Ten Best Toddler Pillow Reviews For 2022

When it comes to your toddler, you want a safe and comfortable pillow to help ensure that they get a restful nights sleep every night. You want to choose the best toddler pillow that supports their heads and neck while providing comfort. It’s also a good idea to try and find pillows with natural fillings and casings for a healthier option.

However, there are dozens of toddler pillows available, and this can make it very difficult to choose just one. We understand this, and this is why we’ve done the work for you. We’ve researched the top ten toddler pillows and did a mini-review on each one. When you combine these reviews with our easy buying guide, you’ll know exactly what to look for when you’re shopping for your next toddler’s pillow.


The Best Toddler Pillow Buying Guide

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed when you think of the sheer quantity of toddler pillows available, but no matter which pillow you choose, you want to keep these important points in mind.


Defining a Toddler Pillow

A toddler pillow is one of the first tools you can use to help transition your child from the crib to their toddler bed. These pillows are smaller than a regular adult pillow, and they usually offer more support, so your toddler goes to sleep and stays asleep. They’re also a good tool to use if your child suffers from chronic ear infections or allergies.


The Right Age to Use a Toddler Pillow

While a lot of this will depend on your toddler, most toddler pillows are recommended for ages two and up. You also want to consider if your child moves around a lot at night of it they stay in relatively the same position. A toddler pillow can help with this tossing and turning by giving more support.


Pillow Considerations

Different brands have different selling points for their toddler pillows. Once you figure out which considerations are more important, you can narrow your search down and choose a pillow accordingly.


Whichever pillow you choose should be hypoallergenic. These types of toddler pillows are designed to reduce any chances that your child has a problem if they have sensitive skin or allergies. They’re also designed to repel dust, pet dander, and common household allergy triggers. It’s good to note that most toddler pillows are hypoallergenic, but don’t forget to watch out for this guarantee.


Just like the pillows themselves, there are dozens of different materials. Ideally, you want a pillow that is free of chemicals, and that is 100 percent cotton. This is one of the most popular pillow materials because it’s safe and easy to clean and maintain. Organic cotton is another good choice because it doesn’t contain dyes.


These pillows come in a variety of shapes, and you want to find a one that fits your toddler’s needs. Some pillows feature a flatter design, and most toddler pillows are around two-inches thick. Some pillows are more fluffy, but they may not offer the support that you get with the flatter choices. If it’s too big, your toddler will have problems using it, but if it’s too flat, it won’t give the needed support.


Your toddler pillow’s size is an important factor to consider because these pillows are generally smaller and lighter than regular pillows. Generally, most toddler pillows measure around 12 inches by 18 inches, but you can custom order different sizes. It’s important to remember that these smaller pillows can help your toddler lay more still throughout the night.


Ten Best Toddler Pillow Mini Reviews

1. Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow

This toddler pillow is made out of 100 percent hypoallergenic cotton, and it is made in the USA by a family-owned company, so you know you’re getting quality. It’s also machine washable for an easy and effortless way to keep it clean.

This smaller pillow is the perfect size for your toddler to pick up and carry around. It is designed to hold it’s shape through repeated use, and this pillow is backed by a “Love the Fluff” guarantee, or you’ll get your money back. It’s filled with pure cotton, and you get a 200 thread count fabric for extra softness.

100 percent hypoallergenic cotton
Designed to hold it’s shape

May not hold a shape after a few months
Does not come with a pillowcase



2. Dreamtown Kids Toddler Pillow With Pillowcase

Your toddler will enjoy a cotton and poly blend with this pillow, and it contains a dense but soft filling for neck support. It’s 100 percent hypoallergenic along with being mildew and mold resistant for a safer and cleaner pillow choice.

This pillow is made in the USA to high standards, and the smaller size ensures that your toddler can take it with them when they’re out and about. It comes with a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with it, and you get a complimentary pillowcase with each order.

Dense but soft filling for neck support
Hypoallergenic and Mold and mildew resistant

May be too firm for your toddler to sleep comfortably
Stitches may not hold up to the washer without loosening



3. Little One’s Pillow – Toddler Pillow

This toddler pillow comes with a 100 percent organic certified cotton shell with a hypoallergenic cluster fiber filling for a safe option. You’ll enjoy a sturdy handcrafted design with this pillow, and each pillow is individually tested and certified before it ships.

If you’re not satisfied with the first pillow, Little One’s Pillow will send you a custom-made pillow with less or more filling for free. It was designed with the help of pediatricians and chiropractors, so it offers an excellent amount of upper back and neck support while your toddler sleeps.

