should have no trouble fitting your existing décor.



LUXOR Standup-CF48-DW Stand Up Desk

Another top product is the LUXOR Standup-CF48-DW. For anyone trying to fight back against a sedentary lifestyle, this is a top product.

It features a stunning finish and delivers the professional style that many consumers desire. Since it’s a crank desk, the height is adjustable, and it’s a very easy product to use. It’s great for anyone who wants to burn more daily calories, and it can help to boost productivity.

You can use this desk to improve your posture, and the LUXOR Standup-CF48-DW can even help to prevent heart problems associated with excessive sitting. A steel frame and powder coat finish are like the icing on the cake and make this one of the best standing desks on the market.


Mount-It! MI-7910 Best Sit-Stand Desk Converter

If you’re interested in a conversion kit, the Mount-It! MI-7910 is a top product. Unlike some desks, this model gives you the option of sitting or standing, so it’s great for consumers who prefer to switch between the two positions.

Although it’s called a conversion kit, it doesn’t require a complicated installation. It’s a freestanding desk and has a wide base for greater stability.

To make sure you have plenty of room, it features an oversized work surface. You can use it for a laptop or desktop computer, and it features an ergonomic design. It lets you adjust the height with a spring-loaded arm, so you can adjust the height within seconds.



Safco Products 1929CY Muv Stand-Up Adjustable Height Computer Workstation

Here is a great product for consumers who don’t want a conversion kit. It’s available in three different styles and works great for computers. It features a pull-out tray for a keyboard and comes with shelves.

The molded side panels are great for hiding computer cords and cables, and the steel frame is built to last and sports a powder coat finish. Since it sits on top of four dual wheel carpet casters, you can move it around your home and find the perfect location.


Techni Mobili Height Adjustable Laptop Cart With Swivel Top And Storage

If you need a top standing desk for your laptop, this is a great product to consider. It features heavy-duty MDF panels and has a moisture-resistant PVC laminate veneer finish.

The desk can be tilted and adjusted, and to prevent your laptop computer from falling, there is a built-in lip. You can adjust the table height from 30.75 inches up to 45.5.

The dual knobs make the adjustment quick and easy. There is even a storage compartment, so you’ll have plenty of room to store important accessories. This is one of the best standing desks for laptop computers.


LUXOR Standup-31.5-B Stand Up Workstation

Another top product from LUXOR is the LUXOR Standup-31.5-B. You can use it like a presentation cart or desk. It has a beautiful finish and provides a professional look.

The black powder coating makes it look very professional. If you’re looking to improve your productivity, this is one of the best standing desks to do it. With a two-tiered shelf design, you get maximum flexibility and can quickly organize your workspace.

You’ll find this desk to be useful for laptop, tablet or desktop computing. The height can be adjusted from 28.5” up to 40.5”, and the LUXOR Standup-31.5-B is ideal for everyday needs.



Height-Adjustable Standing Desk VARIDESK Pro 36

Here is a top product from VARIDESK. It’s designed to sit on top of an existing cubicle, desk or table. Since it features a single display surface, it lets you raise your whole workspace.

There is no separate mouse or keyboard deck. For optimal ergonomics, you can adjust this desk to several different heights. Even when it’s fully extended, this desk stays very stable.

It uses a spring-loaded lifting mechanism and can lift up to 35 pounds. Since it can fully extend within three seconds, you can move from a sitting position to a standing position without wasting any time.



The UpTrak Sit/Stand Desk

If you want the ability to convert any regular desk into a standing desk, this is one of the best products to consider. In fact, it’s one of the top-rated standing desks for cubicles.

It features a revolutionary design and lets you quickly switch from sitting to standing. Since it only weighs 15 pounds, it doesn’t take much effort to set up.

Once in place, it only uses a small amount of space on your existing desk, so you’ll still have plenty of room to work with. The height of the desk can be adjusted from 11 to 17 inches and provides enough space for a keyboard and mouse.



Well Desk Height Adjustable Standing Desk

If you want to take a stand for your health, consider the Well Desk Height Adjustable Standing Desk. This desk is height adjustable and designed to support a single monitor. It takes only 60 seconds to assemble and doesn’t require tools.

It will fit most desks and can support up to 35 pounds. The height of the desk can be adjusted from 5’3” to 6’1”. To find the best ergonomic position for your needs, you can adjust the upper and lower shelves.

The Well Desk features a slip-proof design and has a bar that prevents your computer monitor from flipping over. All of the parts that this standing desk is comprised of are made of Baltic birch plywood, which delivers a strong, stable product. If you want to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, this standing desk can help you do it.