Ten Best Real Himalayan Salt Lamp Reviews For 2022

Mined from salt beds in central Asia, Himalayan salt lamps are deposits of salt that are millions of years old, having been mineralized to the point where their appearance looks orange to pinkish in color. Today, many people invest in the best real Himalayan salt lamp as an alternative means of purifying the air in living spaces. To modify as a lamp fixture, a light bulb is placed inside the salt rocks, which allows the minerals inside to glow. However, this is not the only unique property of Himalayan salt.


What The Best Real Himalayan Salt Lamp Is Used For

The best real Himalayan salt lamp, as indicated, can help the user in two ways. The first is through purification of the air around the space in which it is lit. Dirty air can permeate throughout the oxygen in living space, even when rooms are cleaned and free of debris. Himalayan Salt, when heated with a light, traps in the dirty air and allows it to exit the rock clean and free of pollutants such as pollen, free floating microbes, and dust.

The second attribute is the positive results that the rocks have of the human body. Real Himalayan rock salt lamps, through air purification, help those around the product breathe healthy oxygen, lowering the chances of experiencing sinus problems and other respiratory illnesses like the common cold. Consumers who must deal with the debilitating lung disease of asthma are particularly well served in a setting that has Himalayan salt lamps. In fact, there are inhalers that contain the salt as an active ingredient.


The Best Real Himalayan Salt Lamp Reviews

Himalayan Glow WBM 1002 large Salt lamp

WBM’s Himalayan Glow is a trusted source for salt lamps by many consumers who are experienced with using the products. It remains one of the best selling home salt lamps on the internet and in brick and mortar stores. When a WBM lamp is bought, the owner will have a completely unique salt lamp that is different in shape from every type that is retailed. No lamps are ever the same.

Users who are sick or having sinus difficulties are suggested to keep the light at it’s brightest to allow the salts good purification results. As for pets, the WBM lamp can completely rid rooms of lingering pet odors. Bathrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms will not reek of foods or other annoying smells. While it’s weight may surprise some who have never used salt lamps before, it is a minor inconvenience that is commonly found in most products in the niche. Overall, the WBM is one of the best real Himalayan salt lamp options for children, adults, and the elderly alike.


  • Switch can dim light to low or high levels
  • Helps to fight off sinuses in all age groups
  • Reduces odors from pets, particularly dogs and cats
  • Reduces asthma attacks
  • Good customer/company communication
  • Individual shapes to each items


  • Heavy in weight (11 pounds)
  • Has less of an effect when used in places with high humidity



Amethya Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Having one Himalayan salt lamp is useful for nearly any indoor environment. Yet having two doubles the effectiveness of it’s air cleaning properties. Each Amethya package is shipped with two salt lamps. They both weigh about eight pounds and can increase the level of spread of clean oxygen that will permeate from them when actively being used. The bulbs are gauged at seven watts each.

Every salt crystal piece has an individual look, giving the item it’s own visual form. They are carved by hand in Pakistan, with lots of care being put forth on keeping every lamp as natural in their design as possible. The color resembles amber and bright colored reddish orange. At the bottom, wood is fastened to give it a natural facade. As mentioned, placing the lamps in different rooms is the suggested option, especially if the apartment or house is large or covers a sizable amount of square feet.


  • Packaging is secure and durable, little chances of it accidentally breaking when shipped
  • Low wattage to block the risk of fire


  • Switches cannot dim the light to soft or hard light



Majestic Pure Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Majestic Himalayan salt lamp is produced from big sections of Himalayan salt that is formed with it’s own distinct style. They emit a soft glowing light that will shine throughout the designated indoor area where it is rested. The light shines softly, emitting a glow that is bright in the room yet not harsh on the eyes.

As with all Himalayan rock salts that are authentic, The Majestic brand receives their products from central Asia, where they are cut and prepared without the use of a machine. It ships in a box that can be used to conceal a gift; especially useful when getting the device for a friend or family member. Furthermore, there are replacement light bulbs that can be quickly fastened when their power is low. There are detailed instructions for the consumer, so that they will know the proper care that should be taken when the lamp is being cleaned and the bulbs changed.


  • Unique design
  • No artificial modifications
  • Low wattage yet acceptable glow
  • Lights at medium brightness for good setting
  • Completely authentic product comes from honest supply chains
  • Comes with replacement light bulbs (3 total).
  • Light dim can be controlled


  • Cheaply made switches
  • Cord is not durable; prone to damage if handled without care



Levoit Elana Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Levoit Elana Himalayan Salt Lamp, as the name suggests, is mined in northern Pakistan, the western portion of the vast Asian mountain range. It is described as the location that exclusively contains pink rock salt. Because of this, the mineral colors can vary from pink, orange, or a hint of red. The concentration of minerals in the salt found in this region make it a highly sought treasure, both inside and outside of the west Asian nation. The lamp itself, as with others, tends to sweat when the humidity becomes high. Regardless, this is a top shelf contender in the best quality available for alleviating respiratory problems. The rocks themselves are chosen by hand and will clean the air in rooms that are small or large in size.


