Ten Best Drywall Stilts – 2022 Buyers Guide With Reviews

For anyone who has to work on elevated areas frequently, a good pair of the best drywall stilts is a must-have. Whether you work in construction, are self-employed, or if you find yourself painting or doing remodels yourself, they can provide invaluable assistance. They’ve caught on with people who like to tackle projects themselves because they’re lightweight, easy to use, and durable.

But, there are dozens of different brands and types of drywall stilts available, and the sheer numbers that are available make it difficult to find a high-quality pair that’ll last through a variety of jobs. We’ve rounded up the top 10 best drywall stilts and put together a buyer’s guide, so you know what to look for when you go drywall stilt shopping.


The Best Drywall Stilts Buyer’s Guide

How to Walk on Drywall Stilts

If you’ve never walked on drywall stilts before, it’s a good idea to start on the lowest setting and work your way up slowly. You may also want to have someone there to help you balance. Also, you should wear shoes or boots with good traction to help you grip onto the stilt’s footrests, and you want to make sure that the straps are tight enough to secure the stilts.


Drywall Stilt Important Considerations


You want a stable and strong drywall stilt. You want to look at the frame materials and choose things like high-quality aluminum or steel. This will ensure that your stilts last through years of use and that you won’t have issues with them cracking or breaking. Also, how your stilts connect is an important feature, and you want them to lock into place.

Comfort Level

As you’ll be spending a decent amount of time on these stilts, so you want to be comfortable while you’re up on them. You want to find a pair of stilts that have a wider foot pedal and a heel cup. Your calf supports should also be padded, so your skin doesn’t get irritated when it rubs against them.

Height Levels

The main reason you buy drywall stilts is to get the extra height that allows you to quickly and easily reach your desired areas. Many drywall stilts come with several different adjustable heights that typically start at 15-inches and go up to over 50-inches. You want to make sure that you’re getting the height you need.

No-Slip Grip

Remember to look at your stilt’s feet. They should be wide enough to provide the stability and balance you need. Ideally, you want them to have a rubber backing, and it should be textured. This will let it grip onto a variety of surfaces, and make it safer for you while you maneuver your stilts around your work area.

Weight Capacity

Did you know that different drywall stilts come with different weight limits? These weight limits are designed to let you know exactly how much weight your stilts can safely hold. This weight capacity can range anywhere from 225 pounds up to over 350 pounds, so it’s always very important to pick out stilts that fit your weight category. They’re less prone to breaking and safer for you to use.


10 Best Drywall Stilts Reviews

Pentagon Tools 1116 Black Drywall Stilt

These black drywall stilts come with adjustable plates and foot straps for stability. You’ll also get self-locking metal buckles, and the stilts are made out of durable but lightweight aluminum. They’re easy to adjust, and they start at 18 inches and go up to 30 inches.

These stilts hold a maximum weight of 228 pounds, and the rubber soles create a non-slip surface. It also comes with dual spring action for added flexibility. These stilts also come with a one-year warranty, and they weigh just over six pounds each, so they’re easy to move and maneuver.

Features a wing bolt design for added flexibility
Premium-grade rubber footing is non-slip

Straps are too short to comfortably reach
Tend to bend inwards and make walking uncomfortable



GypTool Pro Drywall Stilts

These stilts work for hanging drywall, painting, electrical work, and much more. They’re made out of high-grade but lightweight aluminum for added durability. You can adjust these stilts at four-inch increments that start at 48-inches and go up to 64-inches. These stiles can hold up to 225 pounds without any issues.

They weigh around 27 pounds per pair, so they’re lightweight enough to maneuver easily as you need to. You adjust the height on these stilts by adjusting the wingnuts, so they’re very stable and durable. They also feature a wider bottom that makes it easier to walk and stand on these stilts.

Adjustable in four-inch increments
Come with a wide bottom that makes it easy to balance

Difficult to adjust the height
Doesn’t give you a lot of room for your calf muscles



Pentagon Tools 1121 Drywall Stilts

These stilts come with high-grade aluminum framework. This makes them a very durable and stable option, but they’re also lightweight. They start at 24-inches and you can adjust them up to 40-inches quickly and easily. These stilts can hold up to 228 pounds without breaking.

It comes with adjustable metal heel plates that have a wide stance that makes balancing easier. The secure foot straps lock you into place, and the secure metal buckles are easy to adjust and durable. They also have a flexible spring that lends greater flexibility to these stilts.

Can hold up to 228 pounds
Adjustable metal buckle is secure and durable

Springs may not be able to hold proper tension
Might be difficult to keep at the desired height



Dura-Stilt 2440 Deluxe Stilts

You can choose from three different adjustable sizes with these drywall stilts. They also come with a strap adapter that makes it quick and easy to adjust the straps to your desired size. These stilts can hold up to 225 pounds without breaking or having problems.

