Best Gifts And Toys For 4 Year Old Girls – 2022 Edition

As a parent choosing an appropriate gift for a four year old girl can be a paralyzingly intimidating task. Choosing a gift that will not only entertain them and enthuse them but also take advantage of one of the most developmental periods of their lives is quite a task. There are three things to keep in mind when selecting the best gifts and toys for 4 year old girls, aside from their personal likes and dislikes. The toy should be able to exercise the young ones creativity, allow them to explore the world around them, or trigger them to test their problem solving abilities.


Best Gifts And Toys For 4 Year Old Girls – Buyers Guide


Many toys aim to push a child’s creativity to its max and for children who like drawing, singing, or otherwise triyng to express themselves in new ways there are some great options on our list such as the aqua mat or stencil kit that allow for fun and creative drawing anywhere.

Exploration and Discovery

At the age of four is when your little girl will be trying to take in as much information about the world around her as possible. She’ll most likely become more willing to travel further from home and will probably be trying to explore the yard and even the entire block. For the curious child the Be Amazing My First Science Kit is a great pick as it includes over 75 safe experiements plus a magnifying glass to give them a new perspective on their world.

Logic, Spacial Reasoning, and Problem Solving

Finally, some kids will prefer toys that exercise their problem solving skills such as puzzles. For these children a game like Camelot Jr. is a great pick, which includes a number of increasingly difficult puzzles to challenge your little one. Alternatively something like the Magbuilder magnetic building blocks, which allows them to test their spatial reasoning and build impressive structures, is a great pick as well.


Best Gifts And Toys For 4 Year Old Girls – Reviews

Camelot Jr.

Camelot Jr. is a puzzle game that makes use of wooden blocks to create the setting for the puzzle. The blocks are arranged in a predetermined fashion and your child’s task is to find a way to unite the prince with the princess using the blocks at their disposal. To do so will require creativity and logical spacial reasoning and is a great game for children to play on their own. The game comes with 48 challenges which range in difficulty with starter levels, junior, expert, and master. Some of the puzzles may be slightly on the hard side of things for 4-year olds but with parental help, it’s certainly possible.

The 48 included puzzles are in the booklet that is in the box which shows you or your child how the blocks need to be arranged at the start, where the prince and princess go, and what blocks they can use to unite the two and solve the puzzle. The bridge building game is a great way to help kids develop spatial reasoning and logic skills in conjunction with creative problem-solving.



Be Amazing My First Super Science Kit

At the age of four children’s minds are soaking in an incredible amount of information about the world around them and their understanding of the world grows by the day. Their curiosity is reaching a fever pitch and the My First Super Science Kit from Be Amazing is a great way to facilitate their exploration of the world around them and can introduce your little one to the world of science in an engaging and fun way. The kit includes all of the ingredients and equipment needed to perform over 75 experiments that are outlined in the included book.

This kit includes a number of beakers, three smaller ones, and two larger ones, as well as a variety of safe ingredients that can be used for experiments such as making crystals and making them disappear. The kit also comes with a magnifying glass which will give your little one a new view of the world as they inspect everything around them from paper and fabric to plants and bugs from a new perspective.



Aqua Magic Mat

The Aqua Magic Mat is a large 34.5-inch by 22.5-inch coloring mat with some interesting properties. It features a six color design and includes 2 magic pens as well as a brush for your child to play with on the mat. What makes this mat interesting is that the markers don’t use ink or paints, but rather simply need to be filled with water each time they are used. The water activates that mat in the spot where it is wetted which shows the color underneath the white layer. The means the board is reusable as it merely needs to be completely wetted then allowed to dry before it is all white again and ready to go.

The resilient mat is perfect for drawing on the floor, on a desk, or even outdoors. The mat is waterproof so there’s no need to worry about water leaking through while your kids play, and the markers can’t leave marks on walls or any other surfaces since there is no ink or paint involved, only water.



Princess Dress Up Play Shoes and Jewelry Boutique

Around the age of four is when most girls will start becoming interested in dressing up and playing pretend. Children become capable of imagining themselves in certain roles such as a police officer, pilot, or princess, and playing dress up become a fun part of that. For young girls who have taken a shining to wearing mother’s shoes or an interest in jewelry, MegaToy offers this set which includes play shoes as well as a jewelry boutique.

The set features four pairs of shoes that include pink, purple, light blue, and gold along with an assortment of play jewelry which includes 3 bangles, 3 rings, 2 pairs of earrings, and a small but durable storage box to store them all neatly in one place. This set boasts enough toys for your child and her friends to play together and can keep her out of mommy’s expensive and delicate jewelry while still letting her exercise her imagination and experience the feeling of being a real princess.



