The Best Toys And Gifts For Six Year Old Boys – 2022 Edition

What’s silly, a little gross, full of energy, and obsessed with bodily functions? A six-year-old boy, of course! Buying toys for boys at this age needs to embrace all their enthusiasm. They’re branching away from family and home, exploring more with their friends, and beginning to build their own interests. If you are looking for toys and gifts for six year old boys but have no idea where to start, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite toys to build his creativity, peak his interest, and get him a little bit dirty. Plus, we’ve answered a few questions about what’s going on inside his mind. Let’s take a look.


The Best Toys And Gifts For Six Year Old Boys – Reviewed

Bo Toys R/C Military SUV Building Bricks Radio Control Toy

This isn’t just a remote control military SUV. He can assemble the SUV himself. It comes with 502 pieces made of high-quality ABS plastic, and it’s a great long-term project for him. It has a USB rechargeable battery, with a reach of over 100 feet. The controller uses three triple A batteries. It has posable parts, and once it’s built, it’s a fully functional remote control car.

Building blocks help him maintain focus. He has to follow directions carefully, teaching him problem-solving and critical thinking. It’s a neat toy with a lot of educational value, but it won’t feel like school. STEM toys support his acquisition of 21st-century skills because of this engineering toy. If he has trouble, he can ask family or friends for help, which encourages social skills.



KarviPak Walkie Talkies

There’s no kid on the planet that doesn’t want a set of real walkie-talkies. The KarviPak Walkie Talkies don’t look like toys, but they’re made to withstand the enthusiasm of kids. They’re bright blue, and easy for little fingers to operate. They have a three to five-mile range under ideal circumstances, which should be plenty of space for him to run around with his friends. The LCD is bright and easy to read, and there’s even a flashlight on the end for nighttime adventures.

They have a straightforward push-to-talk button. There are 22 channels to choose from. The auto squelch function helps reduce background noise so that the sound is always crisp. They’re a bright blue so you can see them easily if they get lost.



Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit

Six-year-old boys are very interested in all the functions of the body, the grosser, the better. Give him full permission to get gross with this Scientific Explorer kit. It includes all the tools he’ll need to explore and learn about the human body. The experiments allow him to create his own stinky intestine, fake blood, and slimy snot, plus a few other gross things. Everything is full of fun facts about his body and everything that’s going on.

It comes with scientific tools, such as Petri dishes, a magnifying glass, tweezers, and all the ingredients for the experiments. Science is fun, but only if he feels like it’s relevant to what he’s going through. He can learn significant biological and chemical facts without feeling like he’s in school. It’s a fun STEM toy that gives him a leg up on what he’ll be practicing in his science classes very soon.



Ozobot Bit Coding Robot (Blue)

Enough with the screen time. Bring coding out into the real world with the Ozobot coding pack. Instead of staring at a computer screen, he can use four different colors of markers to define what he wants his Ozobot to do. He learns cause and effect and problem-solving. The pack includes four markers, the Ozobot, and stickers to decorate the bot. There’s also a set of directions for some DIY coding activities. He can draw out his ideas or follow the instructions in the experiments.

Once he masters using the colors, he can take his skills further with the OzoBlockly app. It’s a drag-and-drop coding game that he can use to master these age-appropriate coding skills. Technology is a critical 21st-century skill, and this one is unique in that it limits the time he spends in front of a screen. It’s the best of both worlds.



Play Monster Yeti in My Spaghetti

Let him get silly with this game that’s fun for him and not too difficult to master. Place the Yeti on top of the spaghetti noodles. Each person takes a turn pulling out a noodle until the Yeti falls. It’s a straightforward premise, and it’s great for getting everyone in the family together for some fun. At this age, he’s ready to get into competition, but some board games are still a little beyond his skills. This one is just long enough to keep his attention, and just when he might get bored, the Yeti falls, and everything starts over.

He needs critical social skills at this age, so this is an excellent way to get him involved with other people. It also teaches him critical problem-solving skills because as he plays the game, he needs to think through cause and effects.



