Best Purple Shampoo For Blonde Hair – 2022 Reviews

Have you ever colored your hair and noticed that it has brassy or unwanted yellow tones? If you have, you’re not alone. Blonde, silver, and light-colored hair tends to develop unwanted brassy tones, and a purple shampoo can help.┬áThe best purple shampoo for blonde hair is a safe and effective way to enhance your hair’s color, while toning down the unwanted hues.

If you’re new to the world of purple shampoo, this can seem like a very intimidating thing to use. But, we’ve outlined what purple shampoo is, what it does, and some simple considerations you want to keep in mind when you’re buying the best purple shampoo for blonde hair. We also rounded up the top 10 best purple shampoo for blonde hair and reviewed them, so you have a good idea of what the different brands are.

Defining Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo is specially formulated to bring out your hair’s natural bright tones while toning down the brassy tones that can make your hair look yellow or have an orange tint. It can also contain vitamins and oil extracts that bring back your hair’s natural shine and health.

How to Use Purple Shampoo

It’s important to note that purple shampoo typically isn’t meant to be used every single time you wash your hair. It’s a more powerful formula, and it may damage your hair with constant use. Start by using the purple shampoo every other wash, and you can slowly increase it over a few weeks. If you notice your hair drying out, back off on using the purple shampoo.

You should notice your hair’s bright colors coming out and the brassy or yellow tones fading out. It won’t dye your hair purple, and you can use it on a variety of blonde and silver hair colors from platinum blonde to brown and blonde balayage.

Can Purple Shampoo Dry Out Your Hair?

Any shampoo can potentially dry out your hair when you use it. It depends on your hair’s health and the amount of natural oils that are present in your hair. If you’re worried about your hair drying out, you can purchase a moisturizing conditioner to use with it. It doesn’t have to be a purple conditioner either, and it may take some experimentation to find the purple shampoo that works with your hair.

Important Purple Shampoo Considerations

Oil Extracts
If it’s possible, you want your purple shampoo to have coconut oil extract or something along those lines. This oil extract will help to lock moisture into your hair, and it can add a little body as well. It also locks the color into your hair while stripping out the unwanted tones.

Parabens can damage your hair and dry it out, and it’s a common ingredient in many shampoo formulas. You want to find a purple shampoo that has a paraben-free formula if it’s possible. It can prevent damage to your hair and scalp. Also, parabens can mimic estrogen, and this can cause cancer cells to grow.

Wait Time
Some purple shampoos have to stay in your hair for a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes before they start to work. Others only have to stay in for three to five minutes. It’s important to find a shampoo that fits into your lifestyle. If you don’t have enough time to let it stay in your hair for the recommended time, it won’t work as well.

10 Best Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair Reviews

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

This purple shampoo is excellent for ultralight, grey, or decolored blonde hair. It is designed to tone down any unwanted yellow hues that can form in streaked, light blonde, or grey hair. You can choose from six different size bottles as well.

This shampoo works best if you apply it to clean hair. It’s designed to help keep your hair a beautiful color for a longer period between coloring sessions. It may take several uses to notice the cool tones seeping into your hair, and you have to be sure that you apply it root to tip.


  • Comes with a thick, full-bodied formula
  • Easy to apply, and isn’t harsh on your hair


  • May not see results for several weeks
  • Formula may stain your hands after using it

Clairol Shimmer Lights Original Shampoo

This shampoo can take your dull or yellow-tinted hair and bring it back to it’s original silver, highlighted, or blonde hue. You can choose from four different sizes so you can try a smaller bottle to see how it works before you commit to a larger bottle.

You have to leave it in for three to five minutes to see the best results. This shampoo has a protein-rich formula that will condition your hair as it tones down the unwanted yellow color. This is a very strong formula, so it’s a good idea to dilute it before you use it.


  • Designed to tone down yellow or brassy tones
  • Can choose from several different sizes


  • Have to dilute it before you use it
  • May cause your hair to turn ashy grey

TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo

This gentle formula works to bring out your hair’s natural colors while toning down the brassy yellow hues. It works to condition your hair when you use it so you’re left with healthy, full-volume hair.

This formula contains a blend of Polyquaternium 10, and this ingredient helps to control frizz, flyaway hair, and static when you use it. It works to bring out the cooler tones in your hair. You work this shampoo into your hair and leave it sit for five to 10 minutes for the best effect.


  • Enhances cool tones and tones down brassy tones
  • Contains Polyquaternium 10 to control frizz and static


  • Comes with a slightly thinner formula
  • May strip the moisture out of your hair

Joico Color Balance Shampoo

This shampoo works best on grey or shades of blonde. It is designed to enhance and protect your hair’s color while it strips out the brassy tones. It comes with a slightly thicker formula that you work into your hair from root to tip for the best results.

