Ten Best Tool Vest Reviews And Buyers Guide For 2022

Though we commonly look at the tool vest as an object in which one stores other tools, tool vest is in itself a tool. Think about it: it is a tool that allows you to carry all other devices with you. Thus, the tool vest offers more comfort while working, saving time and boosting productivity and efficiency. This article will go through ten of the best tool vest options, describing their strengths and weaknesses.

To make things more convenient and straightforward, we will explain why would anyone use a tool vest, what it is and how using one can help you work. Moreover, we will provide you with concise buyer’s guide, where we will explain all the factors you should consider if purchasing a tool vest.

What is the vest made of, how many deep pockets does it have, is it durable, is it a better fit for electricians or car mechanics: these are the type of questions we’ll try to answer in the article. Hopefully, it will help you pick the best tool vest that will suit you and your needs.


Best Tool Vest Buyers Guide

This section deals with the most important things you should pay attention to when choosing the best tool vest. Always keep in mind your personal preferences and requirements. For example, if you are simply looking for a decent all around vest that will help you store few tools, you probably don’t need the top quality and expensive vest with 20 pockets. Then again, maybe you do want it. So, always have your needs in mind when buying browsing the tool vests.

Physical Attributes

Before you even decided to buy the vest, make sure it fits you, physically. Consider your weight, height, and your strong hand. Some of the vests on our lists come in different sizes, and some are adjustable, some are unisex, and so forth. Keep these things in mind, for they are critical.


The products on this list are either canvas, cotton/polyester, nylon or leather. While all claim to be quality made (and are genuine quality made), not all material is suitable under all conditions. For instance, leather will protect you better than any other fabric but is harder to maintain. The leather is also more expensive than other materials, but it, for example, doesn’t deal well with the airflow.


The design includes anything from the number of pockets and tool holders to the safety reflectors. Consider the vest’s carrying capacity, deep and shallow pockets, small and big pockets, removable pouches, dedicated pouches (such as dedicated drill punches) and so forth. An electrician or plumber for example, may wish for a different configuration of deep pockets to those that would be best for holding architects tools. Moreover, some of these vests help with neck and back pressure, as well as offer waterproof capabilities, so have that in mind also.


Last but not list, think why you would need a tool west? Is it construction work, or are an artist looking for an apron what will help you store and arrange brushes? The vest presented in our list don’t fit every job description, so keep that in mind when choosing. We will, however, explain which product is right for what activity, and tell why is it suitable for that specific activity.


Ten Best Tool Vest Reviews

High Visibility Tool Vest, Vest Tech

Made of nylon (1280 D), this orange, highly visible tool vest is a construction vest, best suited for electricians and surveyors. It is neatly designed, good at distributing weight so that it won’t put pressure on your back.

It is fairly lightweight ( 4 pounds), featuring both tool sleaves and loops, allowing you to store small, hand tools conveniently. The vest also features supportive back belt, aiding you as you are lifting more massive objects.

The back of the vest also has a built-in pocket, able to carry up to 2 liters of your favorite drink wherever you go. You are also able to adjust the vest’s wearability so that it fits your body dimensions. It is a fit for all vest, best suited for L to XXL sizes.


  • durable, made of quality nylon
  • comes in different colors (black and silver/ orange with reflector)
  • good at distributing weight
  • integrated back support belt


  • comes in one size only
  • somewhat expensive



Holmes 10-3530-MHBLK Workwear Tool Vest

10-3530-MHBLK is an all-around, cost-effective tool vest made for commercial use. This vest features several pouches and tool pockets, allowing you to work with more comfort and efficiency.

The back of the vest is meshed, granting optimal airflow and heat exchange, and is thus suitable for both summer and winter use. The vest also features reflective tapes on both shoulders, for safety reasons.

In addition to the integrated pouch, which is settled at the bottom right corner, the vest also features removable pouch and is thus suitable for light and heavy work. Interestingly enough, this vest also comes with the tape measure clip, granting easier access.

It is very lightweight and inexpensive, but not as durable as other, more expensive tool vests. Also, it is not the best vest if you’ll perform heavy work, with heavy equipment.


