Best Toys And Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls – 2022 Edition

As a girl reaches the age of twelve, their interests can change dramatically. While they are struggling to be more grown up, they still often hold on to various likes from their childhood. This, however, can make it difficult for family members and friends to find an appropriate gift for the twelve-year-old that she will enjoy. The best option for choosing toys and gifts for 12 year old girls, is to try to get something that helps to build on the developmental milestones she has reached this year.

At this age, twelve-year-old girls often become very aware of themselves and how others perceive them. They begin to become more concerned about their appearance and begin trying new beauty products to make them feel more grown up. At this developmental stage, they are also developing logic and reasoning skills that should be nurtured and developed to help them succeed more in school and life. At this time, they are often more focused on creativity and expressing themselves.

In today’s world, girls can be distracted by social media and other online games. It is important to help foster healthy exercise habits in the twelve-year-old to prevent issues with weight as their body changes. When choosing a gift for the twelve-year-old, it is a good idea to find options that will benefit them and help them develop the skills they have acquired. This list of top toys and gifts for 12 year old girls can help provide options that are sure to please any girl at this age.


Best Toys And Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls – Reviewed

SmartLab Toys All-Natural Lip Balm Boutique

This kit allows girls to express their creativity and provides beginning experimentation in Chemistry. The Lip Balm Boutique uses all natural ingredients for girls to create a variety of lip balms for their own use or to share with friends. It includes 6 lip balm containers and a lip balm mold. It also contains a lotion bar mold with four shapes. This kit also includes gift bags and stickers to create a unique gift for friends and family members.

This item provides girls with an interesting way to experiment with different materials to create useful products. Girls can discover the science and process utilized to make these fun balms and lotion bars. This can also be a great way to introduce girls to cosmetics and personal items to help them feel more confident in their growing bodies.

Another great benefit of this lip balm making kit is that parents can be confident in allowing their daughter to use the products she creates. The lip balms and lotion bars are created with all natural beeswax. Girls have the option to add essential oils to provide scents and flavors that they may enjoy.



Your Diary – Sparkly Lock & Keys

As a girl begins facing adulthood, it is often important for her to express her feelings and thoughts in a manner that is comfortable and safe for her. Although parents may wish she would share with them, she may not feel comfortable in sharing many of these new and personal thoughts and feelings. A diary can provide a perfect option for the twelve-year-old girl to have a safe place to keep her deepest thoughts and feelings.

The Your Diary provides a unique and cute way for a twelve-year-old girl to express her innermost feelings and thoughts. It comes with a sparkly lock and key to let the twelve year old keep her secrets safe from prying eyes. This can help a lot of girls throughout this often difficult time of puberty and self-awareness. This diary can be coupled with stickers and colorful or glittery pens to create the perfect gift for any twelve-year-old. These items will help her add additional style and creativity to each and every page of her personal story.



Engino Discovering STEM Newton’s Laws Inertia, Momentum, Kinetic & Potential Energy Construction Kit

As the twelve-year-old girl begins developing her reasoning and logic skills during this age, it is a great idea to help foster her learning with toys and gifts that are science related. The Engino Discovering STEM kits provide the perfect option for the girl who may want to be an engineer. This kit comes with hands-on activities to help the child learn about Newton’s laws of motion.

This kit comes with easy to assemble models that help any child learn about basic mechanics that are used in many aspects of building and construction. There are easy to follow instructions for building 8 different working models. There is also a 42-page booklet that provides background information about these laws with quizzes. It also provides several experimental activities to keep the child engaged in this fascinating learning experience.



Smart Circuits Games and Gadgets Electronics Lab

Another wonderful gift idea that helps foster the logic and reasoning of this age group is the Smart Circuits Games and Gadgets Electronics Lab. As most of any twelve-year-old’s life is surrounded by electronic devices and computers, learning about their inner workings can be very beneficial for the growing mind. This kit helps children learn about electronics, light, and sound in one hands-on kit of learning fun.

This kit includes a 48-page lab book to provide learning and instructions for building a variety of circuit boards. The instructions provide information for building a quiz show game, an electronic drum kit, a motion-sensing alarm, and many other fun projects. This kit comes with all the twelve-year-old girl needs to build, create, and expand her mind in the world of electrical engineering.



