Best Gifts And Toys For 2 Year Old Boys – 2022 Edition

Have you ever got invited to a birthday for a boy turning two, and thought to yourself, “What in the world will I buy him for his gift?” Well, search no more! Look no further than these ten best gifts and toys for 2 year old boys. These toys and gifts are by far some of the best for two year old boys and will support great development in their mental and physical skills. These toys will also be able to teach your child all the different educational foundations that he will need to have developed before he begins Kindergarten. These ten toys will also provide little boys with endless amounts of entertainment and endless ways to help them learn about the world around them!

At this age, boys will begin really fine-tuning their fine motor skills. They will love to use their little hands and fingers to explore the world around them and get their creative juices flowing. Here are some of the best toys for promoting fine-motor development:


Best Gifts And Toys For 2 Year Old Boys Reviews

Lego Duplo Town Truck & Tracked Excavator

These blocks are a bit bigger than the size of regular Legos, which are typically meant for older children. They are just the right size for little fingers and perfect for developing fine motor skills. The colors of these blocks are usually very bold and bright, which will be attractive to little boys. He will really love the accessories that come with this set, which include a shove and a roadwork sign. This set also have a truck with real tipping action and a tracked excavator with moving tracks.

It also comes with rotating cabin and big shovel. The two included Lego Figures will encourage role-play. Children could pretend the figures are working with each other on a worksite, talking to each other, or giving directions on where to put their construction loads. Sharing skills will also be developed by using this toy with multiple kids. Boys will develop planning skills as they plan out how they want their Legos set up and what kind of scene they want to build. They will also develop problem solving skills by playing with these Legos due to the brick pieces not being universal pieces. He will have to figure out which piece fits best on his wall, etc.



Melissa & Doug Farm Animal Sound Puzzle

Melissa and Doug sound puzzles have little embedded magnets that when touched my the magnet on the back of the puzzle piece itself, creates the noise associated with the puzzle piece, which encourages listening skills. There is also a picture of the puzzle piece under the spot where the piece fits, which encourages boys to develop matching skills. There are pegs in the middle of each puzzle piece, perfect for little fingers to grab, encouraging fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Puzzles are perfect for encouraging independent play and learning core concepts. Boys will be able to identify the different animals and their sounds after playing with this puzzle.



VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

This drum set includes two drumsticks for your little guy to use to drum up some awesome beats and feel like he’s a real drummer, which encourages role-play. The drum has 3 drum pads and a cymbal that each make a different noise when he strikes them. This helps develop listening skills and helps with sensory development. The drum set has LED light and plays nine different melodies, which exposes your child to different types of music. There are also four different learning modes so your child can learn the Alphabet, numbers, follow along, and free play. In free play, your little guy will be able to use his creative skills to make his own beats and rhythms. He will also be developing fine motor skills and gross motor skills as his grips the drumstick and as his lifts his arms to drum his very own tune!

Another important skill to be developed in little boys, especially the ages from two to four, are large motor skills. These skills include running, jumping, skipping, etc. Large motor skills are extremely important in practicing for playing sports when the little boys are much older. When little boys use their gross motor skills, it helps them get out some energy and helps them to sleep better at night. Some toys that promote good large development skills are:



Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Padded Bat and Soft Ball Set

Most little boys love being outside and playing with a ball. This ball and bat set is really great for younger boys because the bat is padded, which will help keep him safe if he accidently hits himself with it. The ball is a soft ball, which also promotes safety in case he accidently throws it and hits something. The length of the bat is 24.5 inches long, which is perfect for a two-year-old. This ball and bat set will encourage your little guy to build on his gross motor skills and promotes him to build hand-eye coordination. This toy can be used by multiple children if there were a group of children playing baseball or t-ball together. This toy could be used in promoting social development and building good sportsmanship skills.



VTech 2 In 1 Learn and Zoom Motor Bike

This ride-on motor bike is perfect for promoting gross motor skills. Little guys will enjoy pushing themselves around and pretending they are riding a motorcycle. There are over 70 different songs, phrases, and noises, encouraging listening skills. The motor bike is perfect for children of all riding skill levels. It transforms to a toddler tricycle with ease for unsteady toddlers who are beginning to develop balancing skills. It also turns into a two-wheel ride on bike for more balanced riders. There are plenty of buttons to push on the activity panel, which features lights, rollers and gears that introduce objects, colors, shapes and road safety.

