The Best Vertical Gaming Mouse Guide With Reviews For 2022

If you’ve ever followed up a long day at your computer at work with an extended gaming session then you probably know the struggle of a repetitive strain injury or RSI. The most common RSI that most people have heard of and associate with computer use is carpal tunnel, which is triggered when the area around the tendons in the wrist that control the fingers become inflamed from overuse. This inflammation can irritate the tendons and cause aching or pain in the wrist making further work, or worse yet, gaming impossible. Ergonomic solutions to this have been developed, however, such as ergonomic keyboards and mice. Vertical mice take the pronation, or rotation of the wrist, that causes much of the carpal tunnel related inflammation out of the equation of using a mouse. There are a number of things to keep in mind when looking for the best vertical gaming mouse.


Dots per inch, or DPI, is effectively a measure of how accurately and quickly the movement of the mouse will move the cursor on screen or move you through a game. Higher DPI means that your mouse will feel more sensitive, and a slight movement of the mouse will translate to much more travel of the cursor on screen. Many mice come with adjustable DPI settings allowing you to quickly change sensitivity on the fly.


Wired Vs. Wireless

It’s important to know whether you need a wired or wireless mouse for your purposes. Wireless mice are more portable and offer more convenience with less clutter, but have a higher latency and require batteries to operate. Typically vertical wireless mice are better for use with a laptop if you often play games or work on the go, while a vertical wired mouse will be more reliable when paired with a desktop computer. Your preference here will likely impact which is the best vertical gaming mouse for you.


Number of Buttons

Many mice, especially those geared towards gaming, are designed with additional buttons that can be programmed to perform macro commands, which execute a series of actions in-game with a single click. Depending on what kinds of games you play additional buttons like this may or may not be a necessary consideration.


Ten Best Vertical Gaming Mouse Reviews

TekNet 2.4G Wireless Mouse

The first mouse we’ll be taking a look at in our vertical gaming mice roundup is the TekNet 2.4G wireless mouse. Technically this is not a vertical gaming mouse like the others on this list, but it does have a grip rather sympathetic to RSI. This mouse gets its name from the 2.4GHz frequency on which it operates, which offers better response time and a more reliable connection than the typical FM spectrum signal that most other wireless mice often operate at. The mouse features a 6 button design with left click and right click, forward and backward on the side, as well as the mouse wheel and a DPI button which can cycle between 1000, 1500, and 2000 DPI. While this covers the majority of people’s preferences these options might leave out very high DPI or low DPI users.

Very long battery life
Stable and secure 2.4GHz connection gives very reliable input

DPI settings miss out on the high end and low end



Loveing Vertical Mouse

Next up is the Loveing vertical mouse, which is a rechargeable wireless mouse. This particular model is best for people who like an in-between mouse that isn’t entirely vertical but is also angled enough to get the ergonomic benefits. This mouse is designed with about a 60-degree angle and features a smooth black finish that gives it a more professional look than most gaming mice. This mouse also uses the reliable 2.4GHz frequency to make its connection with your computer and comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. The 6 buttons on this mouse are in a very similar configuration to the last one, but the DPI can only toggle between 600 and 1600 DPI, which is on the very low end of the spectrum, and somewhere in the middle for most people.

Professional look is unassuming and would go well in any office
Great connection with 2.4GHz frequency

Only 2 DPI settings, very low and medium



ECTHPower Wired Mouse

The next mouse in our list is the ECTHPower, the first wired mouse we’ll be taking a look at. This vertical mouse also boasts the versatile 6 button configuration, however this one has four DPI settings that range from 800, a decent low sensitivity setting, all the way up to 3200 which is incredibly sensitive and a very slight movement of the mouse will result in a substantial amount of movement of the cursor across the screen. This kind of high sensitivity is great for people who want to conserve movement on the desktop to prevent inflaming an RSI, or gamers who want to be able to flick their mouse and quickly turn 180 degrees which comes in handy in competitive games like CS:GO or overwatch.

Very wide range of DPI settings
Wired connection offers high speed and accurate connection

LED lights on the mouse cannot be changed or turned off



Ev. Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

Next up is the very well designed ev. wireless mouse. This mouse sits at a very comfortable 75-degree tilt which takes all the strain of pronation off your wrist. This model features four DPI settings, 500, 100, 1800, and 2500. These options will satisfy all but the most high sensitivity gamers and can be quickly switched between for work and play. This particular mouse uses very high-quality OMRON switches that have a lifetime of 10 million clicks and has a color changing LED that follows a breathing pattern in one of seven colors. While this is a wireless mouse and the USB dongle is very small, the mouse itself is rather large making it somewhat difficult to use as a portable ergonomic solution.

