Best Toys And Gifts For 5 Year Old Boys – 2022 Edition

If it seems like your five-year-old boy is learning something new everyday, he probably is! This is a time of immense growth and change in all areas as children get ready for kindergarten and leave their “little kid” days behind. His horizons are broadening as he becomes more aware of the world around him and becomes increasingly interested in social play with his peers. Though he’s mastering complex skills, he still needs the safety and reassurance of your love and care for him. In the midst of all of this change, what are the best toys and gifts for 5 year old boys to best support their development? Here are some things to consider.


Best Toys And Gifts For 5 Year Old Boys – Buyers Guide

  • Look for toys that encourage activity, especially outdoors. In this digital age, children are spending less time outside and becoming more sedentary. However, researchers continue to find more evidence that spending time outside is vital to a child’s mental, emotional and physical health. Sports equipment, riding vehicles and outdoor games are great gifts for this age.
  • Toys that allow for mutual play can support your child’s development. A five-year-old is becoming more social and interested in playing with others in a structured way. However, it can still be difficult to share at this age, so it’s helpful to have some toys or games that lend themselves to group play. Simple board games or building sets are a great choice.
  • Five-year-olds are deepening their imaginative play as they begin to be able to imagine what it is like to be someone else. Through engaging in pretend play, he’ll develop important social skills like empathy, cooperation and problem-solving. Dress up clothes and playsets with minifigures can help expand his play.
  • Your child might be increasingly interested in expressing himself, and art supplies are a great way to foster that. Additionally, you’ll be giving him a chance to practice the fine motor skills needed for writing that will be so important when he starts kindergarten. Crayons, markers, paints, scissors, glue or coloring books will keep him happily occupied.


Best Toys And Gifts For 5 Year Old Boys – Reviews

Adventure Kids Explorer Kit

This Adventure Kids Explorer Set includes five toys that will get your little guy outside and active. The binoculars feature 5/30 magnification, a handy string to keep them around his neck and a rubber eye pad for more comfortable viewing. The LED flashlight is operated by a simple crank so you don’t have to worry about keeping batteries on hand. This set also includes a butterfly net to help your mini-explorer trap interesting specimens and a magnifying glass so he can inspect them up close. A real working compass which introduces the concept of direction completes the set.

Also included is a drawstring bag that conveniently carries all of your explorer’s treasures. The great thing about this kit is that it includes real working tools that will help him develop an interest in nature, but each part of the set can also be used in imaginative play. The binoculars can easily be used to catch a glimpse of a bird in a backyard tree or spot a dinosaur coming in for an attack. Whether your five-year-old is hiking, camping or just traipsing around the yard, this set is sure to be a hit.



Mag-Genius Magnetic Building Tiles

Magnetic building tiles have become very popular in the past few years and for good reason! This set from Mag-Genius is a great starter set as it includes 140 pieces in fifteen different shapes such as squares, triangles, rectangles, window tiles, car bases and cones. It also comes with a plastic latch bin for easy storage. The bright and colorful tiles are sturdy and resistant to cracks, and the magnets are strong enough to build tall structures so your little builder won’t get frustrated. Children happily build countless castles, vehicles and patterns but are unconsciously learning concepts in math, physics, geometry and spatial reasoning at the same time.



Big Dig Ride-on Working Crane

Most five-year-old boys are captivated by the scene of a construction site. The huge, noisy trucks hauling dirt, pouring cement and lifting beams are fascinating to him. Let him get in on the action himself with this working crane. The two handles move together to scoop and dump dirt, and the pivoting seat allows him to easily move about his construction site. He can use it right in your backyard no matter what the season as it can be used in sand, dirt or snow. This toy can also support your child’s development in many areas such as logic, problem-solving, visual-spatial skills and fine-motor skills. The sturdy metal construction means you won’t have to worry about this toy breaking or deteriorating in the weather. Your little worker will have loads of fun digging to his heart’s content.



Richard Scarry’s Busytown: Eye Found It! Board Game

This creative game from Wonder Forge is the perfect board game for your five-year-old. Two to four players move familiar characters such as Huckle and Lowly Worm through Busytown. The aim is to get to Pig Will and Pig Won’t before they eat all of the picnic food! The bright, detailed six-foot-long board is a feast for the eyes. But it’s not just a design feature, it’s actually an integral part of the game.

Periodically, players engage in a challenge to find various objects in Richard Scarry’s world such as balloons or hammers and mark them with a magnifying glass. Players practice simple skills such as counting, attention and memory. Some five-year-olds have a difficult time with games as they are still learning how to be gracious losers. The cooperative aspect of this game means that the focus is off winning or losing which allows for more team-building fun. The greatest gift you can give your child is the gift of spending time together and this game will have you laughing and learning for hours.



