Best Toys And Gifts For 7 Year Old Girls – 2022 Edition

Your seven-year-old girl is becoming a unique individual. She’s less interested in what mom and dad are doing and more interested in where her friends are. Also, she’s likely noticing how her work and abilities stack up to her friends. She’s perhaps experimenting with all kinds of new experiences. You really have to pay attention to her changing tastes and interests, which can be challenging at times. However, picking toys and gifts for 7 year old girls doesn’t have to be difficult.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite toys and gifts for 7 year old girls plus a mini guide that answers some questions you might have about what’s going on in her development. Let’s take a look.


The Best Toys And Gifts For 7 Year Old Girls – Reviewed

My Fairy Garden – Magical Cottage

Our first toy blends earth education with a fun playset. The Magical Cottage is a fairy world that allows your child to plant and care for her plants in a real garden. It comes with Freya the Fairy, a cute little figure that helps your child maintain interest as she waits for seeds to sprout.

Children sometimes have trouble being patient waiting for seeds to show, and this gives her something to do besides staring at an empty pot. As she plays with the figures in the garden, she learns how to check water levels for plants and keep the soil healthy.

You can add your own decorations, but the set comes with both herb seeds such as dill and cilantro, salad green seeds, and flowers like forget-me-nots. The figures included are Freya and her chipmunk, a few pieces of furniture for her cottage, and gardening tools including a watering pot.

It builds patience and teaches her to recognize cause and effect as she cares for the plants.



Ozobot Bit Coding Robot

Seven-year-olds are the perfect age for STEM toys. Ozobot fulfills the technology portion of STEM by giving kids their very first chance to code a robot.

Ozobot is a simple bot. He comes with four different colors of marker. Your child uses the marker colors to define the actions of the bot.

It’s a good alternative for parents who want their kids to learn 21st-century skills but are worried about the amount of time kids spend with screens. Instead of using a computer, kids draw out paths for the robot using the markers. Each color of pen corresponds to a command.

She’ll learn cause and effect and problem-solving as she tries to complete the 25 DIY activities included in the pack. The robot itself is a tough little thing with a polycarbonate shell. It features an LED sensor light on the bottom to read marker colors and a charging port.

Once your child has mastered the markers, she can add to her skills through the app, Ozoblockly. It’s a drag and drop method of coding meant to build on what she learned offline.

It’s an excellent toy to encourage essential STEM skills, especially for girls who are traditionally underrepresented in these areas.



RipStik Ripster Caster Board – Red

RipStik is a revolutionary skateboard that combines the motions of snowboarding with the wheels of a skateboard. Kids practice essential balancing and coordination skills by using their body weight to produce the movements and turns of the Ripstik

The Ripster is a smaller version of the original board and better suited for smaller riders. It’s made of high tech polymer with no-slip foot grips and durable urethane wheels that rotate 360 degrees. The middle rotates to produce the motion of the board.

It’s way more interesting than a standard skateboard and gives kids a reason to be outside. As they master the movement of the board, they can learn to do tricks. It’s an excellent outside toy, especially for those who don’t have storage for something like a bike. Be sure to invest in good padding and helmets.



Doodle World Map Pillowcase

The Doodle Map Pillowcase is a fun illustrated map with pictures of animals and sea creatures from around the world, plus fascinating facts. It comes with ten washable markers so that she can color in the lines and create her own masterpiece.

You can wash out the colors on the warm cycle so she can have hours of coloring and creative fun. It teaches her patience and allows her to express her creativity in making a pillowcase that no one else has exactly.

The standard sized pillowcase is soft Turkish cotton, so it’s very comfortable to sleep on. The material is durable and made to last. The markers are double ended with a fat side for coloring large areas and thin side for better detail.



LEGO Creator Mythical Creatures 31073 Building Kit

Lego is the ultimate educational toy. They’ve been making the most fun STEAM toys since before that was so popular. She can build her own mythical creatures with this three in one starter kit.

The main creature is a fire-breathing dragon with fangs, posable jaws, head, tail, and wings, and green eyes. Once she’s tired of the dragon, she can also build a scary spider and a troll with an ax that doubles as a guitar.

The directions are easy to follow and help her learn patience and problem solving skills. She learns to think like an engineer. It is compatible with all other Lego universe packs including all the other creator packs.

These Legos are a reasonable price point if this is her first set. She gets three toys in one if she doesn’t have any other Legos, but she can expand her dragon’s universe with other sets if she wants.



Joyin Toy 24 Colors Face Paint

Who doesn’t love fantastic face paints? Joyin’s paints are easily washable and come in a large crayon size that’s easy for kids to hold. The party pack includes six metallic colors plus a range of other colors.

