Ten Best Motion Activated Night Light Reviews For 2022

Motion activated night lights provide you with the perfect amount of light for finding your way in the dark. They won’t turn on until you walk up to them, and they turn off automatically after you leave the area. This makes them ideal for locations where you don’t need a night light on steady throughout the night but still need something to keep you safe. The best motion activated night light can provide a number of advantages, and we will take a look at these.


Why You Need The Best Motion Activated Night Light

There are many areas within your home that can be dangerous if you try to navigate them in the dark. This includes stairs and hallways where you can easily lose your footing. Motion activated night lights turn on as you walk though these areas so that you can see exactly where you are stepping. You may also have rooms like the bathroom and kitchen that don’t necessarily need a light on steady throughout the night, but you do need something when you enter these spaces. These lights provide just enough glow for you to grab a glass of water during the night without waking everyone up.


How to Pick The Best Motion Activated Night Light

Motion activated night lights detect activity within a specific area. Once motion is detected, the light turns on. When choosing the right one for your needs, determine how large of a space you need to illuminate. Most of these night lights detect motion within a ten foot range, but this may vary from one brand to the next. Choose the range that best covers the space you need to light.

You will also find that motion activated night lights list a sweep in degrees that it can sense motion within. Lights with a 100° sweep will sense you as you approach rather than waiting until you are directly in front of the device. If you are using your night light for stairs or hallways, make sure it has an adequate sweep.


Special Features

The best motion activated night lights often come with additional features such as mode settings that allow you to choose between the motion activation or a steady on. Dusk to dawn detection means that your night light will only come on once it is dark. As soon as there is enough sunlight or overhead lighting, it will turn off. Others combine all of these features by automatically staying on all night, but they glow brighter as you walk by.

These night lights can be installed in a variety of ways. Many are plugged directly into an outlet, but you will find battery powered models that can be attached anywhere with adhesive, magnets, or screws. Think about where you will be using these night lights before making a final decision.


The Ten Best Motion Activated Night Light Reviews

GE Ultra Brite Motion-Activated LED Light

This motion activated night light has a modern, stylish design that blend in nicely with other home décor. You will find that you have a choice of four colors which includes bronze, brushed nickel, silver, and white. It plugs in easily to any standard outlet in the home, and it senses when you walk past so that you are never treading in the dark.

Motion can be detected up to 25 feet away which makes this night light ideal for stairs, hallways, and other areas where walking in the dark can be a safety issue. It also includes light sensing technology that will allow it to come on as it gets dark and stay on throughout the night. This means it can also be used as a night light in places like a nursery, children’s room, or guest bedroom. It features a bright LED light that gives off a soft white glow of 40 Lumens. The compact design measures 2.3 by 5.3 by 6.7 inches.

• 40 Lumens of Soft White Light
• 25 Foot Motion Activation
• Stylish Compact Design

• Motion Activation is Not 180°



LED Motion Activated Emotionlite Plug in Night Light, Pack of 2

This motion activated night light produces a warm white light with 20 Lumens of 2700k glow. It has a gentle, comfortable, calming illumination that does not disturb you when you are sleeping. Along with not being too bright or too dim, this night light includes a glare protecting material that makes the light easy on your eyes. The built in motion detector senses movement up to ten feet away. It will only come on when it is dark, and will turn off when sunlight or overhead lights are in use. This energy saving design provides you with a lifespan of 50,000 hours of light. It plugs into any home outlet easily, and it is constructed with fireproof materials for added safety. These come in a set of two with each one measuring 3.9 by 2.6 by 3.1 inches.

• 20 Lumens of Warm White Light
• Senses Motion Up to Ten Feet Away
• Anti-Glare Materials Keep the Light Comfortable

• The Light it Produces is to Dim for Many Applications



AMIR Motion Sensor Light, Cordless Battery-Powered LED Night Light

The 20 Lumen outputs of these motion activated night lights provides you with a bright LED light that is ideal for cupboards, closets, and dark corners as well as for use as a night light in bedrooms and hallways. Each light in this set of three will automatically come on when you are within ten feet of it and will shut off by itself after 15 seconds of not detecting movement. It only works when it is dark, and they are easy to install. You can use the screw mounting back, heavy duty tape, or magnet to place the lights anywhere you need them. You will need 3 AAA batteries for each light which means you can even place them in areas that do not have access to electricity. Each light has a round shape with a 3.15 inch diameter.

• No Electric Outlet Needed
• Provides Three Ways to Install Each Light
• Detects Motion Up to 10 Feet Away

• Has a Slight Delay in Activation After Sensing Movement



AmerTac 73092CC LED Motion-Activated Nite Lite

The sleek, modern design of this motion activated night light blends nicely with the home décor in any bedroom, bathroom, hallway, or any space that needs that extra bit of light during the night. It is capable of detecting motion up to 25 feet away with a 100° sweep. Once it is activated, it will stay on as long as you are in the area. If it no longer detects activity after 60 seconds, it automatically turns off. The light sensor found on the front of the night light stops it from coming on during the daytime hours. Simply plug it in to any standard home outlet, and the energy efficient LED bulb will brighten any dark area. It has a small, compact design that measures 2.5 by 2 5/8 by 3.5 inches.

