Ten Best Hernia Belt Reviews And Buyers Guide For 2022

If you have a hernia, you know how painful and frustrating it can be. You can get relief from the constant aching with the help of a hernia belt. These specially designed belts provide support where you need it, and they’re discreet enough to wear under your clothing. But, there are dozens of hernia belts available on the current market, and it can be difficult to find the best one to fit your unique situation and needs. Our comprehensive buying guide will give you the important aspects you want to look for in the best hernia belt when you’re shopping for a new one. We’ve also rounded up and reviewed the top ten best hernia belts, so you have a good starting point to help you select the best one for you.


Best Hernia Belt Buying Guide

Understanding How Hernia Belts Work

Simply put, a hernia belt is a band that goes around the area with a hernia and provides additional support to your weakened muscles. It helps to keep any and all protruding tissue in the proper place. They’re useful for people who already have hernias, but they’re also useful for people who are trying to prevent hernias from happening. You can buy a simple belt that goes around your abdomen, or you can buy a truss.


Different Types of Hernia Belts

Abdominal Belt

If you have an abdominal hernia, these belts are designed to sit around your abdomen and give additional support to your chest walls. It takes some of the stress and strain off of your muscles, and it’s usually made of a stretchy fabric.


Another popular type of hernia belt is called a truss. A truss comes with built-in plastic or metal plates. These types of belts are for people who have hernias and want to keep them in place. The more reinforced parts of the belt go over the hernia and hold it in place.


Additional Considerations


A lot of hernia belts are made out of a stretchy elastic fabric, and some are made out of a latex blend. Many people are allergic to latex, so it’s important to pay attention to the fabric that makes up your new belt. Ideally, cotton is a good choice because it stretches a little bit and it is a very breathable fabric.


Some hernia belts close with hooks and some use Velcro. They type of closure that is best for you depends on how long you plan to wear the belt. Velcro tends to shift around when you move, but it’s usually more comfortable than hooks. But, hooks tend to stay in place better, but they’re slightly less comfortable.



It’s important that your hernia belt is the correct size because this is how you’ll make sure you get enough support and that you’re comfortable enough while you wear it. Many hernia belts come with sizing charts before you buy them, so you do want to measure your waist and chest before you buy it. It’s better to run slightly larger than smaller.


10 Best Hernia Belt Reviews

Hernia Belt by Vive

This hernia belt provides excellent support for single or double hernias. It fits discretely under your clothing for a snug fit, and it features a fully adjustable belt with a secure fastener. You’ll also get two separate support pads that help to compress weakened muscles.

It comes with a fully adjustable waist strap and leg bands, and it’s held in place by the stretchy blend of fabric and the fasteners rather than uncomfortable buckles. This product s also backed by a 60-day guarantee, so you can return it if you’re not satisfied.

Comes with removable compression pads
Features stretchy waist and leg fabric for a snug fit

Runs slightly smaller and tight to size
Velcro straps may come apart with repeated movement



BraceAbility Women’s & Men’s Hernia Support Belt

This belt can help to alleviate any discomfort or pain that is associated with an abdominal hernia. You can use it pre or post surgery to help with your weakened muscles, and the soft stretchy fabric provides adequate support.

It comes with an additional silicone pad that you can remove or insert, and the belt has two removable spiral pieces to stop it from bunching up or folding over. You can wear it under or over your clothing, and the wide Velcro closure helps to make sure that this brace stays on securely.

Made with a breathable and stretchy fabric
Removable spiral stays stop it from bunching up

Silicone insert is visible under clothing
Velcro closure may not work well after a few months



OTC Hernia Belt

This hernia belt is made out of webbed elastic for a comfortable and lasting fit. The foam padding adds rigidity while the belt itself provides the support your weakened muscles need. It comes in six sizes ranging from small to extra-extra large, and it is lightweight enough to wear over or under your clothing.

The elastic material stretches, so you’re able to pick a size as close to your measurements as possible, and it’ll give slightly when you put it on. It closes with a six-inch strip of reinforced Velcro that holds tight as you move around. You can also put this belt on yourself, and remove it easily.

Comes with a flexible and quick-dry material
Very easy to adjust, put on, and remove

Will require your to reposition it if you’re active
Edging isn’t padded



Wonder CareĀ® Inguinal Hernia Support Belt

This hernia brace helps to support all sides of your hernia from your sides, front, and back. It latches together with Velcro straps on either side so it’s easy to put on, remove, and adjust as you need to. You also get two pads so you can apply more pressure to an area if you need it.