Two-year-old boys also need experience with toys that provide role playing activities. These toys would put the boys in somewhat real-life situations, and they could “act out” the scenario in their mind and find different solutions to any problems that arise. This type of play is especially important to master at this age, as the practice of role playing could help the little boy in stressful situations as he grows. Some examples of these types of toys include:



Little Tikes Tough Workshop

Little boys will be ready to get to work with this toy. This workshop comes with 11 different accessories, perfect for encouraging children to play together and sharing. The accessories are made of plastic. The workshop comes with a pretend hammer that your little guy can pound on plastic nails, which promotes hand-eye coordination. The saw that is included “cuts” the wood as he is working on his “building” project. Pushing the saw back and forth will also promote gross motor skill development. As he plays, your little guy will be strengthening his role-playing skills and boosting his creativity.



Step2 Best Chef’s Toy Kitchen Playset

Two-year-old boys will love kitchen sets because usually the boy is around the same size as the kitchen set. Playing with the set of 25 accessories, including kitchen utensils, such as spoons, forks, and knives, would also promote fine motor skills and appropriate usage for the utensil itself. The accessory set also comes with plates, cups, a coffee pot, a pot and a pan with a lid, ketchup and mustard, salt and pepper shakers, and a recycling bin, which promotes environmental awareness. This gives the two-year-old boy another real-life scenario, in practicing cooking and making himself food.

Your little chef will cook up lots of meals on the pretend stove burner, which lights up and makes sounds. There are clicking knobs on the stove for role-play and plenty of kitchen storage space. The doors on the oven and refrigerator open as well, creating even more space for the children to store their “groceries.” The kitchen itself is big enough for multiple children to play together to encourage social and emotional development.



Ecparty Superhero Cape and Mask Matching Slap Bracelet for Kids Costume and Dress-Up

There is no better way to encourage role-play than costumes! These costumes are really well made, with Velcro tabs to secure the cape around your son’s neck. This set includes Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Captain America, and the Flash. That’s enough capes to wear a different cape everyday, or to share the capes with his friends, which encourages sharing skills. This also promotes creative development, and planning skills, as he and his friends create their plan to stop the bad guys and save the day!

Lastly, there are toys available that focus on core educational aspects, such as learning colors, the Alphabet, and numbers. These toys also tend to make a lot of sounds and are usually colored brightly to keep young boys interested in the content being learned. Some of these toys also encourage a lot of movement, which also keeps little boys engaged in the content being absorbed.



VTech Tote and Go Laptop

This learning laptop is designed to encourage children to learn their letters and numbers by using technology. The interactive games and songs will keep children entertained and engaged in learning. This laptop includes more than 60 different learning activities to teach letters and words, shapes, logical questions, animals, and other topics. The laptop software offers progressive educational levels, meaning the content will grow with child is learning in school. There are over 30 different songs from different genres on the laptop, which encourages diversity and music skills.

Using the laptop will also promote early computer skills like typing and using the mouse correctly, which is critical in a world where technology is everything. Lastly, your child can customize his experience using the laptop by creating his on avatar, typing in his name, his favorite food, and his age.



Fisher Price Think & Learn Teach n’ Tag Movi

Meet Movi, an awesome little robot that is designed to get kids up and moving all while learning important concepts necessary for Kindergarten! Movi has over 60 different facial expressions, which teaches emotional skills to young children. He has 360 degree movement, making it even more exciting to see him moving and spinning around. When it is playtime, Movi has three different games modes and six different games that children can play. In Alpha Fun Actions, children learn the Alphabet while also learning about different types of animals.

When playing Movi Says, they learning listening skills and how to follow directions. In Learn and Play Games mode, children can play “Red Light Green Light” and follow Movi around the room. His face lights up either green or red. There is also a game called Movement and Motions, where Movi gets the dance party started and encourages kids to move their bodies, encourage gross motor skills. Little boys would love this toy because it involves movement tremendously which would help boys who were very energetic.


These toys barely scratch the surface of the different types of gifts and toys for 2 year old boys. But these are some of the best to promote the different types of developments that your two-year-old will undergo in this year of his life. These toys will vary among your child’s maturity level and development level. He may be ready for a toy better suited for a three-year-old. It’s important to know your child’s specific personality before purchasing these toys. However, if these examples sound like toys your little boy would enjoy, go check them out! He will love playing and learning with these specific toys.