Best Gifts And Toys For 4 Year Old Boys – 2022 Edition

During the preschool years, children are incredibly busy. They are running, singing, climbing, always active and on the go. It’s a time for exploring and discovery, constant questions of “Why?” and “How?”, with curiosity is at its peak. Preschoolers are adding words to their vocabulary, learning their numbers, colors, and shapes. These are all fundamentals leading to kindergarten and beyond. The best gifts and toys for 4 year old boys can play a key part in this development.

Milestones are constantly being achieved, with many more to come. Exploring different approaches to help your child reach these goals is a great investment of your time, since it will benefit your child now and in the long run.

Toys play a key role in a preschooler’s learning and development. Toys teach them important skills, decision making and more, all while having fun. So which toys are geared specifically toward a 4 year old boy? The following are top gifts and toys for 4 year old boys, for hours of fun and educational learning combined.


Best Gifts And Toys For 4 Year Old Boys – Reviewed

PowerClix Frame Magnetic Building Blocks Set

The PowerClix Frame Magnetic Building Blocks system will bring your little one hours of creative fun, while helping him develop his imagination and building skills. This 26 piece kit comes with the strong magnetic capability to create and build shapes, bridges, buildings and more.

Unique geometric shapes and extender rods are designed to create open-ended construction, while encouraging your child’s spatial reasoning ability and fine motor skills. The PowerClix 3D Magnetic kit contains 26 pieces and is also geared toward teaching young minds the basic principles of science and engineering.

This set is perfect for young beginners, and offers the capability to add more pieces from other kits later for advanced building fun.



Hot Dots Jr. Beginning Phonics Card Set

It’s never too early to introduce your child to reading. Phonics is one of the fundamentals of reading, and this fun, interactive card set will promote just that. Your preschooler will learn to recognize letters and the sounds associated with them. You can use the flashcards by themselves, or use any Hot Dots pen (available to purchase separately).

This phonics set encourages early learning skills that are crucial to being ready for school. Your child’s independent learning will be strengthened as he practices with this educational card set.



Dinosaur Puzzle and Coin Bank

Puzzles come with a wide range of benefits, especially for toddlers and preschoolers. Whether it’s an alphabet puzzle, or one that focuses on shapes and colors, your child will develop thinking and strategy skills while receiving the sense of accomplishment.

This colorful, 64 piece dinosaur puzzle/coin bank combination is the perfect learning tool to achieve these goals. The dinosaur puzzle will also encourage your child’s fine motor skills, while introducing them to money saving and early math concepts.



DC Comics Justice League Bendable Action Figures

Children are constantly learning through play. Some of that play takes place through the involvement of action figures. Believe it or not, engagement with these types of toys can benefit your child’s development.

While there is a multitude of action figure choices, the most popular are the iconic super-hero play figures.
This action figure set includes 5 favorite super-heroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Flash. Made with non-toxic, bendable material, this package provides hours of fun and learning. Action figure play promotes an active imagination as well as teaching your child creativity and role playing.



100-Piece Triple Loop Wooden Train Set by Orbrium

Toy train sets have been around for decades and they definitely have not decreased in popularity. Not only are train sets fun, but they teach your child several critical skills related to growth and development.

Every aspect of life involves problem solving. Whether it’s a simple task as a child or more complex problems as an adult, learning the ability to solve these problems is crucial. This toy train set helps to strengthen these skills. With 100 beautiful, wooden pieces to build with, your child will learn to put together the tracks so the train can continue moving without obstacles.

Your child will also learn organizational skills as he expands and creates his own railway system.



Candyland Board Game

This classic, picture-driven board game is perfect for a child’s learning development. Games don’t always need to be academic to be educational. Just performing the act of playing will encourage social skills, communication, sharing, and learning to take turns.

Board games also teach focusing abilities and can aid in lengthening your child’s attention span. Your child’s self-esteem is fragile and important at this age, so what better way to give him a boost when he wins! (And it’s perfectly ok to “help” him win.) This game is for up to 4 players, so the entire family will benefit by spending quality time together.



Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Dilly Dally Turtle Kickball

Ball skills are an important part of progressive development in toddlers and young children. Balls are also easy to find and very affordable. They can be introduced to your child early on to strengthen motor skills as they grow.

Since there is such a wide variety of choices for balls, choosing one that is age-appropriate is important. Choose one that is proper in size and firmness for your child. For the preschooler, this Dilly Dally Turtle classic rubber kickball is perfect for yard games, kicking, catching and throwing.

