Best Toys And Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls – 2022 Edition

Choosing the right toys and gifts for 11 year old girls, that will positively support their development can be challenging. As children age, their interest in toys and how they interact with the world changes. So it’s important to choose a toy that age appropriate and that supports their development. Young girls are very energetic and show signs of independence at this age. They also value friendships and want to be accepted by their peers; and this desire for acceptance may cause them to act out. Also, young girls are undergoing puberty during this time; so they can be self-conscious about their appearance.

During this time, their cognitive thinking skills are developing; young girls can think in abstract ways and in hypotheticals or what-if scenarios. They also understand intangible concepts like trust, love and faith.

Understanding these things will help you pick a gift that’s age appropriate and will support her development. You should choose toys or gifts that builds self-esteem; encourage creativity and exercise; and foster social interaction; and teach problem solving and critical thinking skills.

As you shop, you’ll have make sure the toy maker is reputable, while checking to ensure the toy is safe and has good reviews. Keeping all of that in mind as you shop might be difficult; so we compiled a list of the best toys and gifts for the special, young girl in your life.


Best Toys And Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls – Reviewed

Razor A3 Kick Scooter, Blue, Frustration Free Packaging

This professional quality kick scooter is a good outlet for any kid to burn some energy. The Razor A3 comes with an aircraft grade aluminum chassis. The 125 mm wheels are made of urethane, which creates a smooth riding experience suited for pavements in urban or suburban areas. The rear wheel fender brake and spring-less shock absorbing¬† system, make for smooth riding, and are great for learning tricks. Children would like this scooter’s longevity because every part of it is professionally made of high quality materials. Your 11-year-old’s leg muscles will become stronger from pushing herself around, and her hand-eye coordination will improve.



Loopdedoo Spinning Loom Kit Friendship Bracelet Maker

This kit comes with one spinning loom with a built in drawer, and it comes with 18 skeins of thread. This product also comes with an instructional video on how to use the loom. The loom is hand powered, and it can weave together thick or thin bracelet. This kit comes with many different colors, and the thread is easy to replace when you run out. Also, the loom will become easy to use once your 11-year-old learns watches an instruction video. Once she gets the hang of it, she can take it with her when she goes to a friend’s house for a sleep over. Overall, a product like this can improve her creativity and teach her how to collaborate with friends when creating bracelets.




This board game requires quick thinking and an excellent recollection of various songs. Spontaneous comes with dice, fifty game cards, a rule sheet and ten pawns. The game starts by everyone writing down a key word. Then the Tunesmith will read one of the words; and the first player who sings or blurts out at least five words of a song containing the keyword scores. Also, that player gets to roll the dice and move forward on the game board. If that person lands on a Clef, they have to draw a card and follow the instructions. The first player to reach the end of the game board is the winner.

Spontaneous brings family and friends together, and this is beneficial to an 11-year-old girl’s development because they can seem distant at times. Also, this game will push them out of their comfort zone by having them participate. Overall, this game builds self-confidence, and it teaches young girls how to think on their feet.



Fashion Angels Labs Sequin Journal

A journal would make a great gift for an 11-year-old, especially if she loves writing. There are many journals out there. So what makes this one so special? This journal is covered in white sequins; and with one swipe, the
color changes from white to pink. Aesthetics aside, girls at this age tend to enjoy writing, and they tend to be moody and need an outlet. Journaling is a way for young girls to express their emotions and opinions. Also, they tend to want privacy at this age; and having a journal will give them privacy and provide a safe space for them to express themselves. Aside from being an emotional outlet, journaling can also improve writing and vocabulary skills.



The Feelings Book

If you are considering buying two gifs, the journal and this book would make a good combination. The Feelings Book was written by Dr. Lynda Madison who is a psychologist. In her book, she helps young girls understand their emotions. Also she shares advice on how to positively deal with them. She addresses common emotions like anxiety, fear, jealousy and grief. Young girls would appreciate this book because it would help them understand that what they are going through is normal. Also, a book like this sends the overall message that they are not alone during this time emotional time. Overall, this book would help them navigate through their swirl of emotions, and in the end enable them to become more emotionally balanced.



Laghcat Mermaid Blanket

Create a comfortable reading or journaling environment for her with the Laghcat Mermaid blanket. The blanket is made of 30% cotton ad 70% Orlon, and it comes in an adult and kid size.

