Ten Best Shower Stool Reviews And Buyers Guide – 2022

Showering is supposed to be a refreshing and gratifying moment. However, it may not be so if you cannot shower without help, are afraid of injuries or slipping in the bathroom or tub. To solve this problem, the best shower stool products have been designed, to especially meet the needs of the elderly and people living with disabilities. Their objective is to make showering more comfortable for such individuals and safe.

The best shower stools are constructed with durable, lightweight, and corrosion-free materials. Such stools will also come with wide legs that are stable and feature rubber at the bottom for non-slip properties. This way, they will be able to attend to the needs of different users despite their sizes, medical problems, shape etc.

A great shower stool should be dismantled and assembled with ease. This makes them convenient for use as they are needed for support and minimization of falling risks.

Therefore, since there are multiple types of shower stools out there, you need to understand what factors to consider when shopping for one. To help you further understand this, stay tuned. But first, check out the ten best shower stools based on our in-depth market research.


The Ten Best Shower Stool Reviews

Drive Medical Adjustable Height Bath Stool, White

Drive Medical shower stool is designed for comfort and safety. It comes with an adjustable height and supports a weight capacity of 300 lbs. The adjustability accommodates a 1 inch increment. The composite seat is constructed to be crack proof and tarnish resistant. The whole stool is impact resistant and it comes with an aluminum frame, which ensures for durability. This also makes it lightweight enough for ease of movement. It has a pinch-free cover where by pushpins can be easily depressed without pinching your fingers.

• The bath stool is lightweight
• It is durable
• It is water, tarnish, and impact resistant.
• The stool is affordable

• It may rust after a few uses.
• The legs may not be strong enough to hold 300 lbs.



Dr. Maya Adjustable Bath and Shower Chair

Dr. Maya designs this shower stool with a free suction assist shower handle that is large and white. The handles on the stool make it easy to pick it up and enhance security when sitting or getting up. It is anti-slip so can be safely used in a bathtub. This is complimented by the ergonomically placed drain holes that prevent the formation of a water pool on the stool. This stool seat comes with aluminum legs that are easily adjustable.

• It is highly efficient and safe.
• This stool is built for stability and comfort.
• The stool is portable and storable for convenience.
• The stool is lightweight and designed to save on space.
• It is strong, versatile, durable, and dependable.
• It has a 12-inch shower handle that easily attaches to plastic, porcelain or other smooth surface.

• The handle does not work on tiles.



Welcare 100% Natural Bamboo Folding Stool For Shaving Shower Foot Rest 12″,Fully Assembled

This will be a great choice for you if you are looking for versatility as it can be used in a bathroom, spa, patio, deck, sauna etc. It is made from natural bamboo, which is not only moisture resistant, but also purifies the air around you. This helps relieve your fatigue alongside other health benefits. The seat is curved and somewhat slatted for perfect drainage and heat dissipation.

• It is compact and foldable design for ease of portability and storage.
• This stool fully assembled so it is ready for use.

• It is ideal for spacious bathrooms.



Vaunn Medical Tool-Free Assembly Adjustable Shower Stool Tub Chair and Bathtub Seat Bench with Anti-Slip Rubber Tips for Safety and Stability

This shower stool has a 13 inch polystyrene that is round in shape for comfort while taking a shower or shaving. The legs feature a 1 inch anodized aluminium frame that can adequately support 300 pounds. The legs also come with slip resistant rubber tips that allow you to sit with great balance. You can adjust the legs from 14 inches to 21 inches depending on your needs and height.

• Built for comfort, stability and safety.
• The stool is easy to store.
• It is easy to assemble; no tools needed.

• They are a great choice for smaller tubs or shower stalls which limits on the usage.
• It may collapse when sat on wrongly or if it cannot hold your weight.



Medokare Shower Stool with Padded Seat – Shower Seat for Seniors, Handicap Tub Shower Seats for Adults (White Stool)

The Medokare Shower Stool comes with a padded seat that is detachable for cleaning. The legs come with anti-slip rubber feet for safety during use. The holes on the seat are strategically placed for excellent drainage. It has a cut-out where you can fix your shower head and it is sold with a tote bag for your shower products. The frame and legs are made from heavy-duty anodized aluminum, which is both rust and corrosion resistant. It caters for users of all heights, as it is adjustable from 12.5″ to 18.5″.

• It is padded for comfort.
• Easy to lift, thanks to the side handles.
• No need for tools when assembling.
• The shower seat is stable.
• It has a lightweight.

• It only support 280 pounds.
• The legs are a bit fragile for some users.
• It is not foldable.




Dr Kay’s Adjustable Height Bath and Shower Seat Top Rated Shower Bench

This is the right choice for you if you are looking for safety, stability, and comfort. The height is adjustable from 12.5″ to 18.5″ so both short and tall individuals do not struggle while shaving or showering. It has an anti-slip platform and the base is wide enough for ample stability. This is complimented by the non-slip rubber feet that keep you safe in the tub or shower. It can hold a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, which caters for a wide range of users.

