The Best Smoke Detector Camera Buyers Guide For 2022

Everyone wants the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their belongings or their loved ones are safe while you’re away from the house. The best smoke detector camera is one way to get the security of knowing that you have a camera going without spending hundreds on an expensive security camera system.

There are dozens of different smoke detector brands available on the current market, and this can quickly get overwhelming when you’re researching, especially if this is your first smoke detector camera. We’ve put together an easy buying guide that will explain what this device is and what you want to look for when you’re shopping for one. We also rounded up the top 10 best smoke detector cameras so you can get a good feel for what these devices can offer you.

The Best Smoke Detector Camera Buying Guide

Defining The Best Smoke Detector Camera

Simply put, a smoke detector camera is a micro camera that is disguised to look like an ordinary smoke detector. You can mount it to the wall or to the ceiling just like you would an ordinary smoke detector. A lot of them are motion activated, so when it senses motion in the room it’ll switch on and start recording. You can also sync some of them straight to your phone through WiFi, and they’ll push alerts when they detect movement.


Important Smoke Detector Camera Considerations


Ideally, you want to sync your smoke detector camera to your phone. This will allow you to see what’s happening in real time, and it’ll also push alarm notifications to your phone so you’ll instantly know what triggered the camera. They connect through WiFi, so you do want to ensure that you have a strong connection.

Battery Life

Some of these setups come with rechargeable batteries, and some offer you the option of plugging it into an outlet. Ideally, you want a battery that is going to last for several hours between charges. It’s also nice if you can plug your new camera in and have the battery as a backup in case of a power failure.


How discreet your new device is will play a big role in how effective it is. You want to avoid larger devices and look for ones that closely mimic a real smoke detector’s color and size. This will help to give the impression that it’s a real smoke detector.


Your camera won’t do a lot of good if the pictures are too blurry or fuzzy to make out. It’s a good idea to get a camera that has a high-resolution HD recording and photograph capability. This will help to ensure that you get bright and even images that allow you to see what’s going on quickly and easily.


10 Best Smoke Detector Camera Reviews

DigiHero WIFI Hidden Camera Smoke Detector

This WiFi camera is cleverly disguised as a normal smoke detector that lets you mount it on the ceiling to keep an eye on your office or your home. It streams the video through an app that is compatible with iOS and Android.

You can have alarm notifications pushed through to your cell phone once the camera detects motion, and it’ll snapshot photographs straight to your phone and email. The camera is an HD 1080 resolution for crystal-clear images. You can also adjust the resolution, toggle the camera’s view to the left and right, and adjust the brightness.

Comes with a money-back guarantee
Pushes notifications to your phone and pictures to your email

Battery can drain very quickly
App can be difficult to set up and operate



Littleadd Hidden Camera Detector

The camera in this device will record continuously, snap still photographs when movement is detected, and it can see a full 78 degrees from the lens. It’s a good choice for everyday surveillance and as a nanny cam. You get 1080 full HD for bright and clear imagery.

It has a remote control that works up to 15 meters away, and you can easily sync the video recording time to your PC to get an accurate timeline. You can charge it through your USB port, and you get up to 10 hours of recording time on a single charge. It’s also capable of micro-SD loop recording.

Comes with Micro-SD card loop recording
Get up to 10 hours of continuous video on a single charge

Viewing angle may not be wide enough
Can’t connect to a Smartphone



Tangmi Wifi Hidden Spy Camera

This device is very easy to set up and it comes with a free app and no monthly fees. Your Smartphone doubles as a remote that allows you to control this camera at any distance. You can run this camera off of electricity or with a battery.

The camera features a high resolution for clear images, and you can adjust it from 480P, 680P, 720P or 1080P. The recorder is motion activated, and it’ll stay dormant until something moves in the room. You can record in real time, and it also has loop recording capabilities as well.

Phone doubles as a remote control
Can run off of electricity or batteries

If the power is low, the camera won’t connect to WiFi
Plastic housing is very thin and brittle



Vipwind Hidden Camera Smoke Detector

This smoke detector camera offers continuous recording motion detection video recording, still photographs, webcam, sound recording, and electronic file storage. It comes with a remote that lets you quickly and easily control and adjust this device up to 15 meters away.

You’ll also get a highly sensitive microphone built-in, so you get clear sound to match your high-resolution video. It has a compact design, and you can charge and recharge the battery through your PC or Mac. Finally, this particular camera comes with a 72-degree viewing angle so you can see large portions of each room you install it in.

