Best Toys And Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys – 2022 Edition

Your ten-year-old boy is entering a bit of mystery. He’s leaving behind all the things he loved as a little boy and has all these new interests. He’s growing up. There are a lot of things he’d like to try, and he’s probably really interested in doing everything himself. If you’ve got to pick out the best toys and gifts for 10 year old boys, you might be panicking a little. Don’t.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite toys and gifts for 10 year old boys. Plus, we’ve answered a few questions you might have about what’s going on with your ten-year-old’s mind right now. Let’s take a look.


Best Toys And Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys – Reviewed

Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

Your ten-year-old boy is ready for physical tasks beyond riding bikes and climbing up the jungle gym all by himself. With a pogo stick, he can practice balance, coordination, and have a lot of fun doing it.

Flybar is a classic name in the Pogo world. They have foam covered frames that help protect his hands and knees and help him get a better grip on the stick as he jumps. The tip is a heavy-duty rubber tip that won’t slip out from under him.

Pogo sticks are fun when you don’t have the space for a bike or scooter, but he still wants to get outside and work out all that energy. The stable, non-slip foot pegs are wide and help him balance as he masters the bounce and learns to do tricks.



Dangerous Book for Boys

This isn’t just a book. This book teaches him how to do all the fun, dirty, dangerous things he’s longing to do. There are chapters on fishing, building tree houses, finding true north, and a bunch of other super fun things.

This is a great way to get him reading by giving him a book that feels a little bit forbidden. IT’s all in the title, “dangerous,” and it’s going to get him interested in reading. It encourages him to get outside and explore his world.

There are so many fun activities he won’t even have time to think about his iPad. Reading is a valuable skill, but the book also teaches him to problem solve, follow directions, and think critically. It encourages him to be brave and try new things. Pretty good for a boring old book.



Swiftion Rechargeable Kids Walkie Talkies

Swiftion’s walkie talkies are a durable toy that doesn’t feel like a toy. He can talk to his friends as they have adventures outside, or just around the house. They have a communication range of about 9000 feet depending on the terrain, which should be plenty of space for he and a friend to wander.

They have an LED headlamp for fun during a sleepover or at night time. Rechargeable batteries are included and provide up to four hours of continuous use. The construction is durable and comfortable for kids to carry around. Plus, the bright red is more visible if they accidentally get lost.

Walkie talkies are a social toy. Anything that encourages him to get out and play with friends or family is a good idea. They help him develop critical social skills and aid in the types of dramatic play so crucial for kids even at this age.



RipStik Ripster Caster Board

What do you get when you combine a skateboard with the moves of a snowboard? A Ripstik. This innovative skateboard moves more like a snowboard but uses wheels instead. He can use the natural weight of his body to make twists and turns, plus propel forward without pushing.

It helps him practice balance, coordination, and problem-solving as he masters the basic moves and goes on to learn tricks. It’s way more fun than a skateboard and suitable for those who don’t have the space to store a bike.

The Ripstik is made of a heavy-duty polymer that twists in the middle to produce the movements. The urethane wheels are durable and rotate 360 degrees. This version is smaller than the original Ripstik and is perfect for boys at this age.




Imagine what’s hiding under the ground in your favorite park, trail, forest, or even in your own backyard. With this metal detector, he can find out.

Metal detectors are ultra cool gifts that inspire him to get out and really explore. They can keep him entertained for hours and hours while he searches for all the treasure. It’s easy to hold and use even at his age.

The detection coil is waterproof, and the telescoping arm adjusts for his height, so he won’t have to hunch over. The LCD is simple to learn to read.

It has three detection modes and four sensitivity levels so he can adjust for the terrain. He can find treasures up to 12 inches deep, but the entire piece folds up for compact storage. It weighs just two pounds and can be worked with one hand.

The combo pack also includes a sifter and a trowel so he can quickly uncover whatever his detector finds.



Air Hogs – Helix X4 Video Quad Copter

Go beyond remote control cars and give him a helicopter capable of mid-air stunts. Air Hogs’ copter is a quadcopter that not only flies but records videos.

Videos are stored on the micro SD card. The copter itself is rechargeable with a standard sub cable which comes with the package. The remote requires double A batteries.

The four turbines help the copter balance in the air making it way less frustrating for your ten-year-old than a standard copter. He can practice his hand-eye coordination and critical thinking skills as he flies and tries to get the video shots he wants.