• Stylish and Modern Design
• Detects Motion Up to 25 Feet Away
• 100° Sweep of Detection Area

• Cannot Change the Bulb Once it Stops Working



GE 11465 Motion-Activated LED Night Light with Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finish

This is a beautiful motion activated night light that will look elegant in any home. The scroll work pattern that covers the front of this light comes in an oil rubbed bronze finish that has an antique look, but you can also get this in a more modern chrome finish. It is useful as well as decorative. Motion is detected up to 20 feet away making it ideal for illuminating stairs, bathrooms, and other areas that can be dangerous in the dark. The cool to the touch LED bulb has a long lifespan so that there is no need to worry about replacement. The light sensing features keep it from coming on during the daylight hours, and although it is a beautiful piece, it only takes up a small space measuring 2 by 5.4 by 6.7 inches.

• More Decorative than Similar Night Lights
• Detects Motion Up to 20 Feet Away
• Cool to the Touch

• Emits a Very Bright Light



Willed Dimmable Motion Activated Under Bed Light

This motion activated nigh light is unique in the fact that it is designed to be mounted on the under side of a bed. It detects motion as you step out of bed, and provides just the right amount of light for you to safely navigate the room. The motion detector automatically turns off, and you can adjust the amount of light it provides by using the dimmable options that range from 10 to 100%. It is easy to install with the adhesive strip, and you can connect the 60 inch cable cord to either end of the light. This makes it easy to reach an outlet no matter how your room is arranged.

Two small clips are included to manage excess cord length. The light itself is 60 inches long. Although it is made for under the bed, it also works wonderfully under cabinets or cribs. LED bulbs provide a warm white light, and motion is detected up to 4 meters away with a 100° sweep.

• Attaches Under the Bed
• Detects motion up to 4 meters Away with a 100° Sweep
• Adjustable Brightness

• Is Not Cool to the Touch



Mr. Beams MB 723 MB723 Battery-Powered Motion-Sensing LED Stick-Anywhere Nightlight, 3-Pack

The Mr. Beam motion activated night light provides a bright 20 Lumen light that spans up to 10 square feet. The unique design forces the light downward which makes these night lights ideal for shelves, steps, and hallways. Each one detects motion up to 15 feet away, and it will automatically turn off after not detecting motion for 30 seconds. Because each night light is battery powered, you can place them anywhere without worrying about a power source location. Double sided tape and hardware is included for mounting. Each one of the three lights measures 1 by 3 by 3 inches.


• Battery Powered
• Detects Motion Up to 15 Feet Away
• Light is Forced Downward

• Very Low Battery Life



Sensky Motion LED Night Light for Bedroom, Staircase, Hallway

This motion activated night light from Sensky is unique in the fact that it is off during the day and stays on all through the night with a dim glow. Once you walk into the sensing range, the light grows brighter with a natural white light. The built in sensor keeps the light from activating during the daytime hours in order to save energy and provide a longer lifespan. It plugs into any home outlet which eliminates the need for batteries. You can choose between two modes. Auto mode keeps the light in the front on all through the night allowing the back light to only turn on when motion is detected. On mode keeps both the front and back light on steady. Each light is constructed from fire-proof materials and is CE approved. The compact design measures 4.5 by 2.2 by 2.5 inches.

• Two Operating Modes to Pick From
• Stays on with a Soft Glow All Night Long
• No Batteries Needed

• Constant Light Can Be Annoying



Emotionlite Motion Activated LED Bedside Night Light

This Emotionlite night light provides 20 Lumens of warm white light with three AAA batteries that are included in your purchase. Without the need for electricity, this night light is perfect for travel and camping. The soft light won’t disturb your sleep as it is not to bright or to dim. A soft diffusion material is used to protect against glare while still providing safety in dark areas. The motion sensor turns the light on automatically when motion is detected within 10 feet, and it shuts off by itself after 25 seconds of inactivity.

Two modes allow you to choose between this auto detection and steady on with dusk to dawn detection. This means it will automatically turn on as it gets dark and remain steady until the morning light. Bulbs have a 50,000 hours lifespan so that you don’t need to worry about changing bulbs. This night light measures 2.4 by 2.4 by 5.5 inches.

• Two Use Modes to Pick From
• Detects Motion up to Ten Feet Away
• Battery Powered

• Goes Through Batteries Quickly



iAVO Set of Two Plug In LED Motion Activated Night Light

This motion activated night light by iAVO comes in a set of two. The compact 2.6 by 2.6 by 1.2 inch design makes this light hardly noticeable when plugged into your household outlets. When you enter the ten foot motion detecting range, the light automatically turns on. It stays on while you remain in the area, and it shuts off after 60 seconds of no activity. The motion detector only allows it to turn on when it is dark. During daylight hours it remains off. The light it gives off is just right for finding your way, but it is not so bright that it is distracting. The compact design won’t block other outlets the wall, and because it doesn’t require batteries, you’ll save money.

• Small Design is Hardly Noticeable
• Won’t Block Other Outlets
• Ten Foot Detection Range

• Blue Tone to Light