Ten Best Hiking Jacket Reviews For 2022

It’s important to have a discerning eye when selecting the best hiking jacket. In contrast to other types of winter-wear, hiking jackets are often expected to last longer and provide more features for their wearer to enjoy. A hiking jacket needs to be a bevy of things to stand out from the competition. High-quality materials, durability, sufficient warming technology and top-rate metals are all prerequisites for a jacket to truly stand out from the pack. Additionally, hiking jackets must take care to consider aesthetics as a part of their value proposition as well. When color choices and sizes are slim, there are plenty of other options for the consumer to choose from.

So where should a prospective jacket-owner start? The list below contains what we believe to be the very best hiking jacket offerings for the year thus far. While some stand out more than others, each of the jackets listed below are outstanding in some capacity. Some are extraordinarily warm, other’s eye-catching and trendy. Some make the grade by virtue of their durability and dependable nature, while others get points for simplicity and elegance. No matter what sort of hiking jacket you’re looking for, one of the options below is sure to satisfy your needs.


Men’s Or Women’s?

When selecting the best hiking jacket, one of the first things you should take into account, obviously, is your gender. There is an enormous difference between men’s and women’s hiking wear, and as such, it’s important to be knowledgeable of these factors. The most drastic differences between the two different types of hiking jacket lie with their aesthetics.

Overall, men’s hiking jackets tend to favor function over form, and vice versa for women’s options. What this means is that while women will have an easier time finding a jacket that suits their taste in terms of fashion, they made find themselves having a difficult time finding options packed with useful features. In contrast, men’s options tend to be extremely simplistic, relegating aesthetics to be back burner, but come with a myriad of features and storage options.

This list has been designed to help both genders circumvent these inconveniences, and locate a model of jacket that has the best of both worlds. Below are our choices for the absolute best of both respective types of hiking jacket.


The Best Hiking Jacket For Women:

Beyove Women’s Raincoat

The Beyove’s Women’s Raincoat has it all. The jacket is extremely popular with owners, having noticeably admirable reviews on its Amazon page. This is for good reason: The Beyove Women’s Raincoat is absolutely jam-packed with features. Excellent storage options, high-quality metals, imported fabrics and much more aid in making the jacket a truly stand-out option for consumers.

The jacket leaves very little to be desired and is a great choice for an all-purpose outdoors clothing option. A great option for any harsh weather, the jacket checks all the right boxes when it comes to delivering on performance. Even more impressive, the Beyove Raincoat also delivers an eye-catching design available in a multitude of colors and sizes. The flexibility of the jacket’s aesthetics and fit make it a potentially great fit for anyone seriously considering the investment. If one were to criticize the Beyove on anything, it would be its performance in extremely harsh conditions.

The jacket is intended for recreational hikes and casual outdoors enthusiasts, meaning anyone with more extreme undertakings in mind may find other options more suited to their tastes. For just about everyone else, however, the Beyove makes an excellent all-purpose hiking jacket solution.



The Best Hiking Jacket For Men:

Camo Coll Men’s Outdoor Soft Shell Tactical Jacket

The Camo Coll Men’s Outdoor Soft Shell Tactical Jacket is an excellent option for a men’s hiking jacket, so much so that it’s our pick for the number one spot. This distinction has been given for a number of reasons, least of which is its excellent durability and striking visuals. The Camo Coll has every accessory and appendage a frequent hiker could hope for, and then some. Plentiful storage options ensure you will never be short of places to stash keys, multi-tools, flashlights and other essentials. For the hiker who aims to prepare for every possible situation, the Camo Coll is a potentially fantastic option.

Where the Camo Coll truly distinguishes itself, however, is in its numerous aesthetic options. The jacket can be found in just about every common size, and even a number of plus size options are available. This flexible fit does not come at the expense of the jacket’s aesthetic appeal; the Camo Coll manages to pull of a simplistic, contemporary look that will impress even the most discerning prospective buyers.

While the jacket’s simplistic nature may be off-putting for those looking for a bolder fashion statement, the Camo Coll still manages to stand out among the pack in nearly every regard.


The Best General Hiking Jackets For 2021

Wantdo Women’s Hooded Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket

The Wantdo Women’s Jacket is an excellent choice for women looking to enjoy the outdoors in more extreme environments. The jacket is designed to be waterproof, making it a great fit for those looking to stay dry in harsh weather.

As with the other options, the jacket is no slouch in terms of extra features: pockets, imported materials, and quality fabrics are abundant in Wantdo’s offering. Wantdo’s take on hiking wear leans more on the plain side of the aesthetic spectrum but aims to make up for this shortcoming with admirably flexible sizing options. The jacket is available in every size from extra small to the upper echelons of large, making it an appealing option for those with non-standard body types. In short, Wantdo’s jacket impresses in many regards.

It doesn’t have much in the way of ‘wow factor’, but it doesn’t get much better than this in regards to reliability.



Marmot Minimlaist Men’s Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket

Marmot’s take on hiking wear is bold in a number of ways. The designers aimed to create a durable solution that sacrifices fashion in favor of function, and the result is an astoundingly quality product. Judging the product from its reviews, Marmot’s hiking jacket is notably well-liked by owners. Commonly cited benefits are the abundance of storage options and sleek form factor.

