The 10 Best Folding Wagons In 2022

Folding wagons are extremely useful tools that allow users to transport moderate amounts of materials, be they recreational or otherwise, short distances with minimal hassle. An excellent transportation solution for parties, small groups, outdoors enthusiasts, and small families. Investing in the best folding wagons is a great way to exponentially increase the efficiency of your next social gathering.

Folding wagons have the additional benefit of being easily transported themselves, meaning there are no constraints on where they can be utilized. Be it a beach, hotel, camping trip, or similar expedition, a quality folding wagon can easily be brought along for the ride.

In the following list, we have selected our picks for the very best folding wagons available on Amazon, dictated by a combination of our own personal experiences and the user reviews left by long time owners of the products. These folding wagons are each designed to conform to the needs of a specific demographic, meaning not every option will be suited to every individual reading. Rather, the list has been structured to ensure everyone reading can find a suitable folding wagon solution that best meets their needs. These wagons have a number of qualities, from lightweight construction to innovative folding techniques.

Read on to find the absolute best folding wagon for you.


Tips For Selecting The Best Folding Wagons

There are a number of factors to take into account when selecting a folding wagon.


To begin, you need to understand how portable your folding wagon is; even if you have found the single most durable and spacious wagon on the market, it will fall short of your standards if it can’t be brought where you need it to be. As such, be certain that the wagon you’re interested in can fold into a shape that can fit in your transportation option. There is an enormous difference between the types of wagons that can be folded to be placed into the trunk of a car, those intended to be brought on planes, and those intended to be placed in backpacks and on the backs of bicycles.

Weight/Volume Capacity

Moving forward, it is equally important to ensure the folding wagon you’re considering can handle the weight you plan to place inside of it. Lower end options, with weight capacities of 60 lbs or so, should be sufficient for things like clothing and children’s toys, but heavier objects will require much more. If you plan on using your wagon to carry large amounts of food and beverages, as well as large drink coolers, a higher end wagon may be required.


Lastly, be certain that your selected wagon is available in the style that you want. If you plan on using your wagon on special occasions, such as children’s parties and birthdays, you may want to have its aesthetic match the scenery. For a more jovial get-together, see if the wagon you’re interested in is available in a boisterous color, like bright red or purple. In the same line of thinking, if you intend to use your wagon for more serious situations, like work meetings or business conferences, try and get your wagon in a more muted color, such as beige or gray.


Reviews Of The 10 Best Folding Wagons

Creative Outdoor Distributors All-Terrain Folding Wagon

The Creative Outdoor Distributors All-Terrain Folding Wagon is an excellent option for those who imagine themselves utilizing a folding wagon in a casual fashion. Put differently, this is an excellent choice for parents looking to clean up after their children’s messes, as well as those looking to keep their backyards in an orderly fashion. The wagon is sturdy and extremely portable, with a number of useful features that help elevate it beyond its initial simplicity.

The wagon won’t be as great a fit for those looking to do any heavy lifting, however. The wagon’s interior is made entirely of fabric, which means any heavy objects with hard, sharp angles is completely off the table. Additionally, any extremely heavy or metallic materials can also spell potential disaster for the wagon.

Ultimately, when keeping it’s weight limitations in mind, the Creative Outdoor Distributors Wagon is a tailor made option for casual users or first-time owners.



Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

The Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon is intended for sports equipment, making it a potentially wonderful fit for athletes or parents frequently picking up their children from soccer practice. The wagon has an extremely high portability factor, which translates to it being a highly flexible option for those who are constantly on the move. Additionally, the wagon is admirably spacious when taking into account its high flexibility factor. Capable of housing several balls as well as hefty protective gear, the Mac Sports is capable of hauling large amounts of sporting equipment without any glaring drawbacks.

Like some other entries on the list, the Mac Sports does suffer from a modest weight limit. This means that heavier sporting goods, such as metallic bats or dense materials, will be off the table for long stretches utilization. In practice, however, this issue never became glaring, and the wagon leaves an overall positive impression.



Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Foldingf Wagon for Kids and Cargo

The Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon is an especially versatile option, with several benefits and functions built into its standard utilities. The wagon is tailor made for small children, as its boisterous aesthetics and fun color imply. The Radio Flyer will perform outstandingly when transporting children’s toys and similar materials, making it potentially the best option for growing families on the list. Additionally, the Radio Flyer can be folded into two other modes, each of which offers unique benefits. Of its extra modes, one offers increased storage space, and the other allows the wagon to function as a toy in and of itself, making it great fun for the family.

There are a few issues users have pointed out, however. The extra utility found in the wagon means less portability, as the wagon is constructed using rigid plastic. This means the Radio Flyer may not be an effective solution for long road trips or expeditions that require flying.



YSC Wagon Garden Folding Utility Shopping Cart

The YSC Garden Wagon is designed to transport gardening materials and similar utilities. The wagon is a good fit for those who spend large amounts of time growing plants or tending to their garden, giving it a unique placement and utility on our list. Ultimately, the YSC Garden Wagon will only appeal to a very specific subset of buyers, but for those its targeted towards, it may just be the best option on the list.