You can wear this brace over or under your clothing, and the edges are fabric lined for additional comfort. The fabric is stretchy and breathable so it won’t get hot as you go about your day. It works for single and double hernias.

Very breathable and flexible material
Has closures on both sides for a good fit

Support straps connect directly in the center
Padding is extremely firm and thick



UFEELGOOD Ergonomic Umbilical Navel Hernia Belt

This thicker hernia brace comes in five different sizes so you can get a snug fit. It has two splints in the front of the brace to provide additional support and rigidity to help reduce the abdominal wall load and ease any pain you may have.

You’ll get a breathable elastic fabric that allows for some stretching and airflow, so you’re comfortable while you wear this product. It comes with a soft terry cloth pad that you can remove from under the brace or add it back in for additional support. Choose from black or white coloring, and you can wear it above or under your clothing.

Very lightweight and breathable fabric
Slightly wider design offers more support

Front plate may be too firm and uncomfortable
Fastens together with hooks



ProCare Premium 9″, 3-Panel Elastic Abdominal Binder

You’ll get several elastic support panels with this hernial belt, and it’s easy to put on and remove due to the Velcro closure. The elastic is latex-free, and it stretches slightly to give you a comfortable but supportive fit.

It features a universal design that both men and women can wear, and you can pick from five different sizes. It also comes with fabric that allows for good airflow so it’ll stay cool while you wear it. You also get light back support as well as abdominal support when you wear it.

Very lightweight and breathable belt
Easy to put on and remove

May be too tall for shorter people
Edges do not have any additional padding



Wonder Care Inguinal Hernia Support Truss

This belt comes with removable cushions that quickly and easily apply pressure to the left, right, or front of the belt. You’ll also get Velcro closures on the side so it’s quick and easy to adjust it as you need to.

You’re able to wear this belt under or over your clothing, and it’s designed to be comfortable enough to wear all day. You’re able to use this for both a single or a double hernia, and the breathable fabric stretches to provide optimal support. You can wear this belt pre or post hernia surgery.

Comes with removable cushions
Velcro closures make it easy to adjust and fit

Sizing is off and they run bigger
Strap between the legs may be uncomfortable



Alpha Medical Abdominal Binder Support

This wider hernia belt provides a larger support area for your abdominal walls. You can choose from four to twelve inches high, and three different waist sizes to get a secure fit. It comes with a long Velcro closure that runs around the front of the belt so you can overlap it.

This product is made in the United States, and the fabric is breathable so you can wear it all day. It’s thin enough to wear under your clothing, and the fabric is soft enough so it won’t irritate your skin with prolonged wear. You can wash it in the washing machine and air dry to clean it.

Very easy to wash and care for
Choose from several different widths

Fabric is very stiff and doesn’t give
Closures may wear out quickly



Fla 67-350500 Hernia Support Belt

You’ll get a soft form belt with this product, and it has a padded interior for added comfort and support. You can wear this all day and the interior padding will wick moisture away. It provides very gradual and gentle pressure to decrease hernias.

It comes with a plush elastic waistband and soft straps so it won’t cut into your skin. You’ll get a loop closure that is easy to adjust and fit to your body. This belt works with single or double hernias, and it is compact enough to fit under your clothing.

Loops are easy to adjust and secure
Comes with a plush elastic waistband

Has a slightly bulkier design
Leg straps may be difficult to adjust properly



Rolyan Abdominal Binder

This binder comes with four built-in elastic panels that are held in with binding stitches for a comfortable and flexible product. It has a hook and loop closure, and this larger brace is perfect for post-surgery wear and use. This hernia belt also provides back support when you wear it.

It is a latex-free product, but the fabric is thin enough to be breathable. You can wear it under or over your clothing, and the soft inside layer is designed to be gentle enough for sensitive skin. It is very lightweight and made out of 100 percent cotton for added airflow capabilities.

Made with 100 percent cotton
Comes with four built-in elastic panels for support

May not be rigid enough to give adequate support
Slightly wider design may be uncomfortable for all day wear


Our comprehensive buying guide gave you several important considerations you want to keep in mind when you’re buying a new hernia belt. Additionally, our 10 hernia belt reviews allows you to quickly and easily compare the various products to find the belt that is best suited for your needs.