Best Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine Guide For 2022

The high cost of cigarettes has inspired many people to consider alternative ways to get great-quality products at a reasonable price. With the increase in taxes imposed over the years and many other limitations, smokers are now using DIY alternatives like electric cigarette rolling machines. There are a variety of companies and features to choose from when considering the best electric cigarette rolling machine. Price ranges are also quite broad and can hit the right budget you have in mind.

The do-it-yourself scene has expanded in many different practices, including vaping. Homemade and home-rolled cigarettes, however, can provide a great feeling of authenticity not enjoyed in other popular alternatives. Some of the go-to and trusted brands include Powermatic, Rollematic, and PowerRoll, among others. Consumer satisfaction is generally well-rated with these companies for ease of use, functionality, and rolling accuracy. There are also numerous benefits thanks to the inclusion of rolling kits that come with a variety of extra features and add-ons.

Electric cigarette rolling machines have evolved over the years with each new iteration advancing upon a prior shortcoming. Issues like jamming and overfilling have been mostly addressed thanks to some great new innovations in the overall product designs being used.


Introductory Guide for Purchasing The Best Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine

Before seeing some of the top-rated electric cigarette rolling machines, it will help to understand the basics of these devices and how they can benefit you. At its core, the appeal of owning one of these devices can vary from person to person.


While some may only be interested in a way to save money on costly cigarettes, others may find pleasure in the simple process of making their own. No matter what your individual preference or motive is, you are nonetheless getting the same device with certain functions and features.


Generally, an electronic rolling machine consists of a few basic and consistent parts. There is a loading dock, where the tobacco is inserted and stored. In this location, it waits until the machine is started up, at which point the tobacco is eventually injected mechanically into the cigarette sleeve.

Aside from this, there are often rotating handles which generate the power and/or operate the injection process. A base upon which the sleeves are loaded into place is also customary, along with a tub or fitting where they are held firm.


Many cigarette rolling machines come with extra products—part of a pack or kit—that can include anything ranging from additional cigarette sleeves to lighters or even carrying cases. Usually, these come at a much more affordable cost and might be the right choice if you’re interested in more budgetary options.


There are a number of cigarette sizing options that may suit your needs or preferences. One of the most common sizes is 100mm—but not all machines are sized properly for these. This is a very important factor to consider when searching for the right electric cigarette rolling machine. Failing to consider this could leave you with a product that does not create the precise cigarette you’re used and enjoy the most.

Many smokers grow accustomed to a very specific length and width for their cigarettes; having to adjust habit for something that is unusual could dramatically lessen the overall pleasure of the smoking experience.


10 Best Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine Reviews

Rollematic Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

The Rollematic Electric Cigarette Injector Machine is a trusted brand in the industry that provides reliable rolling with easy functionality. This is a critical consideration because the method through which the cigarettes are rolled is very important in the overall process. In some cases, rolling is as easy as pressing a button, while in others there is a semi-manual feature.

The Rollematic uses a combination electric and manual function. Once the tobacco has been packed into the storage container, as well as the sleeve inserted into place, a power button is pressed. This prepares the tobacco for injection. Then, a small, silver lever is manually moved, and this is what completes the injection process.
Although the Rollematic Electric Cigarette Injector Machine is not suitable for 100mm sleeves, it can accommodate many others. This could be a downside for certain users, depending on what size cigarette is desired.



Powermatic 2 Plus Cigarette Injector Machines

Powermatic provides some of the best quality electric cigarette rolling machines on the market. Their history is extensive and have a long list of prior models which have advanced over the years. The Powermatic 2 is no exception in this shift forward and it has a long list of features to back it up.

One of the most important factors to consider is its increased motor speed. The speed of the motor can affect a variety of key operations, including injection rates and accuracy. When the tobacco is injected into an empty sleeve, the right amount of speed can help prevent jamming and under-filling. This new model provides this essential enhancement for speed that prior versions simply lacked.

Gear quality is another feature that has been improved, ensuring that mechanisms are smother and more reliable. Expect the Powermatic 2 to provide quality operations with as little errors as possible. In fact, the product boasts 25% fewer jams, even considering that it provides numerous options for sleeve sizes.

Rolling regular sized cigarettes and even 100mm versions, the Powermatic 2 could be the ideal choice for you. Operations are very simple and easy to use. Once the power is on, a lever/handle is pushed down to inject the tobacco leaves into the sleeve. The process ultimately comes off as simple and intuitive.

Whether you plan to roll a few cigarettes or whole boxes of them, the Powermatic 2 is a solid iteration of prior versions. In addition, it has been simplified in design without comprising on power, speed, or reliability.



PoweRoll by TOP-O-Matic Electric Cigarette Machine

Few brands have acquired consumer trust and high-expectations like PoweRoll’s electric cigarette machine by TOP-O-Matic. The products simply exudes the essential features that separate it from many other competitors. This is recognized both in terms of its quality but also the tools provided to make rolling as easy as possible.

One of the first things to notice about this product is its size—it is much larger than most other brands, but without compromising on portability. It is still a fair size and can be taken just about anywhere—it even comes with a convenient carrying case.

A key feature of the machine is that it makes “king size” cigarettes. Indeed, this is part of the reason it has a larger size—to accommodate increased capacity during operations and rolling. In most cases, the system functions like most others, with a few key exceptions.

The design differs primarily in terms of the loading dock through which sleeves are fed into it. The PoweRoll uses a side-based system and the tobacco is fed directly in through the top. Additional tools like a brush and rod can be useful in the case of jamming.

