Best Fitbit Charge 2 Bands – 2022 Guide & Reviews

A Consumer Guide for Buying the Best Fitbit Charge 2 Bands

It seems it has become a global necessity to own a Fitbit. Why? Well, because fitness wristbands are becoming crucial in today’s world. With dinner at McDonald’s on your way home from work that you find a way to count your calories and fat intake. And no, it doesn’t matter if you are ordering salads, you still need to exercise it off. Remaining oblivious to your health after eating fast food every day is almost epidemic. Believing you simply have no time to fix nutritious meals at home has become no excuse as we progress into the future. The wide range of the best fitbit charge 2 bands out there make it easy to integrate your fitbit with your fashion.

For children of school age, it can still be easy enough to exercise. A lot of children today continue to participate in sports at school. However, for the busy, on-the-go adults and the child who may not be such a sports fanatic but more of a gamer, this type of individual may have to monitor how much exercise they receive during the day. It is crucial for a healthy balance.


Fitbit and the Reason Behind Its Production

A lot of people today do this by putting on this type of fitness wristband that has become very popular in the past few years. The Fitbit band will count your steps through your daily activities. Why is this so important? Well, because most of us have ventured into the world of technology, not because it was by choice, but because it was imperative to do so as the world in which we live in has gotten so much busier with all the things we can do in our new techno-societies.

As time marches on, electronic companies are at the top of the financial spectrum of major gain. We can’t live without our smartphones or our tablets. Not only in our work lives, but we also depend on these gadgets in our home lives as well. We pay bills online, order groceries and take-out online, we watch tv on a computer or streaming televisions. It is not surprising that we are now depending on gadgets such as Fitbit to help keep track of our daily exercise.

Due to a Fitbit’s growing success, after it was introduced in May of 2013, there have been many more brands of fitness trackers that have come on the market. Brands such as Apple and Garmin are also fan favourites, making the smart watch much more than just a time telling device. However, Fitbit remains the most reliable fitness tracker accessory band of them all. The expansion of the watch has also continued with different styles and types. They have even invented one just for kids called the “Ace.”

Much like our iPhone, Fitbit continues to upgrade their trackers on a continuing basis. The one we will discuss today is the Fitbit Charge 2. Examining the best bands that you can buy for peak performance of this model.


Out With the Old and In With a New Band Brand

If you are still using your Fitbit Charge 2 and would like to try a new band, here are some top suggested bands with descriptions:


Best Fitbit Charge 2 Bands Reviews

Poy Fitbit Charge 2 Band

This replacement fitbit band that fits the charge 2 has received numerous five-star ratings from verified purchasers of the band. With an 86% favorable rate, the customers seem to like the looks of the replacement band and the feel. The positive reviews also say that this band fits on their tracker even better than the original Fitbit 2 charger band. This band has a classic look with every color of the rainbow from blue, navy, gray and beyond to choose from. It is flexible, which makes it more durable and is sweat and water resistant. The Poy company gives a 1-year guarantee on this wristband. It comes in two adjustable sizes; small and large.

The negatives from the customer reviews were very few. Some verified purchasers did not like the comfort of this band, while just a few others said that the sleep mode did not work for them. Even so, they did still like the band.




iGK Fitbit Charge 2 Band

Many customers have found this charge 2 leather band not only appealing to the eye but very comfortable as the leather is genuine and soft. It comes in multiple colors and wears like a traditional watch band. It comes with a 1-year warranty. The many customer reviews listed have given this stylish but unique band a four-and-a-half-star rating.

There were no major cons that I found to this band except for one controversial comment of a customer who was initially pleased with her first iGK band purchase, but when she bought a second, it didn’t seem to adjust correctly on her wrist.




Maledan Fitbit 2 Charge Band

This easy to assemble band will be a pleasure to someone who may have sensitive skin when wearing any type of bracelet or watch on their arms. This band made from a high-quality elastomer is not only comfortable to wear but it helps even the most sensitive skins by preventing irritation while wearing it. Its solid durability helps secure the right fit for anyone’s wrist.

A problem that some customers seem to have noted is that straight out of the box the band seems stiff but loosens up when worn for a while. Some people who have worn this band feels that it is very close to the original Fitbit brand band.




Tobfit Fitbit 2 Charge Band

Seemingly, this is another perfect band for the athlete. Made of elastomer and designed to adjust in two sizes small and large. Like most of the other replacement bands for the Fitbit charge 2, this band has a 1-year warranty and has plenty of colors to choose from. With a 4.6 favorable star review. It seems that most customers who bought this band are completely satisfied with the durability and looks of this band.