VTech Kidizoom Camera Pix

Encourage his creativity by giving him a durable camera all his own. The VTech camera is a durable, kid-safe camera that takes pictures with 2 megapixels and has 4x zoom. Uploading the pictures to your computer through a USB is easy. It has a durable, rubber coated design that’s impact resistant and easy to hold on to. It has a viewfinder, and pictures are stored with the Micro SD card. When he reverses the camera, it automatically detects faces to make taking selfies easier.

There are four games included, and there’s also video recording functions and a voice recorder. It can withstand the enthusiasm of little boys and allows him to express himself. At this age, he wants things he sees adults with but can’t necessarily have himself. This is his chance to have something all to himself to express his creativity and share his experiences with the world.



Den Haven Scooter for Kids

It’s vital that he gets outside to practice valuable physical skills. This scooter has a three-wheel construction that helps him stay balanced safely but allows him to go as fast as he wants. It has a wide deck that suitable for all skill levels. The wheels are a durable polyurethane and ride smoothly on a wide variety of surfaces. It has a high-quality aluminum frame and an adjustable T-bar.

The scooter folds up for secure storage. It’s good especially for kids that don’t have enough room for a bike, but still want to ride around with their friends. Scooters are excellent physical practice for skills like balance and coordination. They can also be social. Plus, the scooter looks cool with black and green designs. It even has a rear access break to bring things to a quick stop.



Fantasy Fort Kit Pretend

Forget the blankets. Let him build his own fort with this 32 piece construction kit. It has a versatile design that he can customize his own space and play needs. The faux wood panels are connectable with the velcro double sided connectors. He can build and rebuild as his imagination changes. The additional carton clips give support to two-story structures.

He gets to plan and build his perfect play structures, but when it’s time to go to bed, everything can disassemble for easy storage. Open-ended play is essential for STEM skills in engineering. Dramatic play is still significant at this age, so he’ll get a chance to stretch his imagination and bring his fort plans into the real world.



The Dangerous Book for Boys

This bestselling book helps boys to get out and experiment with their surroundings. It’s a fun way to get boys thinking about their environments and teach them fun life skills.

It covers skills like building paper airplanes, tying knots, and identifying creepy crawly insects. It will peak his curiosity and encourage his reading skills. One important thing his parents can be doing right now is reading to him, so this book will satisfy that element while peaking his interest in lots of things.

He can come back again and again as it teaches him life skills. He can practice anytime his friends are over or with family for a fun weekend.



HearthSong Glow Wild Chomposaurus Children’s T-Shirt

Glow in the dark dinosaurs. What’s not to love? Give him the coolest t-shirt around. When he crosses his arms, the Velicorapter goes from a profile picture to an in-your-face snarl. It glows in the dark on its teeth and eyes. It’s a durable cotton shirt that’s comfortable and easy to clean. Make sure to wash it in cold water and never use bleach.

He’s just at the age where his image is beginning to be important. He can show off this shirt with his friends, but you don’t have to worry about him messing it up because of the durable cotton construction. The company makes a tyrannosaurus rex and a pterodactyl as well. It’s a huge kid pleaser.


Best Toys And Gifts For Six Year Old Boys – Buyer’s Guide

Six-year-old boys think of themselves as big kids right now. They may not be able to keep up with big brother or sister, but that doesn’t mean he won’t try enthusiastically. He can be a little self-centered, but that’s just because he’s become his own person.

When you buy toys for boys this age, there are a few things you want to keep in mind.

Open-Ended Play

He’s building his focus and his creativity at this age. He imagines things that are more complicated and eager to see it in the real world. Toys that allow him to build his own vision, or that encourage him to try new things are going to be great for him.


He still needs a lot of structure and routine at this age, too. Games that are easy to master, but require him to think critically and problem solve will be fun rather than frustrating. Toys that require him to follow directions to achieve results help him develop focus.

Physical activity

Six-year-olds are full of energy. They have endless amounts of enthusiasm and need an outlet on a regular basis. Toys that get them outside, or help them practice physical coordination, are excellent. Make sure they have plenty of safety precautions so the toys don’t become frustrating, but he’s ready to begin practicing more complicated physical skills.

The Takeaway

Give the six-year-old in your life a chance to be his full, silly, energetic self. Toys that help him explore and branch away from mom and dad are critical in his mental development. If you embrace his curiosity, the toys you give him will be a total hit.