Ten Best Gifts For Grandparents In 2022

In 1900, Grandpa was 50 and lounging in a rocker. By 2005, 80-year-old Nana may need new Yoga pants to replace the ones she wore out this year at the gym. What does that mean for the children and grandchildren of today’s senior? Don’t shop for slippers and hot water bottles! You need the best gifts for Grandparents that fit with the active lifestyles today’s grandparents (and often great-grandparents) lead.

Even distance doesn’t damper familial relationships. A birthday celebration for grandpa may have to wait until he’s back from his tour of golf courses, so keep mobility in mind when you try to figure out what to get your grandparents for special occasions. And don’t pay them any mind when they tell you “I don’t want anything.” That’s grandparent-speak for “No matter what you send me, I’m going to love it almost as much as I love you!”


10 Best Gifts For Grandparents – Reviewed

365Printing Grandpa Man Myth Legend T-shirt (Just for Grandfather)

He’s a legend in your mind (and perhaps the minds of his golf buddies, too), so can a granddad have too many t-shirts in his drawer to call attention to his lofty status? Whether your grandfather’s favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon is bowling or barbecuing, this comfy, lightweight shirt, fabricated of 100-percent ring-spun cotton, will be appreciated, but it’s the message on the front that will make you his favorite grandchild.

Why we love it

-Made in the U.S.A.
-An ideal choice for summer events like Father’s Day and birthdays.
-The ¾-raglan style sleeve is preferred by senior athletes.
-Affordable enough for allowance-spending kids.
-Black color won’t show melted ice cream drips!

Things to consider

-Order a larger size to compensate for shrinkage.
-Exterior design could fade if shirt isn’t washed in cold water.
-This shirt’s popularity has triggered counterfeits; confirm the manufacturer.
-The cotton textile is extremely thin.
-Message could disappear if shirt isn’t washed inside-out.



Demdaco Willow Tree Grandmother (Just for Grandmother)

This tender sculpture pays tribute to grandmothers of all ages, and it’s sentimental enough to prompt tears, even from grandmas who are steely. Whether you need the perfect gift for Grandparent’s Day on September 9th or a tribute for a woman who just became a grandmother for the first time, this sculpture is a beloved reminder of the importance of having grandparents in one’s life from birth.

Why we love it

-Comes with a card that reads, “A unique love that transcends the years.”
-Designed by artist Susan Lordi in her Missouri studio.
-The baby figure is gender-neutral; appropriate for a baby boy or girl.
-Display this 6-inch-tall sculpture on mantles, tables, dressers and desks.
-Can be personalized to make it more meaningful!

Things to consider

-Sculpture’s design may not appeal to every grandma.
-Hand-painted; you can’t clean it with water or solvents.
-Could chip easily if sculpture is bumped or dropped.
-Broken sculptures have had to be returned.
-There is no under-stamp; a sticker substitutes.



The Grandparent Gift Company: First Grandchild Poetry Frame

When a product gets rave reviews, you know it’s appreciated. When it sells out so fast, one has to wait until inventory is replenished, that spells “winner.” This first grandchild poetry frame is the quintessential gift for first-timers. It holds a photo of baby on the right side and an emotional poem on the left—-the sort of poem guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye of even the grumpiest grandpa.

Why we love it

-Fits perfectly into any home décor style.
-Photo can be changed as baby gets older; poem can be replaced, too.
-Affordably priced and easy to wrap for gift-giving.
-Frames accommodate standard 4- x 6-inch horizontal photo(s).
-Lightweight if you must ship the frame long distances.

Things to consider

-Frame may arrive with broken glass if shipper isn’t careful.
-You may find this frame to be cheap and flimsy.
-Only holds small photos; you may prefer a larger frame.
-Bow trim may have to be removed if it blocks the poem.
-Audience is limited to first-time grands only.



Chronicle Books’ Letters to My Grandchild by author Lea Redmond

What constitutes an heirloom? Is it age? Value? Sentimentality? Add uniqueness to this list of descriptors and you arrive at Letters to My Grandchild, a gift idea that’s so original, you may wish you had thought of it. Here’s the idea: As soon as a new baby is born, grandparents receive this relatively inexpensive set and over time, they record thoughts, hopes and wishes in letter form that will live beyond time. Oprah loves it. You will too!

