Best Golf Range Finders 2022 – Knowledge is power to the golfer with the gadgets

Make Your Golf Game Better with one of the Best Golf Range Finders

best golf range finder

A golf rangefinder is used to assist a golfer in defining the distance to various points on the golf course, such as hazards and the green. Regardless of the brand or style of the golf rangefinder, the devices are operated using GPS or laser technology. The best golf range finders can replace the old tedious task of pacing or using yardage charts, and best of all, it can provide measurements with accuracy.


The following are some of the best golf range finders on the market, so go ahead and check them out!


RAGU LR600 Laser Rangefinder

This is a waterproof golf rangefinder with built-in PinSeeker technology, which allows for easy detection of the flagstick. This comes in handy for long holes or flagsticks that are tucked away on a dog leg. With 20-Second Continuous Measurement capabilities, the RAGU LR 600 detects the distance of hazards, such as sand traps, trees, water or mounds. Multiple objects can be measured, as well as objects that are small and hard to see.

Before taking a swing, golfers can measure the distance of the fairway, up to 656 yards away, with a high-quality 6x monocular. The monocular allows the golfer to see clearly with an adjustable focus feature. Golfers are not the only persons that can enjoy the rangefinder; it can be used to track baseball pitching speeds, cars at the racetrack, or any place where distances need to be measured. The RAGU LR 600 comes with a strap for easy carrying, battery, a microfiber cloth for cleaning, and a bag. To stand behind the quality of the product, a 30-day money back guarantee and a one year manufacturer warranty are offered when purchased.



Simmons 801600 Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder

This rangefinder is very lightweight at 7.7 ounces and comes in its own carrying case for protective storage. The Simmons Volt 600 allows viewing up to 600 yards, and with its 4x magnification the golfer will have clarity on the lay of the course. Trees can be seen up to 400 yards away and fairways, hazards, and flagsticks up to 600 yards away. The measurement is a +/- accuracy within one yard. This rangefinder is easy to operate, with only a one button control. The in-view liquid crystal display makes the rangefinder easily readable. The Simmons Volt 600 device takes a 9-volt battery, which is not included with the purchase.



Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder

This rangefinder is ergonomically shaped making it easy to handle. The power and performance of this device make it one of the best, and is frequently used by golfers in tournament play. The Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt has a 24mm objective that works hand-in-hand with 5x magnification to make things well seen with a +/- one yard accuracy. A flagstick can be detected from as far away as 400 yards, and total range finding capabilities of up to 1,000 yards.

JOLT technology reinforces the accuracy of the PinSeeker by delivering bursts of vibration as the laser focuses in on the flag. This precise award winning technology is why this device is used by the pros. To add more value to this already treasured rangefinder, it is rainproof, and has a two year warranty. The Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt operates on a 3-volt battery, which is included, along with a premium carrying case.



Nikon Coolshot 40 Golf Laser Rangefinder

With its Hyper Read capabilities, the Nikon Coolshot 40 allows a golfer reliable measurement in about a half of a second, no matter what the distance is to the target. Range distance is measured in 1/2 yard increments, with a range distance up to 650 yards. The measurements are accurate within a 1/4 foot. The clarity of Nikon optics guide the six power monocular to deliver a sharp view of the path ahead, or anywhere, for that matter. Continuous measurement scanning, at eight second intervals, is available by simply pushing and releasing the power button. This feature allows a golfer to get various distances to multiple targets.

The Nikon Coolshot 40 also features First Target Priority mechanics, which gives the golfer a view of the flagstick in the background. The device is lightweight and easy to grip with a single hand. The complete package includes a CR2 lithium 3-volt battery, a strap to easily secure the device around the wrist, and a padded carrying case.



Bushnell Neo XS GPS Watch

For those golfers looking for course measurements at their fingertips, the Bushnell Neo XS watch will serve the purpose. The watch comes programmed with over 33,000 golf courses from around the world. With that said, once a golfer arrives at the course, there is no need to enter any type of information; the watch’s Auto Course Recognition system automatically pulls the course up on the screen. The distance to the front, back, and center of the green will be displayed, as well as a warning about hazards. The hazards are preloaded into the watch and can calculate distance for up to four hazards per hole.

The shot distance calculator assists the golfer in determining the next shot, while the odometer keeps track of the distance traveled on the course. The Bushnell Neo XS is a lightweight alternative to a handheld device. It has a scratch resistant lens and a silicone sports band that is designed for comfort. The rechargeable lithium ion battery has a long life; lasting over 16 hours, or in terms of rounds, is estimated to last for over three rounds of golf. The watch also features a stopwatch, timer, and alarm and is water resistant. There is a one year warranty and the watch comes with a power cord and adaptor, a USB sync cable, and a quick start guide.



TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

The continuous scan mode on this rangefinder will measure up to 540 yards. Pinsensor technology will measure distance within one yard accuracy. This technology is great for calculating the next move on the course when it comes to hazards, reaching the green, or when dealing with heavily wooded areas. The lens display on the TecTecTec VPRO 500 features the distance, battery meter, and is always in continuous measure mode. The readings are easy to read with a crystal clear view and multilayered optics.