Contains a built-in microphone along with the camera
Very easy to set up and use

Battery may not last more than a few hours
Have to remove it to charge the battery



Sunsome Upgrade WiFi Hidden Spy Camera

This camera can support a Smartphone or tablet app as well as a PC application and it’s compatible with both iOS and Android systems. When the camera detects movement, it’ll push alerts straight to your phone so you can quickly and easily see what happened in the room.

You get real-time video remote view from your smartphone, and it also comes with a loop video recorder. If the memory card fills up, it’ll automatically overwrite the oldest files on the card. The battery is fully rechargeable, and it gives you up to four continuous hours or recording time with one charge.

Real time remote view works from anywhere
Pushes alerts to your phone when it detects motion

Can be difficult to connect to WiFi
Red indicator light can be a giveaway



Heymoko Wi-Fi Smoke Detector Camera

This device runs best with 2.4G WiFi, and you can quickly and easily run through the setup once you connect it. You can view your feed through the app on your phone, and the camera will send out instant alerts if it detects movement in the room.

It has a very wide 110-degree viewing angle and a 1920 by 1080 HD lens for crystal-clear video footage and pictures. You can run this camera on the rechargeable battery for up to four hours of continuous recording, or it plugs into an outlet for constant recording.

Loop recording capabilities on a 12GB Micro SD card
Comes with a wide 110-degree viewing angle

Battery only lasts for four hours between charges
May be hard to connect to your WiFi and maintain a connection



CAMXSW Upgraded Wi-Fi Smoke Detector Camera

This camera has a 1080P high-resolution lens and a wide 90-degree viewing angle. You get smart motion detecting and alarm mode along with loop recording mode on a 32GB storage card that holds 1GB for every 40 minutes it records.

You can set and control the camera through your phone’s app, and the app is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows. It comes with a step-by-step picture manual that makes installation easy and fast. This device also comes with a one-year warranty so you can return it easily if you’re not completely satisfied with the camera’s capabilities.

Quickly view and control the camera with your phone
Has a wide 90-degree viewing angle

Takes over four hours to charge
Camera won’t connect if the batter is low



DareTang WiFi Hidden Camera Spy

This device is compatible with Android operating systems or iOS, and you can use it on a phone, tablet, or PC. You phone will double as a remote and viewing window, and you can adjust the camera with the app controls even when you’re not home.

It supports real-time videos as well as still photographs, and it has storage that goes up to 64GB. This smoke detector camera comes with a rechargeable battery that will give you up to four hours of playback, or you can plug it into an outlet for continuous recording time.

Compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows
Can have a 64GB Micro-SD card for additional storage

Camera doesn’t have a wide viewing lens
May take almost eight hours to fully charge



Toughsty 16GB 1080P HD Home Security Camera

You get up to 24 hours of continuous recording with this smoke detector camera, and it features 1080P HD resolution. The camera can connect to an outlet for continuous recording, or it’ll run on the rechargeable batter for up to 2.5 hours.

You get a built-in 16GB Micro-SD card that you can switch out for a larger option to give yourself more storage. It also comes with a wireless controller that allows you to switch between recording to still pictures quickly and easily. This device is easy to install and use.

Can get up to 24 hours of continuous recording
Features a 1080 high resolution camera

Battery will only last 2.5 hours before you have to recharge it
May not work with an unstable connection



AES Spy Cameras SecureGuard Battery Powered Smoke Detector

You get over 36 hours of recording time on a single charge, and you can stream your video feed from anywhere. It has a 45-degree viewing angle, and it features a 100 percent plug-and-play setup that is very user-friendly.

The camera has 720P HD for a clear picture, and you get a 16GB SD card included to store your video. It has a hidden WiFi broadcast feature, and the mobile app is very easy to install and to navigate. This device is sold and supported in the United States.

Get up to 36 hours of power on a single charge
Very user-friendly design

May have poor visual in lower light
Lens is only 45-degrees wide

These 10 best smoke detector cameras can give you the peace of mind you deserve. You can use them when you’re away from the house or if you have a babysitter in the home and you want to check on your children. Our buying guide laid out the important specifications you want to consider when you’re shopping, and our 10 reviews lets you compare various brands side-by-side quickly and easily so you can make an informed decision.