Why we love it

-Fill 64 pages with wisdom, advice and personal tales.
-Postdate and seal these to be delivered any time in the future.
-One-of-a-kind gift won’t be duplicated.
-Amazing value, this unique gift never met a budget it didn’t love.
-Morphs from quick notes to legacy to family history.

Things to consider

-If you write a lot, you’ll fill these pages fast.
-Pages can tear when removed from the binding.
-Grands who don’t like to write may not use this gift.
-Not every grandparent feels comfortable about sharing feelings.
-Envelope prompts may not be useful or welcome.



Fresh Retro Gallery Family Tree Chart

Turn on TV and ads offering DNA analyses are everywhere. Genealogy is trendy, but grandparents needn’t go to the expense or inconvenience of using these services if they’ve got a handle on their family history. They can send that data to Fresh Retro Gallery, and voila! A giant wall poster for baby–featuring pertinent family members going back six generations–introduces baby to his ancestors as soon as it’s hung on the nursery wall.

Why we love it

-Give the gift that won’t be duplicated: a one-of-a-king family history.
-Affordably priced, grandparents get two for the price of one!
-Illustrations are winsome and appropriate for nursery walls.
-Fits into standard 19- x 13-inch frames.
-Tracks family history up to six generations; add patches for a 7th!

Things to consider

-FreshRetroGallery does the layout and formatting, but you supply the research.
-Vellum paper can tear; ink can bleed.
-Tree may not offer enough room to add long names and details.
-Must be handled with kid gloves to prevent wrinkles and soil.
-If your family arrived on the Mayflower, this chart won’t go back far enough.



Tumbleweed Grandma and Grandpa Mug; Set of 2

How do you define your role as grandparent? Gatekeeper? Peacemaker? Memory-keeper? How about a definition that comes from the pages of a dictionary that is embellished upon a mug set that makes a super gift idea? Coffee always tastes better in Grandma and Grandma mugs, and since you’re not getting up with baby all night long, drink as much as you like out of mugs that come in 17 different styles!

Why we love it

-You can never have too many mugs!
-Microwave friendly, you can re-heat beverages as often as you like.
-Holds 18-ounces of morning joe, tea, cocoa or even soup.
-High-quality ceramic is lead free for safety.
-Too many mugs in the kitchen? Use the mug to stow pens on your desk.

Things to consider

-See if you can spot the punctuation error on the Grandma mug.
-Mugs are shorter and “fatter” than photo depictions.
-Grandparents may not find these mugs sentimental enough.
-Gift givers could balk at the price tag.
-There are 17 design choices; picking one could be tough.



Canary Road 2-State, Personalized, Paper Art Print

You Skype with your kids and exchange digital photo files. Then, baby is born, and grandparents want ways to bridge that distance. Give the gift that lovingly links both states to symbolize ties that know no geographic boundaries. You provide the states and the names. Canary Road personalizes the art. As the gift buyer, you get all the credit.

Why we love it

-Printed on 8- x 10-inch premium paper and lettered with archival inks.
-Shipped rolled in a tube for safety; ready for framing.
-Clever idea that’s unique and unusual.
-Sends the message that love knows no distance.
-Appropriate for any grandparent gift-giving occasion.

Things to consider

-If you’re skilled at Photoshop, you could make something similar.
-Gift is smaller in person that it appears in ads.
-Color palette is neutral; may not work with all room décor.
-Custom-made so you may have to wait longer for the order to ship.
-For mobile grandparents or baby, only two states may not suffice!



C&M Personal Gifts: Set of 2 Stemless, Engraved Wine Glasses

For grandparents who know more about touring wineries than they do about grand parenting, these “Only the best Dads get promoted to Grandpa” and “Only the best Moms get promoted to Grandma” stemless wine glasses will be the envy of their wine tasting crowd. After a lifetime of career-building, today’s savvy grandma and grandpa know that each new stage in life deserves to be toasted, and these glasses will do that in style!

Why we love it

-Super cute yet elegant and trendy.
-There’s no question about which wine glass belongs to who at social gatherings.
-Glasses are easy to wash and store.
-You won’t see this gift coming and going; it’s unique.
-Use as surprise “announcement gifts” for first-time grandparents.