  • inexpensive, cost-effective
  • removable pouch
  • safety reflective tape on both shoulders
  • very lightweight


  • loose, breakable zippers
  • hammer sleeve is too small



Occidental Leather 2575 Oxy Pro Work Vest

The 2575 Oxy Pro Work Vest comes in two shapes, for both right and left-handers, is relatively lightweight and is made in the USA. The Occidental Leather is well known for making quality products, and 2575 Oxy Pro Work Vest only confirms the brand’s reputation.

This is leather made tool vest, excellent at distributing weight, featuring in a total of 28 tool holders and pockets, excellent for carrying small and big tools. The back of the vest is open, granting more efficient airflow, and will prove its worth during hot summers.

The vest features amazing carrying capacity and is designed for both commercial and professional use. It is expensive, mostly because of the material, but will do wonders for your back since it is excellent at distributing weight.

The biggest downside is that it comes only in one size, and is not best suited for tall people.


  • quality, leather-made
  • durable, can last for years
  • excellent carrying capacity
  • excellent weight distribution
  • open back design grants great airflow


  • expensive
  • not suitable for tall people



NoCry Professional Canvas Work Apron

Though not the most spacious one, the NoCry’s Canvas Work Apron is high-quality tool vest. It is made of quality canvas, and each strap is double spawned for more durability and tension resistance.

The design is very compact and practical, good at weight distributing, waterproof, and will protect you from any dangerous spills or falling/flying fragmentation objects. The vest is made for both professional and commercial use.

The vest is made in the US, is somewhat inexpensive, and suited for people of all heights, from XS to XXL. Though it has only 16 pockets, the vest offers great weight carrying capacity, allowing you to carry anything from hammers to pencils. The pockets are evenly distributed, and you will access the tools with ease.

Surprisingly enough, the most prominent feature (according to many customer reviews) is the vest’s comfort and unique design and is as such suitable for any work that requires multiple tools.


  • value for money, with NoCry guarantee
  • maximum comfort with padded vest and compact design
  • relatively lightweight
  • good weight distribution
  • multipurpose tool vest


  • less pockets that its contenders (16 pockets)



Readywares Waxed Canvas Tool Apron

The Readywares’s vest is sturdy, quality made and very lightweight. It features classical apron design with padded shoulders for maximal comfort and has built-in two pockets for hammers and 12 additional pockets for smaller tools.

The vest is made of quality canvas cotton, with adjustable polyester/cotton straps, suitable for all sizes, from XS to XXL. It is very comfortable and convenient, granting you the ability to take it on or off quickly.

The apron is durable, but the waxed stripes will loosen over time. It is however very easy to maintain and will last for an extended duration if maintained correctly. It is a multipurpose apron, suitable for carpentry, gardening or other similar activities.

After the wax loses its protective abilities, you can re-wax it with fabric wax (by applying heat), but this isn’t necessary (though recommendable for longer usability).


  • multipurpose, suitable for all kinds of works
  • looks great on men and women of all sizes
  • padded shoulders, very comfortable
  • easy to maintain, highly durable
  • waxed for protective reasons and extended durability, potentially re-waxable


  • somewhat poor airflow
  • traps are a bit thin



Bucket Boss, Bucket Boss 80200

The Bucket Boss 80200 is durable, very easy to use vest made primarily for commercial use. Made of canvas (in China), weighing only 18 ounces, this vest feature 16 pockets and padded shoulders for both efficient and comfortable use.

The vest is best suited for home use and small shop owners, due to its compactness but somewhat limited professional usability. The pockets are quality sewed, but somewhat small, so this won’t we able to hold bigger tools.

Though not coming in different sizes, this apron does support up to 58 inches in waist size, and also has adjustable shoulder straps so that it fits people of all sizes. This vest is durable, very durable if you take the price into account.

If looking for a compact, all around tool vest, but don’t know where to start, this beginner, easy to use apron might be a good place to start.


  • inexpensive
  • padded shoulder straps
  • good for home use, beginner friendly
  • highly adjustable
  • decent array of pockets


  • thin fabric, not as durable as other contenders
  • no good for heavy load work



Dickies Work Gear 57081

Dickies Work Gear 57081 is a canvas made, black or tan color apron suitable for light and heavy duty work. The vest features three main chest pockets, three web-reinforced waist large pockets and ten small pockets for nails and other more minor tools.

