Ten Of The Best Pedometers For 2022

By measuring how many steps you’ve taken, the best pedometers can tell you how far you’ve travelled. It’s an especially useful instrument for runners and serves as a powerful motivational tool. Without a pedometer, you have no way to track your steps.

Since a pedometer tracks your steps, you can gain inspiration from looking at the number of recorded steps. While some people wear them on the arm, pedometers can also be worn on the ankle. A pedometer can be worn by children or adults, and it’s a great tool for structured fitness.

To get the most out of your pedometer, you need to make a habit out of wearing it. You should put it on in the morning and wear it until you go to bed. For the greatest level of accuracy, wear a pedometer directly above your knee. Below, you’ll find 10 top best pedometers to choose from.


The Best Pedometers Reviewed

OZO Fitness Pedometer SC2

This product is one of the best pedometers for walking. It uses an activity tracker (3d sensor) that is very accurate, and by encouraging you to take more steps, it can help you improve your health.

To prevent accidental resets, the buttons are built into recessed cavities on the back of the device. With a large display and compact size, this pedometer is ideal for men, women and children. However, it’s also a great choice for the elderly.

The OZO Fitness Pedometer SC2 also offers great battery life and has an automatic shutoff feature. This particular pedometer can record daily walking time and steps for seven days. If you want a product that can motivate you to achieve your fitness goals, this could be the product you’re looking for.



3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer

Another top product is the 3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer. It features some of the most advanced Tri-Axis 3D sensor technology in the world, so it has no trouble recording your activity from inside a pocket or bag.

The advanced 3D sensor technology tracks activity with extreme precision, so you’re not forced to attach this pedometer above your knee. With a 30-day memory function, it can store activity information for the last 30 days.

With such a large amount of information, you’ll get even more motivated to accomplish your fitness goals. This high-tech pedometer records exercise time, fat burned, calories, distance and daily steps. Since it works horizontally or vertically, you get accurate tracking from any position.



Omron Tri Axis Pedometer

If you’re looking for something simple, the Omron Tri Axis Pedometer is a top product to consider. With this device, you can track your calories burned, distance walked, aerobic steps and regular steps.

It has smart sensor technology, so you don’t have to worry about miscounted steps. The powerful sensor technology inside of this pedometer allows it to track activity in horizontal, vertical and flat positions.

For precise daily step counting, this pedometer automatically resets at midnight. Since it can store seven days of activity data, you can keep a weekly log of your activity. If you need a basic pedometer and accurate tracking, it’s hard to beat what the Omron Tri Axis pedometer has to offer.



Sandistore LCD Run Step Pedometer Walking distance Calorie Counter

A very basic product is the Sandistore LCD pedometer. In terms of functionality, this device is about as basic as it gets. The device is made from plastic and offers three different counting modes. With these modes, you can count calories, distance and steps.

It also has a sleep function, which is triggered automatically after three minutes of inactivity. The sleep function helps to save precious battery life. Although it’s a very basic device, it has a powerful memory function, which lets you track the last seven days of activity. Many consumers like this pedometer because it’s easy to carry, small and lightweight.

Since it has a large screen, you can quickly read the data with a glance, and it even has a useful clock function. There is no way this pedometer is going to win any awards, but if you’re looking for a very basic device, this product is worth considering.



YYTECH Distance Pedometer Calorie Counter

Here is another cheap pedometer. It doesn’t offer nearly as much functionality as the expensive models, but if you’re looking for a source of motivation, this product won’t disappoint.

It has a built-in calorie counter, so you can track how many calories you’re burning. The YYTECH Distance Pedometer can tell the difference between jogging and walking, and it automatically adjusts and delivers accurate readings. For optimal comfort, it has a built-in belt clip.

To make reading the data as easy as possible, this device has a large LCD display. Like other cheap pedometers, it won’t win any awards, but it delivers a basic level of functionality for an unbeatable price.



iTro ProStyle 3D Pedometer for Walking

Another top product is the iTro ProStyle 3D Pedometer. As the title implies, it’s great for walking, but you can use it for a wide range of fitness activities. It features a stylish design and has been created to meet the highest consumer demands.

When you’re trying to get healthier and lose weight, it’s extremely important to know how many calories you’ve burned, how long you’ve walked and how much distance you’ve traveled. If you have all of this information at your fingertips, it can be very motivational.

The iTro ProStyle 3D Pedometer gives you this vital information, so you can stay motivated and have fun. With powerful 3D sensor technology, this pedometer accurately tracks every step and can even error correct data. If you need a pedometer that will help you improve your health, this is one of the top products to consider.



Omron HJ-320 Tri-Axis Alvita Pedometer

A popular product from the Omron family of pedometers is the Omron HJ-320 Tri-Axis Alvita Pedometer. To motivate you to go further every day, this pedometer tracks distance and steps.

Since it uses smart sensor technology, you don’t have to worry about it miscounting steps. The advanced sensor technology allows you to wear this device in flat, vertical or horizontal positions and never worry about miscounted steps. For precise activity tracking, this pedometer automatically resets at midnight.

However, it has built-in functionality that lets you track activity for the last seven days. Although it only has two tracking modes, it delivers information in a way that keeps you motivated to go further. After you’ve started using this device, you can enjoy the benefits of increased energy and better health.



KevenAnna Walking 3D Pedometer

Here is an incredible product. With advanced Tri Axis 3D sensor technology, this pedometer offers very accurate tracking. You can position the device anywhere and never have to worry about miscounted steps.

Some people like to carry this device in their pocket while others keep it inside of a bag. Regardless of where you store it, you can always expect accurate activity tracking.

With the ability to record your activity for seven days, this device is great for tracking historical data. To make sure you get accurate daily counting, the device automatically resets at midnight. The KevenAnna Walking 3D Pedometer is small, lightweight and portable, so it’s actually fun and motivational to use.



Ozeri 4x3razor Pocket 3D Pedometer

A top product to consider is the Ozeri 4x3razor Pocket 3D Pedometer. It features a 3D Tri-Axis sensor, which comes from Germany. With Z, Y and X vector detection, this pedometer provides a level of accuracy that you just won’t get from many other products.

Although it’s designed for high-performance athletes, it’s a great product for the average person. It also happens to be the world’s lightest and thinnest pedometer. It can record a number of different metrics. You can track exercise time, fat burned, calories, distance and steps taken.

To eliminate the problem of unintended motion activation, the Ozeri 4x3razor Pocket 3D Pedometer has a MotionLock feature. Since it can count up to a million steps, it’s likely that you’ll tire out before the device does. It can even record activity for the last 30 days.



CSX Walking 3D Pedometer Activity Fitness Tracker

If you’re a walker, you’ll want to consider the CSX Walking 3D Pedometer. With high-tech 3D sensor technology, this pedometer accurately tracks your activity.

It uses a large screen to display the data and help you stay motivated. Pendulum pedometers are notorious for miscounting steps. Since the CSX Walking 3D Pedometer doesn’t have a pendulum design, you don’t have to worry about it miscounting your steps.

There is even a feature that lets you set daily targets. If you love walking and need an accurate way to track your steps, this is one of the best pedometers that you can buy.