Balls teach an early lesson of cause and effect, control of movements, and builds a social bond between playmates.



ByK E-350 Kid’s Bike, 18 inch Wheels

Not only is bike riding fun for the entire family, but it also has many benefits to a child’s physical and developmental health. Your child doesn’t have to like playing sports to enjoy this physical activity. Kids love to be outside, so they won’t even realize that what they are doing is more than just a great way to spend a sunny day.

This beginner’s bike, made by ByK, comes in 4 different colors to choose from. The training wheels help to steady your child as he learns coordination and balance, then easily detach when necessary.

Bicycling improves cardiovascular health, relieves stress (often from school or preschool), and builds social skills.



R/C Claw Climbers Vehicle

A remote control vehicle is on every boy’s “must have” list. This Claw Climber truck comes equipped with powerful suspension and high torque motors so your child will race over hills and fly through dirt with ease.

This toy provides hours of fun while encouraging hand and eye coordination, imaginative play, and exploration. This toy vehicle is perfect for outdoor fun, but can be used inside as well. Remote control toys also teach children about technology and how it’s applied.



Melissa & Doug Created by Me! Rescue Vehicles Craft Kit

Arts and crafts are a fun way to pass the time while using creativity. Whether in a group setting or crafting individually, kids of all ages love cutting, pasting, and creating something unique. Preschoolers have no idea that getting a little messy has several developmental benefits, so encourage him to engage in arts and crafts whenever possible.

There are numerous craft kits varying from jewelry making, to coloring by number, to painting. There’s no better craft for a young child than this wooden rescue vehicles kit that combines several crafts into one. This kit by Melissa & Doug allows your child to decorate and assemble his own vehicle. He can choose to make a police car, helicopter or fire truck, since all 3 are included. This craft kit doubles as wooden toys, so he’ll be able to have hours of continued fun once he puts them together.

Because this craft requires the use of both hands, it will teach your child bilateral coordination, along with fine motor coordination. Arts and crafts often require waiting. The paint needs to dry, the glue needs to set. The waiting will teach your child self-regulation and patience.

Completing any craft successfully will also give your child a sense of pride and accomplishment; another self-esteem booster!


A Few More For Good Measure

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Alpha Slide Writer

This educational toy bring hands-on fun for your preschooler. He can practice writing and spelling on the low mess, magnetic screen. The Fisher-Price Think & Learn Alpha Slide Writer also comes equipped with a specially designed stylus for teaching proper writing instrument grasp and use.

This device further helps your child become familiar with letters, allowing for word creation. The stylus adapts to your child’s growth and easily stores behind the Slide Writer. Blank letter tiles and stickers included to make your own special words!



Funmily Foldable Adjustable Kick Scooter

What a fun way to shape a child’s character while improving physical health! This scooter made by Funmily is the perfect choice for your preschooler. Adjustable, soft grip handle bars accommodate your child as he grows. Aluminum Alloy frame and reinforced durable deck provides safety and stability while riding.

Riding a scooter can also increase your child’s circulation, heart function, and enhance the function of each organ. It also teaches them coordinated body movement, which works in conjunction with the nervous system.

The physical activity of riding a scooter stimulates impulses to the brain, causing the brain to be more sensitive to response. Who would have thought something so fun could increase brain power?

Your child’s immune system will also benefit from this toy. Since most scooter riding is done outside, he is receiving the advantage of getting fresh air. Fresh oxygen in the air can promote metabolism, which in turn has the effect of sterilization.



Mudpuppy Solar System Puzzle

Almost everything we do on a daily basis is associated with science. The weather, technology, and just the understanding of force and gravity. With science comes the need to learn about the universe and the planets that live in it.

Introduce your child to science and the solar system with this colorful 70 piece puzzle. Contains fun looking puzzle pieces in the shape of each planet for easy recognition. With each planet being made of different compounds, shapes and unique attributes (such as the rings of Saturn), it’s the perfect opportunity for your preschooler to gain appreciation of each planet and its purpose.



Final Thought

Play time gives your child lots of different ways to learn. It builds confidence, and expands their language and communication skills. Sometimes, your child may like to play by himself rather than with others. Whether structured or unstructured play is desired, there are gifts and toys for 4 year old boys to accommodate either situation, and both types of play are healthy.

Choosing the appropriate toy for your child’s age and size may seem like an overwhelming task. The above suggestions may help alleviate the guess work and assist with the most suitable choice for gift ideas and favorite toys for your preschooler.