Best Christmas Gifts For Boyfriends – 2022 Edition

Let’s be honest, Christmas shopping can be stressful and exhausting. Most of us would rather skip it. You have long lines winding around the corner, a mob of angry customers practically wielding pitchforks, many of the top gifts are sold out and you’re driving from store to store through buckets of snow and icy roads. To top things off, you legitimately have no clue what to buy for your boyfriend. You struggle to think at the time, what makes the best Christmas gifts for boyfriends. He won’t give you any hints and he seemingly has everything that he needs, leaving you frustrated and clueless. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right?

Well, let’s lighten up on the disaster front this year. No, we can’t control mother nature nor can we make the mall crowd relax but we can suggest some really cool gift ideas that your beau will actually like and use, whether you’ve been dating for a month or for several years. From tech gear for the guy who’s into all things electronics, to the well-groomed boyfriend who’s into looking good and smelling good. Or perhaps your boyfriend is the dude who lets everyone know how into sports he is and is practically married to his favorite football team. or the cedar-scented outdoorsman always aching for his next hike.

We’ve got them all covered with this list of the 10 best Christmas gifts for boyfriends, so that you can actually enjoy the holidays this year and focus on less stressful things like gingerbread men and curating the perfect holiday party playlist.


Best Christmas Gifts For Boyfriends – Reviewed

Bose SoundLink Revolve Portable Bluetooth 360 Speaker

Have a techie on your hands? Well, we’ve got your back. When you first look at this Bose speaker, you see a minimalistic, modern design minus any distracting knobs or too many buttons that you’ll be fiddling with to figure out how it works. The Bose SoundLink Revolve has a smooth and uncomplicated interface that connects right to your phone via Bluetooth. It comes in triple black or lux gray, which are both legitimately lux and will look beautiful on your dining room table or on the nightstand. The body is aluminum and resistant to water, which comes in handy in case there’s a spill or a little accident. It’s equipped with a lithium-ion battery that will keep the music playing for a solid 12 hours. That’s 12 hours of your favorite holiday tunes when the Christmas party comes along.

The sound is rich, full and deep with 360-degree coverage. If that’s not enough for you, you can connect two of these bad boys together using the app on your phone and the wireless range goes up to 30 feet. Need to take a call? You can just use your voice to easily connect with Siri or Google Now, which is pretty convenient.



The North Face Unisex Etip Glove

How about we combine tech with the outdoors? Well, North Face has you covered with their Etip gloves. You know how most gloves won’t work with your touchscreen? That’s where the “Etip” functionality comes in. The fabric of these gloves are compatible with your touchscreen device, which will keep your hands warm while you utilize the screen of your phone or tablet. Keep in mind that all of the fingers will work with your screen, not just your index fingers, which is really convenient when you’re using a touchscreen keyboard.

They’re machine-washible, made of fleece and with their unique 5-dimensional fit you’re ensured to have consistent sizing. The fit is snug but comfortable and warm enough to keep his hands toasty on those chilly winter afternoons.



Braun Electric Shaver, Series 9 9290cc Men’s Electric Razor

And let’s say that you have a techie who wants to look good. Braun had him in mind when they designed their Series 9 Electric Razor. This razor is tremendously chic with its modern, titanium coating. But not only does it look good, it also works really well. This efficient shaver uses a smart AutoSensing motor that works well even on beards that are dense, coarse or tricky. It has five synchonized shaving elements and two specialized trimmers that will keep his skin looking smooth.

This shaver combines the efficiently of a close, clean shave with comfort and ease. The head is 10-D (meaning 10-directional) and adapts to all the bumps and curves of his skin, even areas that are difficult to reach. It is also waterproof and capable of doing its job whether the skin is wet, dry, foamed, gelled or in the shower. Not only that but the Li-Ion battery will keep the device going while cordless for a full 50 minutes and features a reliable countdown during the nine final minutes of shaving time.



Star Wars R2D2 Coffee Press

We all know a Star Wars fan, right? Well, if that Star Wars fan is your boyfriend, then we have the perfect gift idea for you. Combine his morning brew with his love for R2D2 with the Star Wars R2D2 Coffee Press. You will be sure to brighten up his morning with this quirky gadget (and believe me, we can all use a little brightening up in the morning, right?)

Add your fresh coffee grounds and boiling water to his glass body, brew it for a few minutes, plunge and voilà! You’ve got yourself 32 oz. of coffee – less if you’d prefer it – but that’s a solid 4 cups of your piping hot morning brew. In conclusion, not only is this gift practical and sensible but the design is cool and decked out with a character that he knows and loves.



Herschel Supply Co. Heritage Backpack

Herschel designs products for the person on the go. Whether they’re headed to class, hopping on a plane to Shanghai or making their morning commute. Give your boyfriend a more practical way to carry his things with Herschel’s stylish Heritage Backpack. It comes in a variety of colors from the earthy Canteen Crosshatch to the streamlined and professional Peacoat to the funky Silver Birch Palm.