The colors are non-toxic and child safe. They are FDA approved for children. They’ve been tested for allergens, but be sure to check a small portion of the paint on a small, nondescript area just in case.

Face paint allows her to tap into her creative self-expression. The colors are fully washable with just warm water and soap, no scrubbing. She can paint over and over without you worrying about her skin getting irritated from too much scrubbing.

The pigments are bright, and the crayons should allow plenty of use before having to replace.



Nerf Rebelle Star Shot Targeting Set

Nerf is known for “boy” toys, and while there’s no limit to who can use a dart gun, Nerf’s newest line of toys is a stylish option for the girls in your life.

The Star Shot Targeting set is a crossbow style nerf gun that comes with its own target. The target light helps you line up your shot. It comes with two colors of suction darts, so if she plays with a friend, they can tell whose shot is whose.

She loads the dart into place and pulls the string back with the handle on the back of the gun. It teaches her hand-eye coordination and the principles of shooting with a safe-to use-nerf gun. It builds confidence and allows her to test her skills as she gets better at her shooting.



Project Mc2 Circuit Beats

If your child is into music, you can give her the chance to use anything in the house to create it. With Project Mc2 Circuit Beats. It uses electric circuits to produce sound with four different sound circuits.

She can connect each sound circuit to a banana, for example, and as the bananas conduct electricity, the circuits make their sounds. She can choose from a piano, drum, guitar, cat, or she can record her own. Additionally, she can listen to the beats through the included cat ear headphones.

This is an excellent creative toy that allows her to practice STEM skills, but also tap into her musical creativity. She can create her instrument from anything in the house that will conduct electricity, and finding what does can be part of the experiment.

This is a very cool gift for a seven-year-old and one that she can tweak anytime she wants.




Fingerlings are the newest interactive toy. They come in all kinds of little animal shapes that hang onto your finger and interact with you. They respond to sound and motion with blinking eyes, funny noises, head turns, and babbling talk.

She can pet them to sleep, hang them upside down, and watch them interact. These are fun toys that she can take with her quickly, but that offer a lot of feedback as she’s playing.

One entertaining aspect of Fingerlings is that all her friends are likely collecting their own. She can join groups and bring her Fingerlings to play dates to see what kinds everyone else has. They tap into the social aspect of toys because they interact and because they encourage her to find others with their own Fingerlings.



VTech Kidizoom Action Cam, Purple

What kid these days doesn’t love YouTube? They can create their own movies now with the durable Kidizoom cam. It allows them to unleash their creativity and record what’s happening in their lives.

It comes with a mount for a bicycle or skateboard and a waterproof case. The VTech Kidizoom Action Cam has a 1.4 inch LCD screen and takes both regular video and photos. There’s a stop motion and a time-lapse function as well.

It has a lithium-ion battery that can provide up to 2.5 hours of continuous recording time. There’s a micro memory card slot, and you can upgrade the memory to allow for more storage. It’s lightweight but can withstand the wear and tear of a child’s enthusiasm.

It doesn’t have the best connectivity for uploading photos and videos, but it does allow your seven-year-old to view her videos and pictures directly from the device’s LCD screen.

Any toy that encourages her to create on her own is a valuable one. It teaches patience, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills because she has to choose how she will portray the world around her.


Best Toys And Gifts For 7 Year Old Girls – Buyer’s Guide

Seven-year-olds are making some big leaps in their cognitive and physical skills. They’ve mastered a lot of the basic skills kids begin practicing when they are toddlers, and they are ready to move on to something new.

They are noticing things like how their work compares to others at this age. Competition is just getting started. What they need most is the ability to share their experiences with the world and the reassurance that not everything has to be perfect.

If you want to get the perfect toys and gifts for 7 year olds, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Developing Interests

Kids at this age are rocketing towards their own individualism. They’re interested in all kinds of things besides what’s going on at home. Help your child develop by paying close attention to the types of activities he or she likes to do such as science, sports, or creative activities.

Friends Are Important

Kids are bonding with friends at this age as well. This is the age where they start asking for toys because their friends have that particular toy. They also enjoy all the social aspects of toys such as collections, trading cards, and things that help them interact with their friends.

Physical Coordination

They’ve developed a lot of the gross motor skills of their toddlerhood and are ready to graduate to higher levels of physical prowess. Things that help them balance, do tricks, or that ask them to compete (in a friendly way) with family and friends are great ideas.


The Takeaway

Your seven-year-old girl is on the cusp of becoming a big kid. She’s social, curious, and full of wonder about the world around her. Choose gifts that help her become a unique person, and she’ll thank you for it later.