However, with any product, there is bound to be a few negative aspects of it. Some of the consumer responses to this product were that the color of the band peeled. Even so, all in all, the band was favorable for the price.




SWEES Sport Band

This style of band seems to be acceptable for an upgrade to the original Fitbit Charge 2 band. The SWEES sport comes in durable silicone for someone who needs to count their steps during an extreme workout. Customers who purchase the silicone band noted that they were looking for something more reliable during a heavy workout and they found it with this band. Also noting its breathability and environmentally friendly material.

The customer cons on this product were that the sizing of the band was difficult to adjust. However, for an overall score it received a 71% overall rating and that is very close to a five-star approval.




SWEES Leather Band

Persons who purchased the leather band from the SWEES brand seem to like the beauty of the band and are very pleased with its overall appearance on their arm. It is lightweight and not too heavy on your wrist. The metal connectors fit snug to the tracker.

For some wearers of the leather band, however, it did detach easily and disassemble. And, this band does not include the heart rate charger. But you know what it does have? It has an extended warranty of two years and most band brands have only one. It also has a 4.2-star rating by consumers.




Hotodeal Charge Band

A band made of stainless-steel mesh with a magnetic clasp along with a versatile style and look, it is perfect for a man or a woman. This band easily adjusts to the wrist and comes in ten colors. This band has a 71% approval from customer reviews.

Although the band has many likable and stunning to the eye qualities, it also has a few disappointing aspects to it as far as warranty and color fade. It seems that a few customers have given the band a lesser star rating stating the color fades fast and that it is a short warranty period of only three months. Other than that, it is a great replacement for Fitbit charge 2 bands.




UMTELE Fitbit 2 Charge Band

This band is very similar to the last band I listed. It too is made with shiny mesh, stainless steel for a stylish design and cool feel for any wrist. It also has a range of colors and has over a 4-star rating, but not quite a 5-star rating from customer reviews. This band does have a common 1-year warranty.

Again, the same as some of the other brands of bands that are made with colored stainless steel, a select few customers main con about this band is how the color fades fast.




Bayite Leather Charge Band

This band is made of soft leather with a slim look. Although it is for men and women and comes in sizes large and small, it is more adapted to a woman’s wrist more than a man’s because of its dainty look. The Bayite leather band comes in ten colors and patterns and has a 1-year warranty. It also has a very impressive customer rating of 4.4-stars.

A critical issue with a very few customers is that the band is too thin for their liking and doesn’t feel like leather to them.




Bayite Fabric Band

If you are a person who likes the feel of fabric on your skin instead of silicone, leather, or steel, then the Bayite fabric band may just be what you are looking for to replace your original Fitbit charge 2 bands. It is a sturdy fabric that has designs and colors to choose from. The Bayite fabric band has a 1-year warranty. It also has an impressive 4.4-stars out of 5.

Even though this band seems to be a desirable look and feel for customers, there have been a few reviews that state that the bands they received had a defect that made the band come apart at the pin connection.




A Final Analysis to Help You Pick a Replacement Band for Your Fitbit Charge 2

As you can see, there are many different brands that carry replacement Fitbit charge 2 bands. As always there is pros and cons to all of them. However, it is really only up to the individual to which one they care to try for their Fitbit charge 2 tracker. Some may just wish for a classic replacement band, having had no issue with the design of the original band. The classic band, is still the most widely used band. While others look to accessorise on a more personal level.

People looking for the best Fitbit Charge 2 bands replacement may be looking for a more fashionable strap. On the other hand the need to replace may simply be just due to natural wear and tear. If it’s just due to wear and tear, considering the best Fitbit bands will be more a choice of functionality and affordability rather than design. Whereas those looking for a fashionable replacement, may consider rose gold fitbit 2 charge bands, or metal or leather fitbit 2 charge bands. There are even silver or gold fitbit charge 2 band replacements. There really is a design for everyone.



While researching the different bands to choose from, I noticed many similarities to all of them that I listed. This data list consists of only 4-star bands and above, but honestly, there were very few brands of bands that I came across that were lower than 4-star. Every brand seemed to have very positive parts to their product. Just make sure when shopping, that you look for those that have a limited warranty, or a money back guarantee, even if it’s just a 30-day money back guarantee.

Furthermore, it would be unequivocally impossible to list every band that I found. So, in saying that, I hope this list does help the shopper who is looking for a replacement band for this type of Fitbit. Hopefully, it brings some vision of what would be the best fit for your bit.