Things to consider

-Not every grandparent drinks wine or would appreciate these.
-Because they’re fragile, they can break when used or washed.
-Priced at $26; gift givers could find less expensive alternatives.
-If recipients are religious, glasses may be inappropriate.
-Glass quality isn’t the best; especially if grandparents are used to crystal.



Around the Table Games Grandparent Talk

Learning to speak Grandparent can take some time and effort, but the process is made easy for folks who play the game “Grandparent Talk.” This gift costs under $10, but it guarantees a million dollars’ worth of laughs as grandparents master this “foreign” language. Everyone can play. It’s fun. Sometimes hilarious. If you need a gift for new grandmas and/or granddads who don’t take life too seriously, you’ve found it.

Why we love it

-The whole family can take part in “hilarious” conversations.
-An awesome icebreaker at baby showers when guests are over 50.
-Game is mobile; take it with you and you’re always ready to play.
-Sharpen your mind answering 100 thought-provoking questions.
-Has received the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

Things to consider

-Not every grandparent loves playing games.
-Game has small parts that are choking hazards for kids under 3.
-There have been reports of grandparents taking offense or feeling insulted.
-Cards have a rather short shelf life if they’re used a lot.
-Might not be appreciated by grandparents preferring gifts on the sentimental side.



Flagline World’s Greatest Grandma and World’s Greatest Grandpa Metal Parking Signs

Who doesn’t love reserved parking spots? And when that reserved space is dedicated to grandma or grandpa, you need an official sign to send a message that nobody else can grab that parking spot. Solid separately, these parking signs beg to be bought together! They’re made of metal, measure 8- x 12-inches each and together, you’ll spend only around $15 to snag them both. These sell fast, so grab them while you can.

Why we love it

-Post these signs anywhere you like, from guestroom to bathroom.
-Buy just one or both; they take up very little wall space.
-Cute displays for seniors who collect offbeat; nostalgic metal signs.
-Can be hung outside, in front of an actual parking space.
-Despite the modest price tag, these signs get lots of attention!

Things to consider

-Not appropriate for grandparents who no longer drive.
-Metal edges could accidentally cut thin skin of seniors.
-Because these signs sell fast, you could find yourself on a wait list.
-Post this outside and neighbors could take the message seriously.
-Not for grandparents who prize sentimentality over humor.


5 Things to Think About When You Shop For The Best Gifts For Grandparents

Leave it to the American Association of Grandparents to provide readers with the wisdom necessary to choose the best gifts for grandchildren (https://www.grandparents.com/family-and-relationships/family-matters/gifts-without-rifts), but where’s the advice on how grandchildren should go about the process of picking the right gift(s) for the older generation? That’s where we come in. These tips can help you decide what’s hot and what’s not for your unique grandparents.

1. Be realistic.

Grandparents who are living the dream by driving an RV across America don’t need wall art or gift ideas that are perfectly appropriate for those living in one place. And it’s probably a small place. But even if it’s not, respect the space your grands have picked to enjoy their golden years.

2. Assess your grandparents’ lifestyle.

Do they collect wine, art or books? You’ve already got a clue or two. Separate out your taste from theirs and you’ll have an easier time making your gift decision as you roam shops and the Internet in search gifts that will be treasured for years to come.

3. Spend the right amount of money.

Honoring a couple because they’ve become (or remain) grandparents needn’t cost an arm and a leg because there are simply too many products on today’s market that don’t require liquidating baby’s college fund. Set a budget. Stick to it. Your mom was right: It’s the thought that counts.

4. Think out of the box.

What about a chef’s hat that makes every grillin’ grandpa proud? Stretch your mind. You never know what surfing the web can unearth

5. Give a limited edition.

When Emily Weigand’s, “15 Gifts for Grandparents That Will Make You the Favorite” ran in CollegeMagazine.com in December 2017, on her list were “original paintings” and “homemade crafts”. Your contribution can be homemade cookies, a pottery class original or family photos arranged in a nice book. Reinventing the wheel is so yesterday. And yes, it’s okay to strive for being “the Favorite.”