DROCON Drone For Beginners X708W

Another great option for the twelve-year-old girl is a drone. This DROCON Drone for Beginners is the perfect option for anyone’s first drone. The controls are easy to learn. It comes with a phone stand on the controls to view the images the camera sees as it is flying overhead. It has a One-key return to ensure the drone is never lost. This drone also has Real-time WI-FI transmission to allow easy viewing of all the footage taken while in flight.

This drone allows the young girl to get outside and explore her world. The science involved in the way the drone flies and operates can help spark her interest in a variety of fields. It can also help feed her curiosity for exploration. With the children’s fascination with the internet and social media, this drone can be conveniently connected to help her bring real life together with her online world.



Capture the Flag REDUX

Capture the flag is a fun game that provides a way for friends and kids to get active and outside off of their screens. This game has been played for generations. However, it was never quite like this. This version of a familiar favorite utilizes the LED lights to create a nighttime version. It has 33 light up game pieces with long-lasting batteries to ensure the fun continues until the game is over.

This game is the perfect way to get the twelve-year-old girl off of social media and outside with her friends. This can help her develop social skill by interacting with friends. It can also provide the exercise needed to stay healthy throughout her adolescence. An added bonus to this game is that it is played at night. The twelve-year-old can feel a little more grown up playing at a time that was previously restricted to older kids and adults.



ALEX Toys Artist Studio Sidewalk Mandala

Another great way to get the twelve-year-old girl outdoors is the ALEX toys Artist Studio Sidewalk Mandala. All kids love to play outside with sidewalk chalk. This provides a girl a fun way to get outside and express herself in a manner that is fun and enjoyable.

This set is a little more in-depth than just the standard sidewalk chalk. It comes with six jumbo chalk colors and a large mandala stencil. It also comes with instructions. This kit can allow her to create beautiful pieces of art on any or every sidewalk around the home.



American Girl Ultimate Crafting Super Set

A young girl enjoys creating things and adding her own special flair to each and every item. This allows her the opportunity to express herself as well as learn how to make various items on her own. The American Girl Ultimate Crafting Super Set provides young girls with a way to hold on to a treasure of their younger years with a more grown-up kit. This kit comes with all the pieces needed to create jewelry and crafts for herself, her friends, and even her American Girl doll. This 1500+ piece set comes with various colors and types of twine, cords, beads, buttons, and storage containers to keep all these items safe and secure. This can provide hours of fun and expression for any twelve-year-old.



US Art Supply 163 Piece-Premium Mega Wood Box Art

Expressing themselves and being creative is often very important to a twelve-year-old girl. With the US Art Supply 163 Piece set, any girl can create the masterpieces in a variety of media. This comprehensive set is sure to please any beginner or even more advanced artist. It comes with colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolors, crayons, drawing pencils, and brushes to provide the perfect tools for any art project or creation. All of these items fit neatly into a beautiful wooden box to provide easy transport to friends or wherever else the girl draws inspiration. This can also help to inspire the young girl to learn about the various art techniques and the artists that created them.

In addition to this set, it also comes with a variety of bonus items to get the budding artist off to a great start. It comes with an adjustable easel with a drawer to provide the perfect place to paint or draw her masterpiece. There are also a variety of papers and sketchbooks to allow her to create any type of drawing or painting she desires. There are also additional brushes and a painting palette providing everything needed for her to get started.



Roller Derby FireStar Youth Girl’s Roller Skates – 1978

Another great option to get the twelve year old out of the house and away from the screen is the roller skate. This fun activity never goes out of style. These comfortable skates can allow the young girl to get out and go like never before. They come in a comfort sports design and comfort fit to ensure a fun skate in any size.

The Roller Derby FireStar Skates have a very retro look that can appease a twelve year old’s new found sense of style. Not only will this look help with her newly discovered self-awareness, it will help provide the exercise and fun girls of this age need.



Although many people may be concerned with choosing a gift for a girl at this age due to the various changes she is going through, it really isn’t that hard to find the perfect gift. Choosing items that can help a girl grow, learn, and exercise at her age level is always the best option. If still uncertain about the best present to get a twelve-year-old girl, a gift card can also be the answer. A gift card can provide the girl the ability to choose the exact item she wants for the occasion. This option can also allow the girl to feel more grown up by being able to spend her gift card as she chooses.