• Lightweight and exceedingly stable.
• The height is 2 inches higher than most other brands.
• The seat is sturdy and the size is convenient.

• It is dismantled and the assembly instructions are not direct.



Carex EZ Swivel Stool, 7 Pounds, for Assistance in Bath or Shower, Sturdy Frame Supports Entry and Exit from Bath

This shower stool is easy to assemble and you do not need any tools for that. The seat is padded, soft and round for proper support and comfort when showering. The seat can swivel and it rotates 360 degrees for an easier time in the bathroom. It has a storage tray below the seat that is easy to reach so you do not twist, turn, and stretch in the bathroom.

• Its features make it a perfect fit for people recovering from injuries or with acute mobility problems.
• It has non-slip tips for stability and safety.

• The adjusting pins on the legs tend to break after a short period of use.



Healthline Trading Round Stool Bath Bench Adjustable Height Lightweight Shower with Non-Slip Seat, White

This shower stools comes with a composite seat that is not only tarnish-proof, but also crack proof and impact resistant. This renders it highly durable and it is lightweight for storage and portability. It is built for use in small tubs and shower cabins. The height can be adjusted from 15.5 inches to 20 inches. You can enter, leave, and stand in the bathroom with ease.

• Adjustable height and a round seat for more comfort.
• It is tool-free assembly.

• The legs are not strong enough to hold as they can bend causing injuries to the user.



Shower Stool by Vive – Adjustable Bath Tub Seat for Bathroom Safety & Shaving – Heavy Duty & Lightweight for Elderly, Senior, Handicap & Disabled – Round, White

This shower stool by Vice has a wide seat that can adequately support 250 pounds safely and comfortably. The composite seat is round for easy fit in smaller bathtubs and it has nonslip feet for stability and security. The legs are angled and they come with antiskid, anti-slip rubber for guaranteed safely. You can adjust the height from 14 inches to 19.5 inches based on your needs.

• It is safe, secure, and comfortable.
• It has non-slip and anti-skid angled legs.
• The stool is tool-free height adjustment.
• The stool is durable and lightweight.

• Some users have troupe standing, as it does not have handles.



MedMobile Bathtub Round Shower Stool Seat

MedMobile might be the best shower stool you will find in the market. The frame and legs are made from aluminum, which is lightweight, sturdy, and long lasting. The legs are fitted with rubber for resistance against the slippery bathroom floors. The seat is round, which allows the stool to fit perfectly in a small bathtub or shower cabin. The height is adjustable depending on your height. The stool can support a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

• It is lightweight for ease of transport.
• The stool is tarnish resistant, crack-proof, and impact resistant for durability.

• The shower stool is a bit shaky for adults.


Best Shower Stool Buyers Guide

Why You Need a Shower Stool

Shower stools are used as a safety equipment in both residential and institutional sectors. They are designed such that they prevent you from slipping, falling, or getting injured as you shower. They come in handy for the medically impaired, people with disabilities and the elderlies as they provide support and balance.

Based on statistics recorded in 2008 by the U.S. emergency departments, 234,094 reported injuries were associated to bathroom accidents. Majority of the injuries were linked to 18-24 year old individuals and the older people reported less injuries. This was attributed to their reliance on shower stools, which reflects on their efficiency.


What You Can Expect From The Best Shower Stool

When shopping for the best shower stool, there are various things you should take into account. These include:

Size– This will be guided by the size of your bathtub and bathroom. It becomes impractical to get a large shower stool for a small bathroom.

Adjustability– Most shower stools can be adjusted at the legs, armrests, and back. This is a way of adjusting the height, level of support, and comfort. The adjustable legs cater for the needs of tall and short individuals.

Handle and armrest– You will find some shower stools with an armrest or handle to help users slide with ease into the seat. They also allow for stability, support, and portability.

Material– Shower stools are made from a variety of materials, and it is your responsibility to identify the most durable, noncorrosive, and one that can withstand long hours of soaking. Most of them come with plastic, waterproof padded seats and rust-free metal legs. They should also be simple to clean and resistant to water. While these types are used to serve the physically challenged or elderlies, you will find others made from treated wood for the casual users.

Locking mechanism– Some shower stools can be swiveled or slide. While this makes showering interesting as you can move around with ease/independently, it should be lockable. You should be able to reach the locking function easily for a secure time in the shower.


Final Verdict

Shower stools have made showering safe, fun, and easy. As seen above, there are varying types of shower stools in the market, whose designs and styles portray their uniqueness. You should therefore take time to assess which brand best meets your needs and expectations. You should go for the light, rust-free, stable, and versatile shower stools for better performance as well as functionality.