LEGO Juniors Fire Patrol Suitcase

LEGOs are a classic, enduring toy that appeals to many children. However, five-year-olds may be at an in-between place in which they have outgrown DUPLO blocks but are not yet ready for the intricate LEGO building sets that include a high number of pieces. This set is made to meet the needs of that in-between place. LEGO Juniors are simpler sets for younger builders. The pieces are the same size as standard LEGOs, but the sets include fewer pieces. With instructions targeted specifically to this age group.

This fire patrol set includes 110 pieces. Including male and female firefighter minifigures, a motorcycle, a fire vehicle with an adjustable cherry picker and a house with a door and windows that move. The firefighters have all of the necessary gear to get the job done. Gear such as extinguishers, helmets and oxygen packs. The carrying case means that you can take your adventure on the go. Whether that means going to a friend’s house or on a road trip.

Imaginative play is very important to a five-year-old’s development. Your child will be sure to gain confidence as he saves the day with this LEGO set.



Melissa & Doug Scissor Skills and Tape Activity Books Set

As five-year-olds get ready to enter kindergarten, they need extra practice developing fine motor skills. These will come in handy as they learn to write. These activity books from Melissa and Doug are a fun, relaxed way to get the practice they need to excel in school. The scissors skills book includes orange child-safe scissors and 20 pages of activities. Some of the pages produce crafts, while others simply practice different cutting techniques. The book starts off with simple exercises that progress in complexity.

The tape activity book includes 20 reusable pages which your child needs to add tape in order to complete the design. For example, your child uses the tape to add shoelaces to the shoe or stripes on the zebra. Four different colored rolls of tape are included for interest and variety. These activity books are also a great choice to bring along to places where your child might need a little help staying busy, such as a restaurant or an airplane.



The Original Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes


You might be amazed at the amount of energy your five-year-old boy has sometimes. Why not turn his need to stomp into educational fun? Stomp Rocket is an amazing toy that has been entertaining children for years. Just run, jump and stomp to watch the planes fly! This set includes three stunt planes, a launch stand and stomp pad with connecting air hose. Designed by aeronautical engineers, the stunt planes come in three different designs that enable them to do different tricks.

The Glider plane is able to travel over 100 feet, the Looper flies broad loops and the Wildcat performs crazy tricks like flips and turns. Your stunt pilot can adjust the angle of the launch to fly in different directions, and he can experiment with how the wind affects his flight. While children observe the planes in action, they are learning physics concepts such as force, trajectory and gravity. This award-winning STEM toy is sure to thrill your five-year-old.



Hi-Tech Wireless Interactive Robot

Many children dream of their very own robot to do their bidding, and now you can make that dream a reality! COCO is a remote controlled interactive robot that is ready to play with your children. He can sing and dance to seven cheerful MIDIs such as The Blue Danube and Four Little Swans. He also sings five different songs and can record your voice. Simply hold the record button while you speak, and COCO will repeat your words back to you. If you’re wary of inviting any noisy toys into the house, rest assured that COCO has volume control so you can keep the peace.

You can also program COCO with various light display options, have him move about the room, and give him the task of delivering objects to your family members or friends. Fully rechargeable, COCO alerts you of low voltage in his lithium-ion batteries which are included. It takes about 60 minutes to power up with his USB power cord and COCO will last for about 80 minutes of play. The remote controller uses two AAA batteries which are not included and has a wide control distance at 65 feet. There are so many different ways to play with COCO and your child will love discovering what he’ll do next!



ThinkGizmos Take Apart Toy Racing Car

Your little guy on the move will love this racing car building set. It’s two toys in one: first, use the real working electric screwdriver to build your custom racing car, then take it for a spin! Turn the engine on to activate bright lights and realistic sounds to make the drive even more exciting. The set comes with 30 pieces altogether, including spare tires. You can take apart and rebuild the car in countless ways, making it a toy that will delight your child for a long time. All required batteries are included, and the car is made of recycled non-toxic plastic. The building aspect of this toy will help your child work on his fine motor skills and concentration. The tools are just the right size for his hands, and he’ll feel a real sense of accomplishment when he puts together his very own race car.



Micro Maxi Deluxe Kick Scooter

Some five-year-old boys may be ready for the challenge of learning to ride a bike, but most need a little more time to grow. In the meantime, give your little guy extra practice learning balance and safety with this Micro Maxi Deluxe Scooter. Kids use their bodyweight, leaning in different directions, to steer the scooter which gives it a feel similar to a skateboard. The wheels are made with polyeurathane to assure a smooth, easy ride with minimal bumps, and the board is enhanced with a slip-proof surface for added safety. The scooter comes in eleven different colors so that your little guy can pick his favorite ride. Suitable for children from ages five to twelve, the Micro Maxi Deluxe will last your child for many years.