You can adjust these stilts from 24-inches up to 40-inches so you can reach a variety of heights. These stilts are made out of high-grade steel for added durability, and they weigh around five pounds. The feet have a no-slip rubber bottom that ensures you won’t slip when you wear them.

Feet have high-grade rubber backing
Comes in three different sizes

Calf supports are thinner and don’t adjust very far
Springs aren’t very flexible or durable



SurPro S2.1 Dual Legs Support Magnesium Drywall Stilts

These drywall stilts feature a wrap-around leg band and a wider contoured foot design. It has superior comfort and increased stability. The lightweight construction offers improved mobility and flexibility. They also come with two side supports so you’ll have good balance no matter how you use them.

These stilts start at 15-inches, and you can adjust them up to 23-inches. You also get a one-year limited warranty so you can send them back if you’re not satisfied. These stilts only weigh 15 pounds, so they’re very easy to take with you and move around.

Feature a wrap-around leg bad for greater security
Comes with a wider contoured foot design

Shorter calf clamps that can be uncomfortable
Adjustable straps are on the shorter side



Yescom Drywall Stilts

You can choose from a bright blue or silver coating with these drywall stilts, and they can support up to 227 pounds without an issue. They come with dual action springs for greater flexibility and you can adjust them from 24-inches up to 40-inches.

The heel bracket comes in three positions, and it can accommodate several different foot sizes. These prevent slippage in every direction, and these stilts have wider foot pads that give extra traction and stability. The foot pads have a textured bottom that provides better gripping capabilities on a variety of surfaces.

Foot pads are textured for greater gripping capabilities
Can support up to 227 pounds

May not stand up to repeated use
Foot straps may be too small to adjust properly



Warner Manufacturing Drywall Stilts

These stilts come in two different size. You can buy stilts that adjust from 18-inches up to 30-inches or a pair that adjust from 24-inches to 40-inches. The no slip ankle strap helps to secure your fit in place and the adjustable heel cup adds support and security.

The wider footplate adds stability and balance while reducing fatigue. It can support up to 230 pounds without cracking or breaking. You get an adjustable spring action that makes walking feel more natural, and this improves your user experience and comfort level even with extended wear.

Adjustable heel cup adds support
Can choose from two different height ranges

May take a while to adjust the height
Dual springs may not hold up to extended use



Bon 15-354 24-Inch to 40-Inch Adjustable Hi-Reach Stilts

These adjustable hi-reach stilts easily adjust from 24-inches up to 40-inches. They have adjustable security straps that loop over your shoes for added stability. It can hold up to 225 pounds, and the wide support feet have a durable rubber backing that provides a no-slip surface.

These stilts only weigh 15 pounds, and this means that you can move on them quickly and easily. The calf straps feature a wrap-around design for added stability, and they have extra-wide feet for added stability. The framework is made out of high-quality aluminum.

Frame has high-quality aluminum for durability
Adjustable security straps provide support

Screws that lock the legs into place are difficult to adjust
Stilts are one of the more expensive choices



Pentagon Tools 1151 Black MAG Stilts

These stilts come with built-in adjustable heel plates and foot straps that ensure you get a tight and secure fit every time you put them on. The magnesium framework is very lightweight but extremely durable. It can hold up to 228 pounds.

They also have a dual spring action that allows for added flexibility that lets you walk in a more natural fashion. They start at 18-inches, and they can adjust up to 30-inches at the maximum height. The calf straps adjust with a metal closure for added security, and the footplates feature a wider design.

Comes with built-in adjustable heel plates
Adjustable calf straps have a secure metal closure

Stilts can be hard to adjust
May not adjust to larger calf sizes



SurPro Interlok Magnesium Drywall Stilts

These drywall stilts feature the newest model quad-lock technology with a double wingbolt design. They have a wider design with a more lightweight frame, and this combination makes it easy to wear them for extended periods. It’s also easier to balance when you wear them.

You also get three-position oversized heel bracket that attaches securely to the footplate with inter-looping straps for a safer option. The side pole brackets lock securely in place, and these stilts come with a one-year hassle-free warranty. The frame itself is made out of high-grade aluminum for longevity.

Features a wider and more lightweight frame
Easier to balance and walk

May be difficult to put together
Might have to adjust them several times


The best drywall stilts can be an invaluable tool if you regularly try to reach higher spaces. Our buying guide outlined the most important considerations you want to keep in mind when you’re shopping for new drywall stilts. In addition to this, we hope our 10 best drywall stilts reviews gave you an easy way to compare the top brands and models quickly and easily.