Ten Best Truck Bed Tent Reviews For 2022

Before modernized society developed suburbs and large metropolitan urban centers, people lived in fairly simple ways, sleeping out under the stars surrounded by the wonders of the natural world. For those who want to shed the burdens of the civilized world and get back to experiencing nature in its finest, but who also don’t want to completely give up their connections to the modern world, buying the best truck bed tent provides the perfect opportunity. Allowing you to enter the natural world that we as a society have so long neglected and camp anywhere that you can drive to.

Buying a truck bed tent doesn’t have to be difficult, because if you’ve ever sought out to buy a traditional tent before, the expectations of what a tent should do remain the same, the only difference being that this tent will sit in your truck bed instead of on the ground. Everything else stays the same in that you’ll want the same comfort, ease of access, and protection from all the different kinds of weather that nature can throw at you.


Best Truck Bed Tent Buyers Guide

Breaking it down, there are only a few standards to which a truck bed tent should be judged:


You’re going to want to make sure the tent that you select will be big enough to accommodate everyone who is going to be staying in it, and maybe have room left over to bring in any necessary supplies that you’ll need while inside the tent.


Secondly, you’re not going to want to sleep in something that scratches or irritates you while you’re trying to rest and relax, so the comfort provided from a tent should be considered when searching for the best one.


If you’re going to be dropping a lot of money for a good truck bed tent, you’re going to want to know that your purchase is durable and will last for years, ready at a moment’s notice for any kind of camping trip imaginable.


Lastly, it’s always a added bonus if a tent comes with any features beyond four walls, a floor, and a door. So anything extra that comes with a tent that provides more comfort or ease to your camping trip should be considered.

With those things in mind, we’re going to run down and review the ten best truck bed tents you can find on Amazon in hopes to help streamline your search for the perfect truck bed tent.


Top Ten Best Truck Bed Tent Reviews

Napier Outdoors Sportz 4-Person Tent

As a company, Napier produces several worthy truck bed tents that should be included on this list. This four person tent might be their most basic and rudimentary option that will get the job done no matter where you decide to park and camp. This truck bed tent is roomy. Plenty of room for four large adults to comfortably enjoy themselves while on a camping trip. The tent provides over 7 feet of headroom to move around in, and Napier has included a sewn in floor for good measure.

This Sportz 4-Person Tent itself is easy to construct with color coded and shock corded fiber glass poles that make the set up fast and easy. The tent has one large entrance door, but it also has a rear access door that allows you to enter the truck’s cab directly from the tent. As an added feature, the tent also comes standard with a 9 by 9 foot awning that extends off the tailgate and creates plenty of shade for lounging around in. Plus, there’s two interior pockets and a gear loft for extra storage, and comes packaged in a carry bag for storage. This might just be the tent that you’re looking for.



Sportz Camp Truck Tent

Napier continues with their extensive line of truck bed tents with this roomy tent that sports a camouflage design instead of a traditional color. This will be the deciding factor for people who want to camp out in the woods without the bright colors that stand out so vividly on a traditional tent. This Napier tent is slightly different from the previous one listed, because the sides of the tent extend over the truck’s bed in order to prevent water from finding its way into the bed of the truck, which any regular knows, when the ground below you gets wet in a tent it can turn a great nature excursion into a dreadful one.

This tent includes a 4 by 4 foot awning that extends from the tailgate to provide shade. This two person tent is an excellent option to get a comfortable and restful night of sleep while camping out.



Honda Bed Tent

Honda makes amazing automobiles, so it makes sense that they would dabble in truck bed tents to accompany some of their Honda trucks. This truck bed tent will allow you to experience wondrous camping in a dry truck bed, high up off the ground and away from all the things that could go wrong with a tent on the ground, not to mention all without the complication of tarps, stakes, and guy lines. This truck bed tent is manufactured from only the finest, top quality components that Honda can get a hold of.

A genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) product, Honda assures that you will absolutely love this tent. A standard two person tent with over five and a half feet of headroom and an awning that extends off of the tailgate over a 4 by 4 foot area, this Honda truck bed tent provides ultimate comfort with only the best quality material available.



Kodiak Canvas Mid Size Truck Bed Tent

Kodiak Canvas provides here a very accommodating mid size truck bed tent for camping in any kind of outdoor environment. This truck bed tent is over six and a half feet long, and over five and a half feet tall to provide plenty of room for two people to comfortably relax and sleep through the night when they go camping. The tent is set up with a sturdy, three quarters inch steel tube frame that aims to protect the tent and its inhabitants from any strong gusts of wind that might threaten to blow away a traditional tent.

The entrance to the tent has a tunnel shaped design which helps to maximize interior space. The tent also has five windows, including a cab access window for convenience, all of which helps to provide excellent ventilation and helps to bring a feeling of openness to the inside of the tent. For added security, this tent comes equipped with clamp on rails that easily mount on a truck bed for a secure fit that will keep the tent in place no matter what.