Made with organic and hypoallergenic materials
Designed to offer excellent neck and upper back support

May go flat with repeated use or washing
Pillow may not have enough filling



4. My Little North Star Toddler Pillow

This pillow is designed to be machine washable and dryable for an easy clean, and it is completely organic and hypoallergenic. You’ll get a soft, breathable, and supportive pillow that is resistant to mold and mildew. It’s made in the USA and held to high standards.

This pillow features a smaller design that is great for toddlers, and it is designed to give their neck, head, and spine support while they sleep. This pillow comes backed by a money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with the product.

Pillow is machine washable and dryable for easy cleaning
Features a hypoallergenic and chemical-free design

Pillow may not be breathable enough
Pillow is flatter and it may not have enough filling



5. A Little Pillow Company Toddler Pillow

This pillow company has been designing and creating toddler pillows since 2007 out of the state of Virginia. It features a double stitched seam design for added durability and longevity. It’s filled with 100 percent hypoallergenic cotton fiber, and the outer casing is 100 percent cotton.

The smaller size makes it easy for your toddler to take with them, and you can wash it in your washing machine and dry it in your dryer for an easy cleaning process. Each pillow is stuffed by hand to ensure that it has a high quality.

Each pillow is hand stuffed for a high quality
Seams are all double stitched

Pillow’s filling may separate in the middle
Pillow may be too small for your toddler



6. Utopia Bedding Dreamy Baby Pillow

This pillow comes with a 240 thread count for added softness, and you get a durable 100 percent cotton cover. When you order this pillow, you get two so you can outfit your toddler’s bed with a backup or have one for home use and one for travel.

It is designed to be 100 percent hypoallergenic, and you can wash and dry it as often as you need to keep it clean and free of stains. The smaller size means that it correctly supports your toddler’s neck as they sleep for a more restful experience.

240 thread count for added softness
Get two pillows when you order

Looks and feels more like a pad than a pillow
Pillow may be too scratchy to sleep comfortably



7. kinder Fluff Toddler/Travel Pillow

This pillow comes filled with 100 percent premium synthetic polyester fiber that is covered by a 100 percent cotton casing with a 300 thread count. It’s resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew, dust, and it’s hypoallergenic for a healthier sleeping surface.

The higher thread count means that you don’t need a pillowcase for this pillow, and it’s soft enough to use as is. It comes with a chiropractor recommendation for toddlers who have trouble with neck support throughout the night. The smaller size makes this an excellent travel pillow or a pillow your toddler can easily carry around.

300 thread count casing acts like a pillowcase
Machine washable for easy cleaning

May be too overstuffed to sleep comfortably
Seams aren’t very durable



8. SlumberLux Toddler Pillow

This toddler pillow is made in the USA by a small family-owned company and it is held to very high standards. You get a one-year comfort guarantee or you can exchange it for a new pillow, and it come with a 100 percent cotton cover.

This pillow is designed to be just the right size for your toddler to sleep on and carry around with them. The hypoallergenic microfiber filling is very soft, and it’s designed to mimic a down comforter. You can wash this pillow in your washing machine and dry it in the dryer for easy cleaning.

Microfiber filling mimics a down comforter
Backed by a one-year comfort guarantee

May not give enough support
Comes with a very thick design that may be too big



9. Clevamama Foam Toddler Pillow

This foam pillow provides greater support while your toddler sleeps, and it is designed to be very breathable. It is certified to be non-toxic, and the porous design increases the airflow while drawing any moisture away from your toddler while they sleep.

You get a machine washable removable cover that comes with a secure zipper closure to ensure it stays on the pillow. The pillow is hypo-allergenic, and this makes it a good choice for toddlers with allergies or asthma. It’s designed to reduce flat head syndrome, and it reduces pressure on the head by up to 50 percent.

Foam pillow instead of traditional filling
Porous material for added breathability

Pillow is very firm and stiff without much give
May have a very strong chemical smell



10. Calla Creative Toddler Pillow

This pillow is 100 percent US organic cotton with a soft and durable sateen weave casing. It is pesticide, fungicide, herbicide, and flame retardant chemical free for a healthier sleeping experience. This pillow also comes with an extended three-year warranty so you can send it back if you’re not satisfied.

It’s designed to go in your washing machine without clumping for easy cleaning and maintenance. The smaller design helps your toddler sleep longer because they won’t be moving around as much. The smaller size also makes this pillow very portable and easy to take with you.

100 percent US organic cotton
Has a soft and durable sateen weave casing

Very thick design that may be difficult to flatten
May get lumps from repeated washing


Your toddler deserves to have a restful nights sleep and be comfortable every time they lay down. A toddler pillow can help give them the proper amount of support while helping to reduce the chances of allergies or ear infections. They’re small and lightweight, so they’re easy to carry around. Our buying guide outlined important things to consider, and our top ten toddler pillow mini-reviews gave you a good starting point and a varied selection of pillows to start your search.