Ten Best Compact Circular Saw Reviews For 2022

Whether you’re a contractor or a hobbyist, you’ll most likely have to cut wood, tile, or other mediums sooner or later. You don’t want to clutter up your workspace with large and bulky saws, so investing in the best compact circular saw is a great option. It’ll get the work done that you need it to do, and save you space at the same time.

But, there are dozens of circular saws available, and this can make it difficult to find one that is going to do everything you need it to. We put together a buying guide, so you know what points you want to keep in mind when you’re shopping for compact circular saws, and our reviews of the top 10 circular saws give you several good options to choose from


The Best Compact Circular Saw Buying Guide

There are several important considerations you want to remember when you’re circular saw shopping.

Bevel Cuts

A bevel cut means that the saw is capable of making cuts that range from 0 to 45 degrees. These cuts can help to make the finished product look cleaner and more finished, and it’s important to get a saw that has these capabilities if you routinely use it. Think about any angle cuts on cabinets or projects you may do and decide how important it is for your saw to have this option.

Blade Guard

The blade guard on your saw is an important safety feature. This is the protective covering that separates your hand from the blade, and it’s usually metal. It’ll also protect the blade from shocks or if you drop it on the floor. Some blades can be very expensive, so you want to protect them.

Corded or Cordless

Corded circular saws don’t have batteries, and they run off electricity. Also, corded saws can be more powerful than cordless saws, but they’re restricted by the cords. They don’t have the power limitations that cordless circular saws do, and this allows them to cut through a variety of materials.

Cordless saws run on batteries, and they’re not restricted in their maneuverability. However, they do have power limitations. They’ll only be able to cut through certain materials because they only have batteries for power.

Depth Adjustment

You want to keep the saw’s depth adjustment in mind. The depth adjustment refers to how thick the material is that the saw can cut through without stalling. Some cuts are angled as well, and these factors all play into how well your saw will perform.

Foot Plate

The foot plate is a metal piece under the saw that helps the saw’s overall stability. This is usually made out of steel or some metal for added durability, but they also adds weight to the saw. If you can get one with magnesium plating, this is a good choice because it’s strong enough to add stability without adding a lot of additional weight.


10 Best Compact Circular Saw Reviews

Rockwell RK3440K Versacut 4.0 Amp Ultra-Compact Circular Saw

Choose from the circular saw or the circular saw and blade set. This is a powerful 4.0 amp multi-functional circular saw that is a great tool for a variety of projects. It can easily cut tile, wood, plastics, flooring, sheet metal, and much more.

It has a built-in laser that helps to guide the saw along the perfect cut, and it has a pivoting metal guard for safety. You get 120 inches of cord and a dust extraction adapter that works to keep your work area clean and free of debris.

Able to cut a wide variety of materials from tile to sheet metal
Very compact and powerful saw

Blade may lock up and be difficult to install
Alignment may be off



WORX WORXSAW Compact Circular Saw

This circular saw features a very thin blade and a very lightweight design. You get a depth gauge lever that is very easy to set along with 0 to 45 degree bevel settings that make it easy to make fast adjustments when you work.

The saw has a left-sided blade design, and this is great for cut line visibility. The grip has an integrated safety trigger that allows for balance, control, and comfort. This saw also comes with a three-year warranty against damage or defects. You get a vacuum adapter, Allen key, and a parallel guide.

Weighs half as much as a traditional circular saw
Thin blade takes the strain off of the saw

Handle is too large for a comfortable grip
Safety switch is made out of plastic



Genesis Control Grip Compact Circular Saw

This compact circular saw comes with a 5.8 amp motor and 3500 RPM. It uses tripleā€gear reduction for maximum torque, and it comes with a thin but durable Tungsten-Carbide tipped blade. You can cut up to two times the materials with this saw.

It comes with a built-in dust port and a vacuum adapter that hooks straight to your vacuum to keep your work area free of dust, shavings, and debris. You’ll also get a die-cast aluminum gearbox and an ergonomic grip that lets you operate this saw with one hand.

Uses a durable Tungsten-Carbide tipped blade
Comes with a built-in dust port and vacuum adapter

A lot of plastic working parts
May stop running after continued use



Makita Lithium-Ion Cordless Circular Saw Kit

You’ll enjoy a powerful 1,500 RPM with this saw, and it has a maximum cutting depth of one inch. You can make up to 90 degree cuts at a depth of one inch, or you can make 45 degree cuts up to five-eighths inches.

