Ten Best Mosquito Traps For 2022 – Gide & Reviews

When the weather is warm, and it’s a bit humid, you’ll have to start considering protection from mosquito bites. Did you know that mosquitoes are considered the most dangerous animal on the planet to humans because they are carriers of vector-borne diseases? For this reason, a bit of due diligence is a great idea, and one of the most effective ways of preventing mosquito bites is by using the best mosquito traps. These permanently takes the female mosquitoes of the species off of the table.

The systems that one of these pest control products will use to attract biting insects like mosquitoes will vary from device to device. However, when it’s particularly damp and warm outside, especially close by to areas of standing water, each will provide you with more than adequate protection from bloodsuckers. It is relatively easy to find types of traps that plugin so that you can have a steady, ongoing reduction in the presence of these insects. There are even portable units and USB-powered devices to consider as well. These can all be very effective to kill mosquitoes, but what do these products do to attract mosquitoes?

How a Mosquito Trap Draws in Mosquitoes

When you’re considering how to attract mosquitoes, and control the mosquito population behaviour in your immediate area, it’s relatively simple. Mosquitoes have evolved to sense when just about any animal is nearby thanks to their antennae. These detect chemicals; their compound eyes, which are evolved to pick up even tiny movements; and their heat-sensing maxillary palpus, which is an organ designed to pick up the faintest body heat from prey animals.

Each of these tools makes it easy for mosquitoes to snag a meal for their nearby larvae (mama mosquitoes don’t drink the blood for sustenance), and a good trap will take advantage of this complex mosquito system to trap them. A good mosquito control trap system not only generates heat but also produces Carbon Dioxide (CO2), which mosquitoes use as a marker gas to find breathing animals. These also produce ultraviolet light, which can also fool the compound eyes of mosquitoes into thinking that the trap is just a nearby meal. That is how mosquito traps work.


Best Mosquito Traps Reviewed

DynaTrap DT1050-DEC Insect Trap

One of the best features of a good mosquito trap is that it’ll be so attractive to the insect that she will never want to leave. To keep the mosquitoes nice and content, this product first draws them in with warm UV light that mimics the temperature of an animal. Once inside of the trap, the mosquito then is buffeted with CO2, which it’ll confuse for animal respiration. The DynaTrap DT1050-DEC uses a titanium dioxide inner surface to produce this waste gas, which is released as a result of the UV light.

Once inside the product, the mosquitoes will work their way into the mesh-lined inner compartment, which is where their journey ends. In totality, the mosquito trap has a half-acre range, which means that this is a good go-to for those that have relatively small houses or those that spend time outdoors frequently.

When it comes to aesthetics, this is a mosquito trap that will blend in with most outdoor décors, and it has a tan coloration that looks very natural. It’s constructed of a poly resin material that’s both lightweight and strong.




DynaTrap DT1775 Insect & Mosquito Trap, Black

One of the best features of the DynaTrap DT1775 is its cool-looking design, which is guaranteed to create some fans. This is a trap that uses UV light to attract those pesky mosquitoes, and it has an impressive range of about an acre. The UV light is very prominent on this product, and it’s very bright. In fact, this light provides enough illumination to relax by.

Summers can easily vary when it comes to weather conditions, and this DynaTrap product takes this into account; it’s an all-weather model that is also very durable. In fact, its all-metal body can easily survive the occasional tumble, which means that you won’t have to worry about it much if there’s a stiff wind from time to time. The mosquito-catch area at its base is also protected by a lip a the top, so excess water won’t be able to pool in this part of the product. For this reason, this is a trap that’ll be easy to carry around, even when it’s rainy.




Athemo 2019 Upgraded Bug Zapper with UV Light

One of the most useful features of this Athemo product is the fact that it has a 360-degree design that projects attractive UV light and warmth in all directions. This way, the mosquitoes will have a very difficult time resisting the allure of the trap, and since this is a mosquito zapper-style of trap, the closer the bugs get to the body of the device, the fewer mosquitos you’ll have in the area. This trap also generates a good amount of illumination, so relaxing with family and talking around the warm glow is possible.

This is a product that can be suspended easily from a hook, or you can opt to simply have it rest on a table or a stool. This is also a fairly large product, and you should get a performance that provides coverage for more than a half-acre. A feature that you may find useful is the zapper’s ease-of-cleaning; with a simple, moist paper towel, you can clean away any detritus that may have formed during the trap’s usage.




PESTKING Electric Insect Trap Indoor

In many cases, product manufacturers opt to simply have a catch area where the mosquitoes are kept to keep them out of the environment, but once this section is opened up by the owner, the mosquitoes can simply take off and become annoying pests once more. With the PestKing electric insect trap, the mosquitoes are funneled into the trap area and are then stuck there permanently. This is because the floor of the trap area is coated with a glue-like substance.