Smittybilt Overlander Tent

This tent from Smittybilt is not a traditional truck bed tent, but functions with the same intentions as traditional truck bed tents. This overlander tent sits on the roof of your truck and extends over the side able to support over 650 pounds. There’s a ladder extension for easy access into the tent itself, and can comfortably fit three adults with ease wherever you decide to park and camp. The tent is made with a 600D heavy duty waterproof top with a rain fly included for inclement weather.

The tent has a sunroof and side windows fitted with mosquito netting. The anodized aluminum tent frame poles keeps the tent stable and secure no matter what it comes up against. The tent is easy to set up and take down with heavy duty PVC cover that keeps the tent dry and free from UV rays when not in use. The tent can be used in all seasons throughout the year and comes with a fitted, high density fire retardant foam mattress with a removable cover that will keep you comfortable while you’re experiencing the wonders of nature.



Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent

Guide Gear compact truck tent bed is an excellent choose for anyone searching for a portable and easy to use camping solution. Milliard’s tent has a set up that is simple and quick thanks to the instruction manual that they have included with it, plus a carrying case that makes travel easy for anyone. The sewn in floors prevents dirt from the truck bed from getting into the tent, and a rain fly in included for use during the rain, or any wet weather condition.

Guide Gear Truck Tent comes with a mesh door and windows with mosquito netting and privacy shades so you can sleep in peace wherever you decide to park. The tent comes with superior rigstop grade material that is super durable and extremely long lasting. The tent comes with an added feature of a lantern hook and an inside storage pocket that will enhance your nights out in the wilderness.



Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

Guide Gear has designed a standard full sized truck bed tent for use in any season and any weather condition. The tent provides a fast, comfortable shelter that gets you up off the ground in just minutes. Made from 190T polyester with 1500mm water resistant coating and a sewn in polyethylene flooring, this tent has a large interior area with over five and a half feet of headroom for maximum comfort. The tent has excellent ventilation with the mesh windows and large mesh covered entrance door.

The interior is complete with two pockets for extra storage on your overnight excursions. The tent itself is lightweight at only 11 pounds and can be transported in a weather resistant polyester carrying bag. If you are looking for a no nonsense, easy to set up and enjoy truck bed tent, look no further, as this one will meet all your needs and maybe even exceed them.



Backroadz SUV Tent

Napier continues to flood the market with plenty of tremendous options for those searching for the perfect truck bed tent. This Backroadz tent allows you and one other person to sleep comfortably elevated off of the ground with a sewn in floor that keeps out all the dirt and grass and things that make camping a slightly less enjoyable experience. The tent can be set up quick and painless, with clamps that secure it in place over the sides of the truck’s bed. The tent features four large windows and one mesh covered door to ensure maximum ventilation wherever you happen to be. It comes with a rain fly and storm flap to keep water out and your privacy intact.

The tent is manufactured from polyethylene material and comes with four shock corded fiberglass poles for easy installation. Napier provides a one year manufacturer’s warranty to ensure that no matter what happens to this tent, you’re going to love using it wherever you are. One word of warning, however, is that Napier recommends this tent for use in only three seasons: spring, summer, and fall. Using it in winter might not comfortably keep you from the harsh cold that comes through every year.



Rightline Gear Full Size Truck Bed Tent

Rightline Gear has constructed a truck bed tent that has options to fit any kind of truck imaginable, no matter how big or small your actual truck bed may be. The floorless design of this tent ensures that set up is quick and easy, and can be done without removing all of your gear from the actual truck bed. This also means that you will need to provide your own “floor” if you do not want to sleep directly on the dirty bed of the truck. The tent has protective heavy duty straps and nylon buckles and won’t damage the truck’s finish while also making sure the tent is secured and safe and won’t blow away.

The color coded poles and pole pockets have been designed for intuitive construction that makes the set up a breeze. The fabric that the tent is made of is waterproof with tape sealed seams to ensure a dry night no matter how hard it may rain. The tent will comfortably fit two adults, and comes with a rain fly, carry bag, and sewn in set up guide to ensure the best experience possible.



Sportz Truck Tent

SportZ has provided here a very roomy two person truck bed tent that will make any experience an enjoyable one. With almost six feet of headroom, you won’t find yourself cramped in any way inside this tent. The tent features a large rear access panel that allows you to access the truck’s cab for additional storage, not to mention the large entrance door and two mesh covered windows will provide excellent ventilation on those hot summer nights. The tent comes with a 4 by 4 awning that secures to the tailgate allowing it to be set up anywhere that you find yourself. Sportz Truck Tent has a set of strap protectors to ensure your truck is protected against the tent’s straps to avoid damaging the finish of your ride. A perfectly comfortable and endurable choice for anyone seeking a truck bed tent.



So there you have it. A list of the ten best truck bed tents one can find on Amazon. All of the tents listed here find a unique balance between comfort, durability, size, and extras that make them all reliable choices when searching for the best truck bed tent for your camping excursion.