The device is durable, yet lightweight and easy to grasp. The rangefinder is waterproof and comes with a one year warranty. A carrying case, lanyard, CR2 battery, microfiber cloth for cleaning, quick start guide, and strap are included with the TecTecTec VPRO500 package.



Lofthouse ProScope 400X Golf Laser Rangefinder

This compact, ergonomically shaped rangefinder gives a golfer the capability to measure distances up to 400 yards in the palm of his or her hand. Rain, shine, or fog, the ProScope 400X is consistent in maintaining its accuracy. PinSeeker technology will find and measure the distance to the pin from as far away as 250 yards and features a flag-lock display. With 6x magnification, it is clear to see and measure distances, all while continually being in scan mode. Its pinpoint accuracy measures within a one yard differential. The ProScope 400X is approved for tournament use. This device is sold with a protective carrying case and microfiber lens cloth, as well as the battery.



Leupold 119087 GX-3i2 Digital Golf Rangefinder

The GX-3i2 is outfitted with some of the most revolutionary technology, including DNA, an OLED display, PinHunter 2, and Prism Lock. The DNA technology allows golfers to achieve new levels of precision when measuring distance and at a much faster speed. The resolution is within 1/10th of a yard and is more precise against textures and background colors. The OLED display provides a more vivid reading with its high resolution capabilities.

The durable display screen provides a bright, clear screen that has a low glare and is scratch resistant. Golfers don’t need to fret about the fog; the GX-3i2 has the capability to cut through the fog to provide accurate measurements. PinHunter 2 laser technology offers flexibility with the choice of three different reticle options.

This technology also has the accuracy to zero in on targets by filtering out background images. The Prism Lock technology teams up with PinHunter 2 to give a precise lock on the target quickly. A light tone is heard when the target is detected and the measurement is displayed. A golfer doesn’t have to be locked into just one target; with the scan mode, several distances can be displayed by doing a quick sweep of an area. The device is easy to use and program with the assistance of the quick set menu. The GX-3i2 rangefinder is rugged and durable, yet lightweight and easy to hold in one hand. The CR2 battery is included with the device.



Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt Slope Rangefinder

The Pro X7 Slope is considered to be one of the most impressive of its kind, in the world. The device has the ability to compensate distances based on changes in elevation as the golf ball travels. The PinSeeker with JOLT technology delivers quick vibrations to ensure that the laser locks in on the flagstick. This gives confirmation of distance accuracy. The Pro X7 also uses E.S.P. 2 technology, which calculates yardage quickly and with precision. When measuring a distance between 5-125 yards, the E.S.P. 2 will display the measurement to 1/10th of a yard. The total range capability for the rangefinder is up to one mile, within 1/2 yard accuracy.

The display is viewed at 7x magnification, is in premium HD, and the viewer sees bright and clear images. Vivid Display Technology, also known as VDT, allows for the device to properly display the target no matter what the lighting conditions are. This rangefinder is used by a large number of professional golfers, including those on the PGA Tour. The total package includes the Pro X7 Slope rangefinder, a carrying case, and a 3-volt 123 battery. The device is under warranty for two years.



Callaway 300 Laser Rangefinder

For 6x magnification and measurement accuracy between 5-1000 yards, the Callaway 300 is the rangefinder up for the task. Distance measurements are accurate within one yard. When approaching the green, the Pin Acquisition Technology, also known as P.A.T., can measure and lock onto the flagstick from up to 300 yards away. This technology also ensures that the measurement is accurate despite background trees or other objects. This accuracy holds true for seeking out sand bunkers, water, or other hazards.

By scanning the fairway and surrounding area, a golfer can get measurements to multiple targets in one sweep. The Callaway 300 can be programmed to display distances in yards or meters. The device is sleek and lightweight in its design and easy to carry. It has been approved for tournament play and is trusty in all types of weather, including fog. The rangefinder comes with a CR2 3-volt lithium battery, carrying case, and a detailed manual.



Nikon 8397 ACULON Laser Rangefinder

This compact rangefinder might be small, but its capabilities should not be underestimated. The range of this device is up to 550 yards and the display can be read in yards or meters. The multilayer coatings provide light transmittal at a high level which gives a clear and natural view for the golfer. When needing a reading quickly, the single button operation is easy to use and will automatically shut down after eight seconds. The ACULON rangefinder automatically displays the distance of the target that is farthest away when a group of targets have been measured. This rangefinder is water resistant and has a high eyepoint design, providing a clearer and full view; this is an especially great feature for those wearing eyeglasses.

With the wide variety of golf rangefinders available and their various features, it is best to figure out what the needs are and to do detailed research on several products before making a purchase. Regardless of the choice, a golf rangefinder is sure to be an asset to any golfer’s game. Not having to guess or pace the distance, but rather be accurate within a yard or 1/2 yard is an advantage to any golfer taking on a course.