Ten Best Remote Control Cars 2022 – The Ultimate In Boys Toys

best remote controlled car

Vroom! Nothing is more fun than taking your favorite best remote control cars for a spin around the block. Do you love the latest Ferrari design? Well, with the appropriate RC model, you can speed off into the sunset with one without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. RC racing can be done for fun, competitively, or as a way to enjoy off-road adventures. Generally speaking, this sport is perfect for racers of any age, though faster vehicles may need a more mature touch in order to avoid destroying your precious models.

Before we get into specific models of RC racers, let’s take a look at some pre-purchase considerations that you should think about before settling on a new vehicle.


The size of your remote control vehicle can differ based on type and manufacturer’s design. Do you want a vehicle that can be seen from a greater distance? Then, a vehicle that is a 1/14 scale or greater may be for you. 1/5 is typically the largest remote control vehicle that you can get, and those are almost large enough to actually ride on. On the other hand, smaller scales can feel “zippier” when you’re using one of these types, though these vehicles may be more difficult to find replacement parts for.


Gas, Nitro, or Electric Style

When it comes to power systems, a RC car can have three different power sources: gas, nitro, or electric. Electric tends to be lighter and simply requires a charge or is battery powered. Unfortunately, battery power hasn’t really advanced much in the past 30 years, so with this method, you may only have a few hours of enjoyment, unless you have multiple batteries. Gas or Nitro, on the other hand, power your RC cars in a more mature way. Either of these fuel types can be bought at RC stores. Both are louder than electric and produce exhaust, so you might not want a young child playing around with this type.


Ease of Control

Some cars are better for the little ones while some may just be too fast for a child to enjoy without damaging the RC vehicle. As a rule, children under ten should utilize cars that go slower than 5mph; that way they can’t lose control as easy. If you’re an adult enthusiast, feel free to grab speedier products; the thrill of speed is amazing, and you should be able to manage the tight turns and controls with practice.


Our Top Ten: The Best Remote Control Cars Reviewed


RW 1/24 Scale Lamborghini Veneno Car Radio Remote Control Sport Racing Car RC,Red

Nothing screams “fast” quite like a Lamborghini Veneo. This 1/24 scale remote control car may be a bit on the tiny side, but it can reach a fairly high level of speed; it clocks about ten mph at its fastest. The lines on this remote control car are beautifully recreated from the larger vehicle and all you’ll need is three AAA batteries to power this little beast for several hours. The paint job excellently emulates the shiny metallic looks of the full sized model and little details like the realistic grill make this an excellent model to look at; even when you’re not racing.

This remote control car also has a couple of really cool features. Firstly, the headlights light up when you are moving forward. When you’re backing up the tail lights glow, which is a cool looking feature for those who crave a little realism. The vehicle is capable of a full range of vehicular motion, so that you’ll have no issue going where the road takes you.




Maisto R/C Rock Crawler

If the last product wasn’t rough enough, the Rock Crawler should impress you with its ability to get over almost anything. Its wheels are huge; even bigger than the cab itself, so traveling over large boulders and getting traction should be no problem at all with this little monster truck. It has articulated front and rear suspension, so you really shouldn’t have any issue travelling over any kind of ground. Finally, Maisto also included two distinct motors, so that you know there’ll be more than enough power to navigate off-road.




1/14 Scale Ferrari La Ferrari

We’re back to speed with this 1/14 scale Ferrari. This vehicle is stylish, ready for the road, and also fully licensed by Ferrari, so you know that its style is on par with its big brothers. The suicide-style doors open up revealing a fully detailed cockpit and the headlights and rear lights engage when moving forward and backward. The paint job is candy apple red and the branding “La Ferrari” is emblazoned on the back of the vehicle. At top speed, you’ll be able to move at a crisp ten mph.




Power Baja Remote Control RC Buggy

The next RC vehicle on our list is a hybrid that will easily take to the off-road but will also be able to speed along smooth terrain at about 10.35 mph. The Power Baja is a squat vehicle that has studded wheels so that sand or gravel can easily be navigated. It also has a very impressive range; this vehicle can travel a full 98 feet from the control device. For those who like to compete, this vehicle is even able to race similar models without experiencing interference from multiple control units.




Top Racer Remote Control RC Buggy Truggy

Like our previous RC racer, this vehicle is a buggy type. The Truggy does a great job off road and is speedy enough to compete against the fastest racers. Also, like the previous entry, this vehicle is capable of being paired with the RC unit, so that you’ll be able to race without worrying about competing frequencies. The RC unit can be as far away from the car as 98 feet, or 30 meters, so you’ll have some great range to work with as well. For the off-road, the tires are bouncy and studded, the suspension is independent on the front and rear of the vehicle, and there are spring shock absorbers on every wheel for stability.




Maisto R/C 1:24 Scale Ferrari 458 Italia

The second Ferrari remote control vehicle on our list is of a more traditional design. This vehicle has power and speed and more than a few beautiful lines throughout its construction. With its dashboard style RC controller, this vehicle is the perfect product to get into the world of RC racing. It’s easy to control, speedy, and looks great when taking off down the road. It’s a bit tiny, at 1/24 size, but that doesn’t keep it from taking off at a decent clip; it has a noteworthy top speed of 3.6 mph.




Remote Control Lamborghini Reventon

This Lamborghini Reventon comes direct from the manufacturer of the iconic cars, so you’ll know that this vehicle is designed to be swift and beautiful. Realism was definitely the goal in this product’s design, the tires look photo-realistic and the paint job is as precise and beautiful as the vehicle this RC car is designed after. When it comes to speed, this 1/18 scale vehicle is capable of reaching speeds up to eight mph. You’ll be able to control this vehicle from a maximum distance of 30 feet away, so you’ll have to keep the action relatively close.




Lutema Blaze Truck 4CH Remote Control Truck

If you live in an area with lots of rocks and sand and tackling the off-road is your goal, this might just be the RC vehicle for you. The second vehicle in this guide that’s designed to emulate the traction of a monster truck; this little beast will scale almost anything you sent at it. The tires have a ton of traction and are springy enough to take a lot of impact. On top of this, this RC truck is also one of the most stable radio controlled vehicles on the market, which is perfect when you need to get over pebbles and sand.

On top of these great features, you’ll also be able to select from three distinct colors for this product. For lastingness, this truck also comes with four AAA rechargeable batteries, so that you’ll be able to keep the fun going for years.




BMW i8 Concept Radio Remote Control

Our final entry is the only RC racer on our list that is designed after a concept vehicle. When you look at it, this i8 screams style and speed. It has futuristic-looking lines and details that set it apart from many of the RC vehicles currently on the market. As a fully licensed product, you can also expect that this i8 concept is perfectly proportioned.

It’s a 1/24 scale model, so it’s a little small, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in speed; this car can run at a six mph clip. When it comes to illumination, the headlights power on as you race. The controller is a very simple unit that you can even use to do a little drifting.