The tilting base allows you to make bevel cuts ranging from 0 to 45 degrees, and this saw can cut plywood, particleboard, drywall, pegboard, and much more. This kit includes the saw, a lithium-ion battery, battery charger, a saw blade, and a hard storage case.

Can make a variety of cuts ranging from 45 to 90 degrees
Kit includes a battery, charger, blade, saw, and carrying case

Blade may stop during thick cuts
Saw blade isn’t completely parallel to the edge



Dremel US40-03 Ultra-Saw Tool Kit

You get the choice of three separate kits with the compact saw. It has 7.5 amps for a faster cutting speed, and it runs on 120-volts. This saw cuts and acts as a multi-tool for surface paint and rust removal.

The recently improved drive train coupled with the metal foot and guard handle makes this a durable and long-lasting option. You can set it to two different wheel positions to suit the types of cuts you’re doing, and it works well with long and quick cuts. You get a clean site line for straight cutting.

Get five accessories, one attachment, the saw, and a carrying case
Can cut and do surface preparation as well

Doesn’t have a dust port
Blade lock may be difficult to open



Tacklife Mini Circular Saw

This blade features a left handed design and a built-in laser for straight precision cuts. It delivers a powerful 4,500 RPM that can cut through a variety of materials including tile, wood, metal, plastics, flooring, and more. The metal guard can protect you from sparks as well.

This saw comes with six additional blades, a guide fence slot, dust extraction canister, Allen wrench, and a warranty card. You get a 24-month warranty against damage or defect as well. The slim grip is perfect for using with one hand, and the lightweight design combats fatigue.

Saw comes with a lot of extra accessories
Can cut through several different materials easily

Blade may wobble a little bit
Blade may not be able to cut deep enough



PORTER-CABLE Compact Circular Saw Kit

This saw has 5.5 amps and runs at 3,500 RPM for a faster and smoother cutting experience. It has 0 to 45 degree degree bevel capacity for a variety of cuts, and this lightweight saw is easy to use with one hand.

You’ll get a dust port and a vacuum adapter that allows you to keep your work area dust and debris-free, and it can cut two times the material with one pass. You’ll get the saw, 24 tooth carbide tipped blade, rip fence, vacuum adapter, and a case with this product.

Very compact and lightweight at six pounds
Comes with several accessories including a vacuum adapter

May be difficult to adjust the cutting angle
Blade is difficult to square on the base



VonHaus Corded Ultra-Compact Circular Saw Kit

This saw comes with a 5.8 amp motor and it is triple geared for more power. It quickly and easily cuts through metal, ceramic tile, flooring, and wood. You get a laser light cutting guide that helps you get straight precision cuts.

This circular saw comes with a slim grip handle that makes it quick and easy to make cuts with one hand. You get over an 80-inch dust extraction hose and an extra long cable that lets you move more freely when you use this saw. It also comes with three additional blades and a storage case.

Extra long dust extraction hose
Comes with three additional blades and a storage case

Difficult to work the plunge cut feature
Motor can overheat with extended use



VonHaus Compact Handheld Circular Plunge Saw

This saw is very thin and versatile, and it has an adjustable cutting depth of up to one inch. The ergonomically designed handle makes it easy to hold and use for extended periods, and it comes with a compact buy powerful 4.8 amp motor.

This kit comes with the saw, storage bag, blade, and a straight edge guide. You get over six feet of cord so you can move around easily, and it makes quick and easy cuts with 4,000 RPM. It weighs in at just under eight pounds, and it runs on 120-volts.

Comes with over a six foot cord
Ergonomically designed handle is easy to hold

Does not allow for angle cuts
May get hot with prolonged use



CONSTRUX Compact Circular Saw

This compact saw has a powerful 5.0 amp motor and it runs with a 3,500 RMP motor for quick and easy cuts. It can cut through two times the material quickly and easily, and you get a 24 tooth Carbide tipped blade.

It comes with a dust extraction tube that lets you keep your work area dust-free when you’re using the saw. This compact saw runs on 120-volts, and it has 0 to 45-degree bevel capacity so you can make several cuts. It’s lightweight and compact so you can maneuver it quickly and easily.

3,500 RPM capabilities for a powerful saw
Dust extraction tube keeps your work are neat and clean

Cord may not be long enough to maneuver easily
May not be powerful enough to cut through thicker materials


No matter what compact circular saw you end of picking, it’s important to do your research and find the one that has all of the capabilities that you need to complete your projects. Our buying guide gave you important considerations to keep in mind, and our top 10 circular saw reviews gave you a good selection to browse.