You should use this shampoo three times a week between your regular shampoo applications, and leave it in for three to five minutes per time for the best results. It is a very dark purple formula, so using it every day can tint your hair purple.


  • Only have to use it a few times a week
  • Designed to enhance and protect your hair’s color


  • Can dry out your hair when you use it
  • May stain your hands and nail beds

ArtNaturals – Color Balance and Tone Purple

This shampoo and conditioner set balances, protects, and tones your hair all in one application. It works best on bleached blonde and silver hair hues. The shampoo contains coconut oil extract and Vitamin E to help repair damage and infuse moisture back into your hair.

It also encouraged new hair growth, and the surfactant-free formula is gentle on your hair. It locks in the color while getting rid of the unwanted brassy tones. You’ll end up with hydrated, moisturized, and healthy hair. You only have to leave this shampoo in your hair for three to five minutes.


  • Contains coconut oil extract and Vitamin E
  • Works to repair damage while locking color in


  • May bring out light ashy tones in your hair
  • Conditioner is heavy and may leave a residue

Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair

This purple shampoo has intense violet pigments that help to fight a variety of unwanted yellow colors and brassy shades. It also enhances your bleached, streaked, natural, and colored hair. It works best on icy cool blondes, ash, and silver hair colors.

This shampoo’s formula is sulfate and paraben free, and it is enriched with Vitamin B5 for soft, silky, healthy, and shiny hair. It also contains UV filters that protect your hair from fading or damage by the sun. It works to restore moisture to your hair to make it healthier with each use.


  • Contains no parabens or sulfates
  • Has a UV protective layer that bonds to your hair


  • May strip a lot of natural oil out
  • Can take a while to start working


This shampoo has a sulfate-free formula that works to restore moisture to your hair. It works to brighten the brilliant colors that come in blonde, silver, and highlighted hair. The shampoo also works very fast, and you may start to see improvement within one shampoo.

It contains optical brightness and ultra-violet dye that can tone down the brassy colors and yellow tones. It’s packed with amino acids, keratin, and vitamins for shiny and healthy hair. You’ll also enjoy a very light fruity and floral scent that lingers for several hours after washing your hair.


  • Contains keratin, vitamins, and minerals for healthy hair
  • Brings out the beauty of your hair color


  • Might strip the moisture and body out of your hair
  • Might have to dilute it before you use it

Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed So Silver Shampoo

This shampoo by Matrix is specially designed to remove the brassy warm tones from your hair within a few uses. It pulls and neutralizes yellow tones in both silver and blonde hair. Also, it gently cleans your hair and strips any unwanted residue out.

It works to lock your color into your hair, and it restores moisture and elasticity when you use it. This shampoo works best if you wet your hair and massage it in from the root to the tip. You let it sit in your hair for up to 10 minutes and rinse it out.


  • Works to strip the warm brass tones out
  • Locks color and moisture into your hair


  • Might not lather up very well
  • Has a very thin consistency with a waxy finish

Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo

This purple shampoo has a gentle formula that allows you to use it everyday without an issue. It’s a shampoo and conditioner all in one, and it works to soften and strengthen your hair while gently neutralizing any brassy or yellow tones your hair may have.

It cleans your hair of any unwanted oils, buildup, or residue to leave you with a soft, healthy, and shiny finished product. It can add volume to your hair, and it can reduce the amount of time you spend drying it after you wash and rinse it.


  • Gentle enough formula to use every day
  • Works to add body, shine, and health


  • May strip out too much of your hair’s natural oils
  • Might bring out ashy grey tones

Catwalk Tigi Fashionista Shampoo & Conditioner Set

This shampoo’s formula contains violet brightening agents that give the shampoo a bright purple hue. It’s sulfate-free formula makes this shampoo formula healthier for your hair. It also leaves your hair with a nice glossy finish and a healthy shine.

It reduces the brassy and yellow tones in your hair while enhancing the brighter colors. You work the shampoo and conditioner through your damp hair and let it set in for around 10 minutes before you rinse it out thoroughly. You should notice your hair looking healthier with each use.


  • Leaves your hair with a glossy finish
  • Made with a sulfate-free formula


  • May take several uses to notice a difference
  • Might add too much moisture and oil to your hair


No matter if you have ashy, platinum, bleached, or honey blonde hair or silver locks, using a purple shampoo can bring out your hair’s natural shine and color while toning down the brassy and yellow hues. It can protect your hair from damage and lock colors in for healthy, shiny hair.