Ten Best Hiking Shoes For Men – 2022 Guide & Reviews

Your shoe choice is a critical decision when you go hiking. You want something that is going to be durable enough to last even through rough terrain and comfortable enough that you can wear it all day without any problems. There are also several other important things to consider when you’re picking out your next pair of the best hiking shoes for men.

This can quickly get overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to decide on your first pair of hiking shoes. However, we rounded up the top 10 best hiking shoes for men and reviewed them so you can quickly compare them. We also put together a buying guide that will help you keep all of the important pieces in mind when you’re hiking shoe shopping.

Best Hiking Shoes For Men Buyer’s Guide

The first thing you have to decide is what type of terrain you plan to hike on. Generally, you want to pick the lightest shoes you can get away with that are still durable enough to handle the terrain safely.

  • Trail Hiking Shoes –¬†Trail hiking shoes are very lightweight, and they usually have a decent amount of flexibility. You’ll still get the gripping rubber sole, but the shoe’s material may be more of a mesh-blend for added breathability.
  • Off-Trail Shoes –¬†Off-trail hiking shoes feature a more rugged design. They may have more leather or leather and suede than mesh. These type of shoes may also be slightly heavier due to the fact that they have to be able to go through rougher terrain.

Important Hiking Shoe Considerations

No matter if you plan to hike on a trail or off of a trail, there are a few universal considerations you want to keep in mind.


When you’re trying on your hiking shoes, bring along a pair of socks that you plan to wear when you go hiking. These can be a little thicker, so it can affect the way the shoe fits. Make sure that they feel comfortable for your heel, and you want to ensure that there’s adequate room in the toebox as well.


It’s very important that your new hiking shoes can grip whatever you’re walking on securely. Look at your shoe’s bottom. You’re looking for a thicker rubber design with grooves or ridges. These features will help you grip onto more slippery surfaces easily.


Your shoe is going to rub throughout the day, so having a layer of padding can save you from painful irritation or blisters. Look for shoes with padding around the collar and on the shoe’s tongue.


Waterproof is something else you want to think about. Some shoes are made out of materials that naturally repel water, and others have a waterproof coating added on. This can save you from walking around with wet feet when you’re out and about.

The 10 Best Hiking Shoes For Men Reviews

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe

These hiking shoes are made with a durable mix of suede leather and mesh. This combination allows you to get the durability and longevity of a leather shoe and the breathability of mesh for a more comfortable all-day wear.

The air cushion provides comfort as you hike or walk, and the tread on the bottom of the shoe provides a non-slip surface. The arch shank is made out of nylon for additional support as well. The outsole has several layers for added durability, and it’ll withstand a lot of wear and tear without an issue.


  • Made with suede leather and mesh for added durability
  • Designed for comfortable all-day wear


  • May not be wide enough for wider feet
  • Shoes have no waterproof coating

adidas Outdoor Mens Terrex AX2R Shoe

You can choose from over 15 color combinations with these shoes. They come with a thick rubber sole that has excellent gripping capabilities that work even in wet conditions. The outer shoe layer is designed to be resistant to wear and tear and durable.

You get a molded sock liner that enhances the shoes fit and improves your comfort level. There is additional support in the arch area of the shoe, and the midsole also features additional padding for extended comfort. Finally, this shoe is designed to be very lightweight.


  • Has a tighter fabric weave for warmth
  • Sole of the shoe grips in wet conditions


  • Might run slightly smaller to size
  • Shoes tend to break down in the toe area quickly

Salomon Men’s X Ultra Prime Hiking Shoes

The sides of these shoes feature synthetic leather for added durability, but the tops are a soft mesh material that allow for great airflow. It features enhanced chassis technology that helps to provide stability, even when you’re hiking in very harsh conditions.

The insole is an OrthoLite model that helps to increase your comfort level as you walk. The thick rubber sole is perfect for helping you stay upright on slippery surfaces, so you stay safe. These shoes also come with a two-year limited warranty so you can exchange or return them quickly and easily.


  • Breathable mesh is reinforced in key spots
  • Shoes come covered by a two-year limited warranty


  • Has a pressure point where the reinforced layers are located
  • Soles may start to break away from the body

KEEN Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe

This hiking shoe is made out or durable leather and it comes in five different color choices. The insole, collar, and tongue are all padded to increase your comfort level, and the thick rubber sole provides excellent gripping capabilities.

There is a two-inch heel on these shoes that helps to absorb the shock as you move for a more comfortable experience. There is a loop of fabric that lets you quickly and easily pull these hiking shoes on. You’ll also enjoy a waterproof coating on the tops and sides of these shoes.