Very comfortable to use
Customizable LED lights with 7 programmable colors

Very large vertical gaming mouse making it difficult to use on the go



Sanwa Bluetooth Vertical Mouse

For some people, the idea of having a receiver sticking out of the USB ports of their laptop is not ideal. Whether it’s from an experience in the past where putting a laptop into its case resulted in the dongle being shattered or yanked out causing damage to the laptop, or just an avoidance of having this ever actually happen, this is a rational fear to have. This is especially true if you use a case for your laptop that is very tight and fits the laptop very snugly inside. The solution to this is to use a Bluetooth mouse, like this Sanwa ergonomic mouse. Though Bluetooth has a narrower bandwidth and shorter range than the 2.4GHz wireless mice, if your laptop has Bluetooth compatibility built into it you won’t have to worry about plugging in, damaging, or losing a USB dongle.

Bluetooth connection means no USB dongle is required

Shorter range than other wireless mice
only 2 DPI setting, 1000 and 1600



Sharkk High Precision Optical Gaming Mouse

The Sharkk optical mouse is a wired ergonomic mouse designed for ease of use. It uses a plug and play system that requires no drivers and will immediately work with almost any form of Windows dating back as far as Windows 98, as well as any Linux build or Apple device. The name comes from the sleek shark fin profile of the design, which comes in a matte black finish with red accents. This mouse features the familiar 6 button configuration with adjustable DPI settings of 800, 1200, and 1600. The Sharkk mouse also comes with a one year warranty that will cover any damage to the mouse or defects from manufacturing.

Wired mouse that boasts wide compatibility with any computer
Sleek design looks good with most gaming setups

No high DPI settings, although 1600 is usable for most people



Anker Ergonomic Wired Mouse

A well-known name in the tech world Anker is probably most recognized as one of the major manufacturers of battery banks. Their wired mouse offering boasts a very simple 5 button design and a meager 2 DPI settings of 1000 and 1600. These are the two most comfortable settings for average users, but those looking for greater speed or more precision in their mouse usage might feel that this particular model is lacking. For those simply looking for an exceptional vertical mouse, however, this is still a good option. Anker has an outstanding build quality and the device is certainly built to last with lifetime support and an 18-month warranty. The included cable is about 5 feet long which is a good length for most desktop setups but a bit long for portable use.

Very good build quality with lifetime support guarunteed

5 foot cable is a bit on the long side for tossing into a laptop bag and using on the go
Only 2 DPI settings leave some users wanting for more



Havit Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

The Havit is arguably the most portable mouse on this list, coming in at a paltry 157 grams with two AAA batteries installed it adds practically no noticeable weight to your laptop bag. What’s more is that the wireless USB receiver can be stored in the battery compartment, eliminating the need to fret over whether the dongle will be damaged if left attached to the laptop when putting it in and removing it from its case. This mouse runs on the 2.4 GHz frequency giving it the improved connection and reliability of a more secure frequency. The Havit ergonomic mouse features a 6 button design with 3 DPI settings of 800, 1200, and 1600. Again, this may leave some users wanting on the higher end of things but a majority of people will find these options suitable.

Very light and portable design
AAA batteries last a long time in this device

Lacks a very high DPI setting for those looking for extreme sensitivity



J-Tech Digital Scroll

The J-tech digital scroll mouse features a rather unique design that you grip almost like a flight stick with a conical protrusion that you wrap your hand around with buttons on both sides as well as a DPI switch on the top. The DPI button cycles through the device’s three DPI settings that range from 600 to 1600. The option to run at 600 DPI is great for people who need very precise control over their mouse movements while gaming or workings such as graphic designers who like to do very fine detail work with a mouse. This wired mouse is quite large and is best suited for office or desktop use, but is very well thought out and thoughtfully designed to reduce any excess movement or strain on the wrists making it ideal for those suffering from and RSI who wish to continue working while recovering.

Very ergonomic layout with minimal movement required for efficient use
Unique grip and shape reducs RSI irritation

Very bulky, restricted almost exclusively to desktop use



EIGIIS Wireless Mouse

The final mouse in our roundup is the EIGIIS high precision vertical mouse. This mouse prioritizes simplicity over function in its layout with a four button design that features an additional two forward and back buttons placed on the outer edge of the device. This mouse uses rechargeable batteries that can be powered up with the included USB charging cable. While simple, this mouse does come in four stylish colors, purple, silver, blue, and black for those looking to keep things fairly professional. This mouse also boasts the longest range out of any of the mice in our roundup, able to maintain its 2.4GHz connection to the USB receiver from up to 15 meters, or over 75 feet away. The device also has an LED indicator on the side that shows battery status.

Long range of 15 meter can stay connected from across the room or in some cases across the house
rechargeable batteries offer solid battery life
Only mouse on this list available in multiple colors

Somewhat bulky design make it hard to take on the go
Lacks adjustable DPI