The Garden Wagon sports a fun, trendy aesthetic that is both eye-catching and understated at the same time. Additionally, the wagon features a number of other benefits, such as expanded storage options for gardening tools and wheels that don’t track as much dirt as alternatives.

The wagon does have some issues, however. The targeted nature of the wagon comes at the cost of its overall storage capacity. While the weight limit is standard, the overall area of the wagon leaves a bit to be desired.



Lovinland Collapsible Folding Wagon Heavy Duty

The Lovinlnad Collapsible Folding Wagon is a plain option, relatively speaking. It doesn’t offer any specific benefits like some other options do, and it isn’t intended for any particular demographic. Where the wagon shines, however, is in its overall durabiliy and design intended for longevity.

The Lovinland, in spite of its overall bland aesthetic, may just be the most dependable option on this list. The wagon doesn’t build its value on gimicks or extra features, but rather on delivering a wagon that is meant to serve as an effective day-to-day tool. The Lovinland features adequate storage space and an impressive weight limit. Additionally, the wagon is made of admirably high quality materials, featuring imported wheels, strong plastics, and high-quality metals.

The only issues users have pointed out with the wagon is its overall bland design, but almost all owners cite how this flaw is completely overtaken by the wagon’s impeccable construction and durability.



Timberridge Folding Camping Wagon

Timberridge provides a folding wagon solution for frequent campers and avid outdoorsman. The wagon is explicitly constructed to be able to withstand large amounts of punishment, making it a great fit for those finding themselves on frequent adventures into potentially dangerous areas. Be it long stays in dense forests, treks across long deserts, or even excursions into dense waters, the Timberridge is durable enough to ensure your equipment will make the journey as safely as you will.

The wagon features a design that is intended to appeal to frequent campers, creating a look that is both wholesome and rustic. By appealing to this demographic in terms of its visuals, the Wagon only adds to its already impressive value proposition. In addition to its aesthetic value, the Timberridge also boasts and impressive weight capacity. The wagon is capable of carrying even the heaviest equipment across long stretches of land, making it an excellent option for extended journeys and scenic routes.



Patio Wacher Heavy Duty Collapsible Garden Cart

The Patio Watcher Heavy Duty Collapsible Garden cart is a great fit for those spending large amounts of time in their garden. Intended for lovers of botany and garden tending, the Patio Watcher is potentially the best option on the list for green thumbs. The aesthetic is understated and easy to miss, but this perceived blandness is likely intentional, as the wagon doesn’t want to clash with the aesthetic of the garden it’s helping to create.

The Wagon also has a number of useful befits and features. The wagon has handles and notches that help hold hoses and seeds, meaning you can spend more time on your plants and less time multitasking. The Patio Watcher also features an impressive weight capacity, meaning the tool is no slouch in nearly every department.

Overall, the wagon is great for those who love to spend their free time perfecting their garden, and comes highly recommended.



Sunnydaze Collapsible Folding Cart

The Sunnydaze Collapsible Folding Cart is another cart intended for day-to-day use. Intended for those looking for a great all-purpose option, the Sunnydaze delivers when it comes to durability and features. The wagon is available in a number of different colors, ensuring that every potential buyer can find a look that is suited to their tastes. Additionally, the wagon’s feature-set is second to none: pockets, high-quality wheels, and even a collapsible metal frame are all present. This impressive list of boons comes with virtually no drawbacks, making the Sunnydaze a safe option for even the most discerning wagon enthusiast.

Te Sunnydaze features an admirable weight capacity and is noticeably spacious when compared to other options of the list. In all honesty, this is one of the few options on the list that come with little to no drawbacks, which may just put it at the very top of our list of recommendations.



Sunmates Collapsible Folding Wagon

Sunmates Collapsible Folding Wagon is quite possibly the most flexible wagon on the list thus far. The Wagon’s main feature is its extreme portability, which positions it as the best option thus far for those looking to travel extremely far distances. In terms of aesthetics, the wagon delivers, as it offers an impressive number of colors and styles for buyers to choose from. These aesthetic options go a long way in adding to the wagon’s already impressive value proposition.

The Sunmates is pretty light on external features, which stands out when comparing it to the other excellent options on this list. It makes up for it with its incredible weight capacity, however, as the Sunmates is by far the most durable cart on the list. The wagon, by combining a staggering weight capacity with an excellent value proposition and flexibility options, puts it an a unique and desirable position on this list. It comes highly recommended.



REDCAMP Collapsible Utility Cart

Our final entry, the Redcamp Collapsible Utility cart is yet another excellent option. Another cart that positions itself as an option for day-to-day use, the Redcamp may just be the best contender thus far. The aesthetic is simple yet striking. Creating a look that would allow it to fit right into a handyman’s garage or craftsmen’s work space. The wagon also has a large number of beneficial features, making it no slouch in terms of its value proposition. This folding wagon features a number of storage options and high quality materials. These include imported wheels and sturdy metals, which help it stand out from the pack.

The wagon does have a single drawback: Its weight capacity. Disappointingly lacking in an otherwise excellent model, the unimpressive weight capacity holds back an otherwise perfect option from wagon nirvana. That said, it’s still an excellent option, and for the most part comes highly recommended.