  • Shoes have a waterproof coating on the sides and tops
  • Two-inch heel helps to absorb shock


  • May run small to size for a too tight fit
  • Higher heel may cause foot pain

Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot

These heavy-duty hiking shoes are made out of a mix of leather and suede that is waterproof and durable. You also get a breathable mesh material on the tongue of the shoe. The eyelets for the laces are made out of metal for added longevity as well.

These shoes come in two different colors as well. The seams were sealed with a waterproof coating, and the midsole is designed to be lightweight while still offering a good level of support. The soles themselves allow for a no-slip walking and climbing experience.


  • Seams have a waterproof coating
  • Provide a very stable walking support with a non-slip grip


  • Might take a few days to break in properly
  • Bottom of the sole might wear out quickly

XIANG GUAN Hiking Shoes

These hiking shoes are made out of 100 percent Oxford. This durable material is also very breathable so you feet stay dry and cool all day. The toe cap and heel come with a protective rubber piece overlaying them to decrease the chances of wear and tear.

The shoe has a water-resistant coating, so you stay comfortable in all conditions. The rubber outsole is made out of high traction rubber, and this can help to ensure that you don’t slip when you’re hiking. This shoe is lightweight, and it can flex with your foot for greater comfort.


  • Made with 100 percent Oxford material for greater flexibility
  • Heel and toe cap have a rubber overlay


  • Not completely waterproof and can’t withstand heavy rain
  • rubber may separate from the mesh

Merrell Men’s Chameleon Prime Stretch Hiking Shoe

This hiking shoe comes in three different colors. The body of this shoe is made with a blend of leather and mesh. The leather makes up the sides, and the mesh is over the top of the shoe with leather additions for durability.

You get stretchy bungee laces for a secure and comfortable fit. The pull tab on the back of the shoe makes it easy and fast to pull on. The tongue and the collar have a layer of padding to reduce any irritation that may occur from rubbing. You’ll get a rubber sole for improved gripping capabilities.


  • Made with a mixture of leather and mesh
  • Thick rubber sole gives a non-slip grip


  • Rubber toe cap may not last long
  • Bungee laces can stretch out and snap

Vasque Men’s Juxt Multi-Sport Shoe

These hiking shoes range in size from size seven up to size 15, and there is a selection of wide shoes as well. They are made of a mixture or suede and leather for added durability and longevity. You’ll also enjoy a highly tunable lacing system.

The shoe’s midsole has a molded TPU and EVA plate, and this plate allows for greater stability and support as you walk. The off-grid rubber outsole provides excellent gripping capabilities in a variety of conditions. Finally, the collar and tongue come with a layer of padding for additional comfort.


  • Made with a mix of high-quality leather and suede
  • Plate in the midsole for added stability


  • Might run a bit long to size
  • Shoe has a more lightweight design that may not last in rough terrains

CraneLin Men’s Outdoor Hiking Shoe

This shoe comes in 12 different sizes including wide, and you can choose from over 20 different color combinations. You’ll get a mixture of textile and mesh with this shoe, and it is beathable for all-day comfort. Since it’s mesh, it’s also designed to be very quick drying.

The thick rubber soles come up to form a heel and toe cap, and they’re skid and slip resistant. They’re thick enough to help lessen the impact of climbing and hiking, and they can absorb shock as well. The bungee laces are stretchy and easy to secure.


  • Features a breathable mesh material
  • Rubber sole is skid and slip resistant


  • May not offer enough support
  • Shoes have a soft outer shell that isn’t rugged

Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe

This hiking shoe features a breathable and quick-drying mesh bottom layer that is reinforced by a durable and waterproof leather layer. This allows the shoes to have good airflow while you wear them, but they’re still durable enough to handle more rough terrain.

It comes with a compression molded foot frame with a sturdy EVA center for added support. The rubber sole is designed to handle wet and slippery conditions without a problem. There is also a rubber toe and heel cup that helps to prevent wear and tear on these areas.


  • Comes with a mix of leather and mesh for durability
  • Leather layer is waterproof


  • Rubber covered toe cup may catch on debris when you walk
  • Mesh areas aren’t as durable as the leather areas



Hiking shoes are an essential tool for any outdoor enthusiast or backpacker. You want to choose the pair that is going to deliver everything you need them to when you need it. They should support your feet and give you a stable base, so you’re comfortable. Our buying guide and reviews give you a good starting point to help you pick out the best shoes to suit your needs.