The jacket will have a snugger fit than most other options, making it distinct in terms of its fitting. This fact translates to the jacket being a great fit for those looking to engage in activities that require a greater range of motion, such as climbing and more intense hiking expeditions. This benefit does create some drawbacks, however. The Marmot Minimalist Men’s jacket is sorely lacking in terms of pocket space, meaning a backpack will be a must. While this may be a deal breaker for some, those looking for a truly fully-featured jacket will be overjoyed by the Marmot’s plethora of premium features. Waterproof, lightweight, and constructed with high-quality materials, the jacket impresses in just about every regard.



Men’s Hooded Waterproof Dimaond Candy Casual Jacket

For men looking to make a fashion statement with their hiking jacket, Diamond Candy delivers with its premiere 2018 model. This jacket has the distinction of including a waterproof hood, making it an especially appealing option for those looking set off into rainy areas. The jacket is also lined with softshell materials, meaning it offers a thin layer of protection against potential falls and scrapes. This extra layer of security makes this a fantastic choice for first-timers, or those looking to come back from their adventures unscathed.

The waterproof nature also makes the jacket a good fit for geologists and professionals who find themselves in outdoor settings on a frequent basis. The jacket’s biggest benefit comes from its myriad styling options. Diamond Candy provides potential owners with four styling options, each with a unique and eye-catching color. Unfortunately, the jacket has some downsides. Like some other options on this list, the jacket is sorely lacking in pocket space, meaning cumbersome external storage options will be a prerequisite on longer trips. Additionally, some owners have had major complaints with the jacket’s breathability, claiming it becomes noticeably hot after extended periods of use. That said, the Jacket still impresses overall.



Columbia Men’s Watertight II Jacket

For those looking to delve into some truly extreme weather conditions, Columbia delivers with the second iteration of their Watertight line.

As the name implies, the jacket has an extremely snug fit meant to keep you dry, regardless of heavy rains or potential slogs through murky waters. Because of the jacket was designed with a very specific group of buyers in mind, it is definitely not suited for everyone. Those who consider themselves casual outdoors enthusiasts, as well as those far away from areas with heavy rainfall, will likely find very little use in Columbia’s offering.

That said, Columbia takes advantage of this fact, delivering an impressive number of benefits for its targeted demographic: dedicated hiking enthusiasts who aren’t afraid to get a little wet. The jacket promises to keep warmth in and water, as well as potentially harmful debris, out. Columbia has also included a number of useful features that make maintaining the jacket a much less cumbersome process. The jacket can be machine washed, making upkeep a breeze.

Ultimately, this is an excellent choice for those looking for some truly intense adventures.



Crysully Men’s Military Tactical Combat Sport’s And Adventure Jacket

Our next pick is designed for those looking to head into areas with extreme snowfall. The CRYSULLY Men’s Military jacket is designed to keep you warm regardless of where your journeys may take you. Naturally, this fact means the jacket isn’t a good choice for those venturing into more mild climates. But for snowboarders, skiers, and everyone in between, the CRYSULLY may just be the best option yet.

The jacket features a unique aesthetic, which as its name implies, takes in inspiration from the designs of military uniforms. Depending on your personal tastes, this can either be an awesome bonus or a serious drawback. For those looking to personalize their hiking jacket, the CRYSULLY is available in four different color options. Be warned, however: All the options are a bit bland, ranging from beige to black, with the most adventurous option being a dull green.

Clearly, the jacket values form over function. If that appeals to you, this is a potentially perfect fit.



KISCHERS Windproof Raincoat

Another option for those looking for a waterproof hiking jacket, the Kischers Raincoat provides a unique take on the popular model. Where most waterproof jackets are designed for harsh environments and difficult journeys, Kischer has made a great alternative for more casual hiking enthusiasts. The jacket is made of quality materials, with high-quality metals and imported fabrics abound, but is lacking in any sort of debris-deflection or stain-preventing technologies. For those looking to travel calmer roads or take the scenic route, the Kischer may just be the best option thus far.

As you may have guessed, the casual nature of this offering means it’s a likely a write-off for those looking to venture into more extreme environments. That said, even that demographic may find something of value with the Kischer, as the designers have included a number of vibrant color and style options that assist in distinguishing the jacket from the competition.

In short, the Kischer Raincoat is highly recommended for casual hikers and amateur adventurers.



PHIBEE Women’s Windproof Outdoor Full-Zip Jacket

Another option for female adventurers, the PHIBEE Women’s Windproof Full-Zip Jacket is a great choice for those looking for some high-altitude expeditions. Designed to keep hikers safe at high altitudes, PHIBEE has taken great care to ensure the jacket has been constructed with admirably high-quality materials and a plethora of useful features. The jacket features an impressive number of storage options, and is noticeably lightweight, going off some reviews for the product.

The PHIBEE is not without drawbacks, however. Many customers have complained about the jacket having durability issues, citing it as being prone to rips and tears after only moderate use. While this is certainly troubling, it should be noted that this is an infrequent complaint. Otherwise, the PHIBEE impresses in almost every regard.



Marmot Men’s PreCip Jacket

Our final entry, Marmot makes the list again with a unique take on hiking jacket technology. The PRECIP is an excellent option for rookie adventurers, as the jacket markets itself as being flexible, with a design philosophy focused on durability. With the PRECIP, you can take some tumbles and miss a few jumps with having to worry about squandering your investment, which is a plus for even the most discerning hiking enthusiast.

Many owners of the jacket have cited its overall simplicity as a flaw, expressing that they feel the PRECIP is bland in its execution. That said, the jacket has received equal amounts of praise, often citing its excellent durability and myriad of storage options.

In short, the PRECIP is an excellent option for all manner of adventurers.