It’s a great way to get him into the world of drones without a considerable investment. It behaves a lot like the more expensive video drones, but you won’t have a heart attack each time he crashes it.



Snap Circuits SC-300 Electronics Discovery Kit

This discovery kit gives him everything he needs to discover the world of circuits and electricity. It has a collection of parts and pieces that he can put together to create different things like photosensors, water detection alarms, and fire fan symphonies.

STEM toys are a critical 21st-century gift. This award-winning kit encourages him to think like an engineer and create his own projects or follow more than 300 DIY projects. He practices problem-solving, critical thinking, and can begin to see cause and effect on a micro scale.

It will keep him busy for hours as he experiments with what the things in the kit can do. HE can even combine it with items around the house for new experiments.



Piper Computer Kit | with Minecraft Raspberry Pi edition

Speaking of STEM toys, combine his favorite game with a computer of his very one. This kit allows him to build a computer that operates on the Raspberry Pi system. He can use it to hack into his favorite game, Minecraft, to make it all his own.

It’s a self-contained computer with a gig of ram and wifi capabilities. It has a wooden computer case with a fully functional motherboard, an 8GB card, and a USB mouse.

Once he follows the blueprints, he can assemble the computer itself, and then use the mine craft edition of raspberry pi to manipulate modules and hack his game. He can download new levels, and there are free updates for the life of the computer.

Tech skills are an essential part of his 21st-century skill set. He’ll get his first introduction to computers and coding through game-based learning.



Nerf N-Strike Elite Precision Target Set

Help him practice his coordination skills with his own target. The Elite target set is one of Nerf’s guns, the Firestrike Blaster, and ten darts. The goal can be set up so he can practice his aim. The light beam trigger activates the precision light beam for better aim.

As he practices, he’ll get better at his aim. The darts come in two color sets so he can compete with his friends or practice alone.

Nerf products are durable and can withstand some enthusiastic boys. They are safe to use and won’t hurt if he accidentally shoots his little brother. The target can be a stand, or you can hang it up on a door.

These types of toys help him practice valuable physical skills, plus there’s the social aspect of having competitions with his friends. Likely, his friends already have Nerf guns of their own, and they’ll all enjoy comparing.



KLUTZ Lego Make Your Own Movie

Tap into his creative side with the world of Lego. This kit includes everything he needs to create his own stop-motion movies using his Lego mini-figures.

The kit includes everything he needs to get started. There’s an 80-page book with ideas. There are six background sets, 36 Lego pieces, six mini figureheads, and a few more odds and ends. There are ten mini movie suggestions to walk him through making a movie. Most he can make in just under an hour.

When he masters the basics, he can move on to things like lighting and camera angles. He can also add his own sound effects.

Everything can be done with a smartphone or tablet. The app is simple for him to master. The kit taps into his open-ended creativity, giving him hours and hours of fun. Open-ended toys are good for his critical thinking skills, and they teach him patience.


Best Toys And Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys Buyer’s Guide

Boys at this age are acquiring more adult-like hobbies, and they are interested in pursuing their interests. You might notice him starting collections and wanting to display them.

They also may enjoy working on projects that take hours or even days to complete. Things that are completely open-ended or require him to think outside the box are great.

When you’re buying toys for your ten-year-old boy, you may want to keep a few things in mind.

Long-term projects

Toys that require him to spend a few hours completing a project help him practice critical thinking skills and valuable focus. He’s cognitively able to put that kind of focus on the project so consider things that will take a long time and possibly have multiple stages.

Outdoor toys

He needs to work his energy out. He’s mastered the basics of most of his gross motor skills, so now he’s ready to stretch and experiment. Things that encourage him to get outside and explore independently will give him a lot of satisfaction.


Boys this age are acquiring unique interests. Consider the types of things he’s interested in when you make a decision. This isn’t just the fad superhero of this week. Long-term interests and collections are something that showcases his creativity and knowledge. He’s probably interested in sharing his knowledge with friends and family.


The Takeaway

Ten-year-olds might be a little bit mysterious, but that doesn’t mean you can pick the best gift for his party. Consider all his interests, make sure that he knows you support everything he wants to do. Keep things open-ended, and your gift will be a hit.

What sorts of things does your ten-year-old love to do? Let us know in the comments below.