This is also a USB-powered product, so powering it via a laptop computer or through a standard smartphone charger is an option. As a result, this indoor trap can work very well for those that need a portable option when they are going to the drive-in or just hanging out by the pool.




DynaTrap DT1050 Half Acre Mosquito Trap

Another DynaTrap product, the DT1050 has a design that harkens back to the traditional lamps of days gone. This particular version of the DT1050 also has an all-metal construction, which means that it’s durable enough to withstand some dings from time to time. This is also a trap that has an all-weather design; it has a large shade on top that protects the entire product from rain, and it’s also very hard for moisture to get into the trap at the base.

As you might expect, the topmost portion of the trap has a UV lamp that provides the warmth and light that’s nearly irresistible to flying insects like mosquitoes. There is a loop atop the hood, and if you want, you can place it on top of tables and other flat surfaces. It only weighs about four pounds, so keeping it hung on a chain or hook is pretty easy. This is also a product that provides good coverage; In total, this DT1050 from DynaTrap provides about a half-acre of protection from mosquitoes.




Dynatrap XL Insect Trap

If mosquitoes are a real problem, then you’ll need a more robust solution so that you don’t get bitten as often. This product, which is another trap from DynaTrap, has a large sizing that will grant more protection than standard traps. In fact, this DynaTrap XL product can protect more than a full acre of space from flying insects like mosquitoes, and the larger capacity means that you’ll have to change the capture area less often.

This is a product that uses UV to not only provide attractive warmth and light, but it also reacts with the material inside the trap to generate CO2, which is a major attractant for mosquitoes. This is also a great product for large properties, and DynaTrap has provided more than enough cabling (about 120 inches of cord) so that you can place them far from standard outlets.




Livin’ Well No Zap Mosquito Trap

Also known as the Insect Trapper, this product, which is manufactured by Livin’ Well, is a fairly attractive trap for most homes. It has a design that allows it to be suspended via the attached loop from a hook, and it also has four sturdy and long legs that grants it a bit of elevation, even when you set it on a low table. This is also a weatherproof product that will keep protecting you and your family even when the rain starts to come down heavily.

When it comes to looks, this trap stands out thanks to its large UV-style light that both provides attractive warmth and light for hunting mosquitoes. The bulb is designed for years of use, and you can expect it to last for about 8,000 hours. Once it does die, it’s easily replaced with another mosquito-killer bulb, which you should be able to find easily. Insofar as coverage, this product will protect a space of about 1,000 square feet, so this is a good option for those just looking to protect their home from these pests.




HAUSBELL Mosquito Trap

This Hausbell product uses suction to draw in flying insects so that the trap fills quickly when turned on, but it does use some of the standard tricks to bring insects to the general vicinity of the trap. This suction extends completely around the body of the product, so keeping gnats, small moths, and of course, mosquitoes under control shouldn’t be an issue. Like other solutions of this type, the Hausbell mosquito trap uses no unsafe chemicals and uses the CO2 as an attractant and only needs cleaning once every two weeks or so.

While there is no sticky platform to prevent the mosquitoes from escaping once you empty the trap, simply emptying the trap away from home should significantly reduce the number of bites. This is also a trap that is primarily designed for indoor use, and for the best results, turning it on about two hours before bedtime provides some excellent results in highly mosquito-prone areas.




Mega-Catch Pro 900 Alpha Mosquito Trap

If you’re looking for a very high-tech and premium solution to your mosquito concerns, the Mega-Catch might just be your device. While it’s definitely designed for those that have a real mosquito problem, it’s a good solution on smaller scales as well. It has a four-legged design that will allow you to use it outdoors or indoors, and if you prefer, you can mount it via a wall or ceiling hook by the top-mounted ring.

Attracting mosquitoes at a high rate of success is the primary design intent of this product, and it uses all of the most effective means of bringing mosquitoes into the trap. This includes emitting CO2, providing attractive lighting, and generating warmth that mosquitoes mistake as natural body warmth. Unlike some other products, this has a relatively limited range; you can expect it only to attract mosquitoes within about 90 feet or so. Having said that, what it lacks in range, it more than makes up in success rates, and the trap is large enough to bring in and hold any mosquito in the area.




KEYNICE Electric Mosquito Killer Insect Trap

The final product in the guide uses a top-mounted UV light to attract various species of insect and draws them downward to a capture area that’s fairly easily emptied. This product has a dual-function feature that also can swap between a 365nm and 395nm band frequency, which alters the level of attraction between the trap and the insect.

This is also an indoor product, but it can also be used outdoors to prevent bites as well. When it’s time to power the unit, simply utilize the DC 5V USB cable. This means that you can use items like power banks, computer USBs, and USB-equipped power strips to provide the juice you need to trap mosquitoes.

The product also has some modes that make this something of a smart device. To start, intelligent mode enables the product to detect the ambient light level and adjust the power output and functionality. Capture mode enables the product to work automatically.