This knitted mermaid tail will keep her warm throughout the year, and it comes in a variety of colors such as blue, gray, green, pink and purple. This blanket also comes with a drawstring backpack for storage and a mermaid pendant necklace. Because of popular TV shows and movies, many young girls love mermaids, and a gift like this should make her feel like a mermaid princess.



Science Academy Clean Chemistry Kits

This kit set teaches young girls how to make perfume, soap, and lip balm. This could be a great gift for a girl who loves science. Also, this toy will provide young girls with the opportunity to learn something new and potentially develop a new interest.

The Science Academy Clean Chemistry Set comes with three different kits. The Perfume Lab kit will teach her how to make her own perfumes with natural ingredients. The Soap Lab kit teaches about soap’s molecular structure and how to make it. Lastly, the Lip Balm Kit teaches how lip balms are made. These kits come with an illustrated guidebook with easy step-by-step instructions and safety information for each experiment. This chemistry set can instill a sense of competence and accomplishment in them. Also, this early chemistry education can prepare young girls later in life when deciding a particular profession.



Jenga Classic Game

Jenga is a classic tower game, and the object of the game is to be the last person to remove a block without making it crash. This game has the classic and the giant version, and both versions come with 54 blocks; the tower in the giant version can be stacked up to four feet. The object of Jenga is to be the last person to remove a block without making the tower crash.

On the surface, this game may not seem as if it would be beneficial to a young girl’s development, but Jenga is a game of strategy. Your 11-year-old will have to decide which block is safe to pull, and then she will have to remove it carefully. Overall, this game will improve her hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and the ability to strategize.



MindWare Bella’s Mystery Deck

This mystery card deck can improve a young girl’s critical thinking and reading skills. This deck comes with 52 oversized cards, and there is a mystery scenario on each card. To solve the mystery, your 11-year-old must read carefully because the answers are in the text. If she can’t solve the mystery or if she wants to check her answer, she can check the mirror card.

Bella’s Mystery deck will improve her deductive and abstract reasoning abilities. Deductive reasoning is when you arrive to a specific conclusion based on general premises; and abstract reasoning is the ability to analyze information and see patterns and relationships within the information. Overall, this card deck will improve her deductive reasoning skills, and she will learn how to read carefully and critically.

The downside to this is she will get bored of this deck when she solves all the mysteries. However, there is a sequel to this mystery deck that you can purchase



Strokes Art Supplies Deluxe Set

Children at this age are interested in arts and crafts. Creating art is very therapeutic, and it can serve as an outlet to express emotions that can’t be verbalized. Also, drawing and coloring can spark creativity in children, allowing them to come up with their own ideas.

The Strokes Art Supplies kit comes with 82 pieces in a portable wooden case. The wooden case gives the kit a more mature and grown up look; this is something she can appreciate because she’s more mature now. The kit comes
with pencils and a sharpener, colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolor cakes, paint brushes, sanding block, and a kneaded eraser. Your 11-year-old will appreciate the variety of tools in this kit, especially if she has never used
some of these things. Activities such as drawing and coloring can improve concentration and hand-eye coordination; also it can also boost confidence and self-esteem in young girls by instilling pride and a sense of accomplishment.



Best Toys And Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls – Tips Ans Guide

  • In order to choose a beneficial gift for an 11-year old girl, remember what girls generally need at this age.
  • They need plenty of exercise; so consider buying a bike, a jump rope or a pogo stick; any gift that gets her moving is great.
  • You can also search online for new and trendy toys that promote physical fitness for girls. Secondly, young girls are also interested in discovering new things about themselves.
  • Toys that teach new skills will allow her to discover her passions, and what she would like to be when she grows up. Also, it is important that she is emotionally balanced.
  • Girls her age are self-conscious because of puberty, and they tend to be moody and distant from their family. So choosing games that bring the family together would help her become more social. Also, her cognitive thinking and creativity needs support.
  • Choose strategy and problem solving games that exercise the mind; and search for toys that will allow her to create cool works of art.
  • Lastly, it is important to pay attention to her specific needs when searching for a gift. Choose a gift that will nurture her talents and interests; or choose a gift that will strengthen her skills that need improvement. Overall, if you pay close attention to what she needs and likes, you will pick a great gift.