Magbuilder 66 piece Building Blocks Toy

The age of four is when children become more and more capable of constructing interesting structures using blocks and other building toys. However, children at the age of four will be lacking the ability to make more complex structures, as well as the dexterity to work with smaller pieces and in some cases the strength to snap pieces firmly together, so LEGO-type building sets are out of the question. More typical wooden blocks are too plain for a four-year-old though. This is where magbuilder steps in as a perfect in between for kids who enjoy construction set the toys but are too advanced in their building skills to be satisfied with typical blocks.

The Magbuilder set comes with 66 magnetic pieces that connect together without having to be snapped into place. Rather, powerful magnets attach the pieces to each other allowing for the creation of 2D and 3D structures. The set comes with 22 squares, 12 triangles, 2 hexagons, 2 rectangles, 2 pairs of wheels for building things like cars and planes, and 26 letter cards for learning words and spelling while building.



Fox Print Princess Castle

Your child’s imagination is limitless, and giving them a fun setting to let their creativity unfold in is a great way to enable them to explore their imagination even more. This princess castle from Fox Print lets them get immersed in their creative worlds in a whole new way. The tent is constructed of a lightweight pink fabric and features hearts and glow in the dark stars pattern across the outside of the walls. The roof of the princess playset tent comes up to a tall point with a flag on top to give the look and feel of a royal kingdom. The wide opening can be covered with the fold-down door and the two windows allow for good ventilation and encourages role playing and imaginative play.

The tent is 41.5 inches in diameter when assembled and 54-inches tall but can be quickly and easily folded down into a nearly flat carrying case that measures a mere 17 inches across. The spacious inside of the tent allows room for your child and one or two of her friends.



VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

Many kids at the age of four begin to become enamored by technology. Pieces of play toy tech such as phones and watches start to become very enticing play options for them and for some kids just about anything with buttons that produces noises that emulate the real thing can provide tons of entertainment. To satiate this desire for technology VTech produced the Kidizoom smartwatch DX. While this is by no means a full-featured smartwatch it does come with an impressive variety of features and real tech that your little one will love if they’ve taken an interest in hardware.

The watch uses a rechargeable battery and has a splash proof and durable touch screen that can stand up to some pretty intense play. This watch comes with 3 activities and 3 action challenges that make use of the motion sensors in the watch as well as 5 games. The watch even has its own internal memory and a camera so your little one can take pictures and videos of themselves at play.



Creative Elf Drawing Stencils Set

Many kids of all ages love making artwork, but sometimes making more complex objects is too difficult for their developing art skills and while the concepts may be there their ability to execute them is limited. This is what makes stencils so great for young artists, they can use premade shapes to convey the objects they want in any color or combination they wish. The Creative Elf stencil set comes with a ton of supplies for your little one to use while making their art that will encourage creativity and self-expression.

The kit includes 10 colored pencils, 3 colored pens, 16 stencils that each features a variety of designs, as well as 20 pieces of paper to get them started and a carrying case. Each stencil features a theme which includes things such as an alphabet stencil that has all 26 letter in capital and lower-case as well as punctuation, a princess-themed stencil with designs like crowns and dresses, flowers and butterfly stencils, tons of animal stencils, and even ships and space, meaning your child will probably be hard-pressed to come up with something they want to draw that isn’t on one of these stencils.



Tosing Wireless Karaoke Microphone

It’s very important at this age for young children to express themselves in a way that is not only appropriate (ie not hitting and throwing a fit to express that they’re upset) but also enjoyable. For many 4-year-old girls the joy of song is a great way that they love to express their happiness and love for the world around them. If you often find your kid singing out at home, or if they have a more serious interest in singing already, then this wireless karaoke microphone from Tosing makes a great gift.

This Bluetooth compatible microphone can play music off of any phone, laptop, or device with Bluetooth allowing your little one to sing to their heart’s content along with their favorite songs and can even record to your device for listening later. The battery is rechargeable and lasts for three to four hours of use before needing to be recharged.



Melissa And Doug Hi-Rise Wooden Dollhouse

Dollhouses have been a classic way for young girls to play for generations, and the use of creativity involved in playing with a dollhouse, as well as the highly social aspects of it, make it just as parent approved today as it was when you were young. The Melissa and Doug dollhouse features an open wooden frame design that allows your child to easily play with the people and furniture inside while the colors keep them engaged and give the wooden frame a modern feel.

The set includes 6 rooms of the house, plus a garage with an opening and closing garage door, and a real working elevator to bring the people from the garage to the rooms on the upper floors. The dollhouse also boasts 3 small play people and 15 pieces of furniture for your little one to arrange and play with.