These backpacks have a 15″ laptop sleeve, a front storage pocket with a key clip, a sophisticated woven label and an internal pocket with a port for his headphones. The overall design is functional and was made with an eye for clean aesthetics. He’ll be looking good but also have his phone, laptop, headphones, planner, books and everything else that he’ll need in a reliable backpack with room to spare. It’s also quite comfortable when walking long distances and feels quite sturdy, even with several textbooks in tow.



Beard Head Knit Beard Beanie

Have a boyfriend with a goofy sense of humor? This “beard hat” comes equipped with a detachable beard face mask with adjustable velcro. Yup, it’s a beanie with a “beard” attatched to it and Beard Head took this wild idea and brought it to life, much to our amusement. It’s made entirely out of acrylic yarn and is one size fits all.

Not only is it amusing to look at, it’s also practical! He’ll wear it when he’s out backpacking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, you name it. Even in the coldest weather, his face will be snug. The beanie itself is also good quality, stretchy for a variety of sizes and quite warm. Beard Head’s beanies also come in a variety of styles and themes, including sizes for children. Is he adventurous? Then check out the barbarian pillager knit beard hat. Or is he more of a knight in shining armor? Beard Head has that covered, too, with the barbarian knight knit beard hat. Regardless of his style, these hilarious beanies will keep him entertained but also keep him toasty in the winter.



Leuchtturm1917 Medium Size Hardcover A5 Notebook with Dotted Pages

Have a beau with a lot of ideas in his head? Don’t just get him any notebook. Get him a notebook that’s sturdy, looks good and will get the job done. This Leuchtturm1917 hardcover notebook with dotted pages will keep his thoughts organized, whether they’re for work, school, personal projects, journalling or just unleashing all of that creativity of his. It’s available in several modern colors from the playful Nordic Blue to the sleek and professional Anthracite and it has a streamlined, minimal design that won’t be distracting or offputting.

This notebook will lay perfectly flat and it also has a table of contents and numbered pages, keeping him aware of where everything is rather than flipping from page to page when he needs to find something specific. It also includes several useful features to keep him practical such as labelling stickers, 8 detatchable and perforated sheets, a hard cover that is easy to wash, an inner pocket that is expandable and a page marker. It’s essentially a notebook that has thought about all of the features and accessories that he might need ahead of time.



Bellroy Slim Sleeve

The Bellroy Slim Sleeve is a wallet that is thin, minimal and convenient. It also helps that it looks stylish, too, if your boyfriend’s current wallet is old, worn or falling apart. This wallet is ideal for the guy who doesn’t carry much on him, although it does carry a surprising amount despite its sleek and slim profile. It’e excellent for carrying cards and not too much bulky cash. It will fit flush against his pocket and is easy to reach for and put away due to its size and slimness.

Bellroy recommends that he fit 4-12 cards and that he keep his bills folded. There are also two slots included for quick access, which is great for the cards that he uses on a daily basis. The rest can fit in the pull-tab section. Not only that but the wallet itself is made from high quality, environmentally certified top-grain leather. So, not only is this wallet a slim and practical choice for your boyfriend but it’s also discreet and not bulging with cash and valueable cards like his former wallet might have been. Consider it a cool upgrade from bulk to light and minimal so that he’s spending less time fiddling with his wallet and more time paying attention to what really matters.



Glerups Indoor Shoes

These certainly aren’t the slippers that his grandpa wore back in the day. Glerup shoes are cozy slippers with a sole that is soft enough that it will keep him from clunking around the house in them. They’ll also keep your floors clean as they are intended for indoor use. They are made from 100% wool, the fleece is washed using water that is lime-free and the dyes used are eco-friendly. They sport a unique foot-shaped design, which is combined with lightweight and slip-resistant soles made of calfskin.

The design goes back to the tradition of hand felting, which Glerups has modernized and improved with high quality materials and effortless softness. Not only that but these indoor shoes will keep his feet nice and toasty on chilly winter nights.



Monbix GF-70706 6 Piece Golf-Club Style BBQ Grill Set

Is your boyfriend into golf but already has all the golf gear that he’ll need? Why not think outside of the box? Well, Monbix is a step ahead of you. Their 6 piece golf-club style grill set includes an actual set of grilling utensils in the style of golf clubs. How cool is that? The set includes a spatula, tong, fork, two pepper bottles and a storage bag for when you’re on the go or for easy storage when it’s time to put them away.

The utensils are made using premium stainless steel that won’t rust or crack and are also safe to throw in the dishwasher after the barbeque. It also comes in a great golf-style bag which not only looks great but is also practical and makes them easy to travel with. So, if your boyfriend is both a griller and excellent on the golf course, then this gift will be right up his alley.