One of the key drawbacks to this system, however, is that it is not equipped for rolling smaller cigarettes. Preferences abound and larger cigarettes are not for everyone. This could be troublesome in some instances, especially if a smaller size is an absolute must. In such cases, the PoweRoll will simply fail to deliver.

If, on the other hand, larger-sized cigarettes are preferred, then this product could be the ideal option for you. The inclusion of a convenient carrying case—which can hold the electric cigarette roller machine itself along with its various parts—is a great extra feature.



Powermatic 2 Cigarette Maker Box Kit

This bundle kit version of the Powermatic 2 provides all these benefits of the Powermatic 2 with a few extra tools. These include a brush, wire-brush, and insertion rob for de-jamming.

The extra tools will come in handy in the event of jamming or cleaning out any excess particles. Included is the Powermatic 2 and its great features for speed and accuracy.



Pevor Electric Cigarette Injector Rolling Machine

The Pevor Electric Cigarette Injector Rolling Machine provides a unique level of design and aesthetic appeal unseen in many other brands. Traditionally, these rolling products are very straightforward in their visual appearance. Functionality seems to be the top priority—but not for Pevor.

With the Pevor brand, you are getting a whole new level of design and visual stimulation. Transparency in its structure allows you to see some of the inner workings of the product. This could even have certain mechanical benefits in the event of jamming or other product malfunctions, since you can see quite clearly into the gears and mechanics.

The loading dock for the tobacco is comprised of a transparent segment, while the pipe/tube is visible to users. The materials used are a very important part of the design, primarily in terms of safety. There are so many potentially hazardous chemicals or plastics that could be included in products like these. However, the Pevor brand prides itself in using stainless steel materials.

Additionally, environmentally friendly considerations have been built into the product design, ensuring that your cigarettes do not become contaminated. Another key feature provided by Pevor is the ability to adjust the tobacco’s density. This is an often overlooked component that can dramatically change the quality and feel of a cigarette. Highly-dense ones will burn slower and will, of course, be more expensive to produce. The ability to change how dense they are can be invaluable for some smokers, especially if they are seeking a more nuanced approach.
The product also comes with a non-slip base to make rolling easier and safer. Collectively, the Pevor features combine to offer something very unique compared to so many other brands.



HandyRoll Automatic Injector

The HandyRoll Automatic Injector is one of the more uniquely-designed and compact items on the market. Unlike many others, its focus is one size and portability, making it a great option if compactness is a priority. Additionally, it uses some very advanced designs to increase functionality.

Boasting a USB power-charging cable, the HandyRoll can be charged even on your computer or laptop. This unique feature brings electric cigarette rolling machines into a more modern era and adds a new layer of convenience. Rechargeable batteries, of course, are also convenient for many buyers.

Affordability is a key feature the company boasts, especially with consideration of how much money is saved from buying cigarettes traditionally versus rolling them yourself. The process can often be enjoyable for some smokers, and this is where these machines often get their main appeal.

The HandyRoll also comes with a convenient cleaning tool so that set up and put-away are as smooth as possible. Jamming and other malfunctions are much rarer on this device, too, because of its very simplistic design. In fact, its design is very much unlike others on the market.

Ergonomic molding is another benefit to the HandyRoll and is designed to fit comfortably in your hand. Given its size, along with its elongated shape, it does have a very accommodating feel. There are some common complaints, however, and this is primarily because of the instructions it comes with. They can be quite vague for some and may not explain thoroughly how it is supposed to be used.



Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine+FREE Tubes,Cig Case & lighters

With the inclusion of 200 filter tubers, Ethereal ashtray, and dual flame lighter, this bundle kit version of the Powermatic 2 is a great budgetary option.

It comes with the standard Powermatic 2 but also includes 200 filter tubes. You also get a great Ethereal ashtray so you can begin smoking right away. Lighting up your freshly-rolled cigs is no problem thanks to the inclusion of a dual-style flame lighter.



Powermatic 2 Electric Cigarette Machine + Cig Case Bundle

Another large bundle version of the Powermatic 2, this kit includes the standard rolling machine along with free Shargio tubes, 2 lighters, and a cigarette case. You can expect the speed and accuracy of the Powermatic 2 along with a great set of additional perks.

One consideration is that, unlike other bundle kits, the lighters included here are very standard. They are not dual flame and may underwhelm if expectations are high. Still, the value in the bundle pack is a great deal for those seeking it.



PoweRoll 2 Electric Cigarette Machine

The PoweRoll 2 is a great improvement from its predecessor. It specializes in king size and long cigarettes, making it particularly suited to a wide range of tastes. In this sense, it can be viewed as an improvement from competitors if only because of its durability and use. Also important to consider is that the new design is much more precise than others.

Eliminating jamming far more than the first version, the PoweRoll 2 can help you roll regular and short 84mm cigarettes or long ones at 100mm. In either cases, the “spoon”-driven injection feature is also backed by a spring mechanism that creates some of the smoothest finishes. However, watch out for its somewhat noisy operating sounds.



Revolution Electric Cigarette Machine

The Revolution Electric Cigarette Machine is one of the most robust products in the industry right now. It boasts a massive capacity that can generate an entire pack of cigarettes in as little as 2 minutes. This alone could be the selling point if your primary goal is to create large quantities.

The Revolution also has a very simple mechanism, despite its high capacity for production. Tobacco is inserted through the hatch on top, and then the sleeves are fed near the bottom. However, the absence of a vibrator creates some issues with jamming.