This apron is suitable for right and left-handers, and people of all dimensions. The pockets, as well as tool loops, are well made, won’t tear or lose quality even after extensive use.

The vest is lightweight, and though it does limited feature number of pockets, they come in all sizes, allowing you to store anything from hammers to notepads. It works best for homeowners, carpenters, even painters, for you can easily store brushes in this verst.

If looking for a good all around vest, Dickies Work Gear 57081 isn’t a bad option, since it is very cheap (cheapest one on the list), lightweight and quite durable.


  • inexpensive
  • all around vest, suitable for homeowners
  • adjustable belt (58 inches)
  • in essence, this is a 2in1 product (tool vest and tool belt)
  • web-reinforced for higher durability


  • a limited number of pockets
  • somewhat shallow pockets



KwikSafety ARTISAN Tool Vest

KwikSafety ARTISAN Tool Vest is solid, all around tool vest. It comes in 3 different sizes (small-medium, large, extra large), is very lightweight and somewhat durable.

The vest is made of quality polyester, double stitched, and is surprisingly durable. The vest features ten front pockets, with the additional two back pockets. The pockets are somewhat shallow and small, so this vest won’t allow you to carry big tools.

The vest is a perfect fit for gardeners, surveyors, and weekend-handyman, is waterproof and unisex, looking great on everyone. It will keep you safe, due to its reflective, orange stripes.

The vest is suitable for any work that doesn’t involve heavy tools, is very cost-effective, and will endure any weather or working conditions. It is also worth mentioning that this vest offers decent airflow, but doesn’t help move pressure off your back, though it does distribute weight decently.


  • value for money
  • safe features reflective stripes
  • double stitched and highly durable, quality polyester
  • good for all-around work
  • unisex and comes in different sizes


  • shallow pockets
  • limiting tool-carrying capacity



Heavy Duty Shop Apron, Texas Canvas Wares

The Heavy Duty Shop Apron is brown, unisex apron that doesn’t only look fantastic but it also feels great once you wear it. This apron is very comfortable, handmade of the quality waxed canvas.

Pockets come in various sizes, and reinforced with steel rivets, able to withstand every working environment. The material is waterproof and offers decent airflow, while the crossed straps at the back help relieve neck and back pressure. Shoulder straps are padded too, but you can remove them if you wish.

Heavy Duty Shop Apron is a multipurpose vest, best suited for shopowners, carpenters, blacksmiths, even artists, and technicians. The apron is also highly adjustable, being 34 inches long and 27 inches wide, and will protect your entire upper body, all the way down to your knees.

It is surprisingly inexpensive, making it a great grab for all those who look for the most comfortable tool vest.


  • handmade of high-quality canvas
  • versatile and highly adjustable
  • waterproof, decent airflow
  • waxed for durability
  • protects your upper body
  • removable shoulder pads
  • helps with neck and back pressure


  • a limited number of pockets



2538 Builders’ Vest Drill Package, Occidental Leather

The 2538 Builders’ Vest Drill Package grants you to move freely even with the drill in your pocket. It is ergonomically designed, best fit for builders, due to its amazing carrying capacity.

It is compact, featuring numerous chest and waist pockets and dedicated tool holders, and is excellent at distributing weight. This is the only vest that features a bag for holding the drill, allowing you to access it upon need easily.

The 2538 Builders’ Vest Drill Package doesn’t belong to a specific group of workers but is perhaps best suited for builders, due to its ability to carry a drill. It offers plenty of room, allowing you to store any small tool you can think of while distributing the weight at the same time.

It is somewhat expensive but will last for an extended period if you maintain it properly.


  • ergonomically designed, very comfortable
  • dedicated drill pouch
  • made in the USA (high-quality leather)
  • decent airflow
  • a vast array of pockets and tool holders


  • somewhat expensive
  • not as adjustable as other vests



We do not favorize the products, for each tool vest has advantages and disadvantages. Some are more durable and expensive, some more lightweight than others, and so forth.

We suggest you go through the buyer’s guide and see the parameters according to which you should choose the tools vest. Always keep in mind that the best tool vest is the one that feels right, fits right and helps you do your work rapidly and efficiently.