  • Hand selected salts
  • Balanced mineral and salt content
  • Ships well packaged
  • Visually appealing
  • Safe for food consumption


  • Lamp softens and sweats when exposed to moisture
  • Light may not be bright enough for some consumers



HemingWeigh Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Rock Tea Light Candle Holder

Searching for a Himalayan rock salt lamp can sometimes be difficult due to the large number of companies that have begun to sell them. Most brands are honest about the location and quality of their products that they sell. Still, a small portion that are sold are not true rock salts from the Himalayan Mountains. Consumers who are new to using these salts may wish to try a smaller portion that contains the same quality standards that have been featured on the list. For this, HemingWeigh is recommended. It is a candle holder with rock salt. Just like a wax candle, fire must be started to get the rock salt warm. The ions in the salt and minerals will clear out the air (and lungs) as anticipated. It is the same as any other ionizing Himalayan rock salt lamp that is smaller in size.


  • Easy to carry
  • Can be placed in better locations than larger Himalayan rock salt lamps
  • Simple storage
  • Lightweight
  • Candle is hard to detach from the wick


  • Moderate sweating when placed in rooms with moisture
  • Cannot be turned off automatically like electric Himalayan salt lamps
  • Does not feature light bulbs
  • Not electronically operated



Universal Lighting and Decor 1 Count Salt Lamp Pyramid

The Universal Lighting and Decor Salt Lamp is suitable for people who like Himalayan salt lamps not only for health, but for decoration as well. Shaped like a pyramid, it has an LED light that is long lasting and fairly strong in it’s level of brightness. There is a base, white in color, that is thin and reinforces the rock without falling.

One key feature is the ability for the salt lamp to be hooked into a USB slot on a personal computer, laptop, or home entertainment system. It allows the lamp to be placed in areas that would be difficult to do with lamps that do not feature such attributes. In this regard, the rock will also be able to regain ion emission quickly. It weights in at just one pound. Carrying is easy and temporary storage is easy.


  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with electronics that feature USB connectivity
  • LED light bulb


  • Pyramid shape increases the risk of it breaking



Voltas Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Voltas Himalayan Salt Lamp is another large brand that measures 9 by 11 inches in dimensions. It is recommended for buyers who want a big salt lamp and are not concerned for weight. The crystals are mined from the Himalayas and have the distinct color of minerals that are found in the Khewra Mines, the location of some of the best rock salts. The base of the product is wooden, made in India, and also features a 15 watt light bulb that will generate more purification than some of it’s competitors since most use the standard 7 watts for emanating light and heat. A nice addition is the extra long power cable that comes with the lamp. A rotating switch adds to the comfort since the device can be switched off much easier.


  • Has a long power cord (measures about 6 feet in length)
  • 15 watt battery
  • The ability to save the turn off time


  • Heavy in weight
  • Not suitable for carrying long distances



Crystal Allies Gallery: Natural Himalayan Salt Wire Mesh Basket Vase

For users who like Himalayan rock lamps that are different, salts that are placed in lamps can accommodate nearly any interior design style. They are placed in a metal basket that is decorated with wrought iron design yet allows the salts themselves to be seen. The holder area is very well made and houses rock salts that are small enough to fit in the enclosure. It emits no odors at all and has been noted as a collectible for people who are interested. Unsurprisingly, it is easy to carry and simple to move around from one room to the next. The bulb that is included with the product is cheap yet not a hindrance on an otherwise highly suggested rock salt.


  • Good alternative basket design
  • Emits no odors
  • Built from high quality materials


  • Cheap light bulb is prone to breaking
  • Dimmer switch is made from low quality material



Himalayan Glow Himalayan Salt lamp

Himalayan Glow consistently produces some of the greatest Himalayan salt lamps that are sold. As with any salt lamp that is authentic and pure in it’s properties, the rocks are harvested from the west Asian mountain range. The light bulb for this product is quite powerful, shining at a bright 25 watts of electric power. The resulting light is similar to that of amber: bronze/copper colored. If experimentation is preferred, the color of the light bulb can also be altered to suit the individual taste of the user. The crystals are found and cut by hand and have all of the expected features that consumers wish for in a Himalayan salt lamp.


  • Adjustable dimmer dial
  • Good energy inhibitor


  • Cheap light bulb



Useful Innovation Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Useful Innovation Himalayan Salt Lamp, another from the aforementioned company, purifies the air and adds ambiance to rooms with visible light that is not harsh. It is a suitable night light. It is preassembled and ships with care in mind, fully wrapped and reinforced with protective padding to prevent easy damage. It has a dimmer that changes the level of light that is required. However, users should not expect the light bulb to last for very long. Yet changing is a simple method, with lights being easy to acquire. The lamp will output ions and clear up impurities in the air quickly. This Useful Innovation product is suggested for individuals that have tried other salt lamps yet were not satisfied with the illumination.


  • Works great as a night light
  • Acts quickly to purify medium sized rooms


  • Light may need to be replaced quickly