Best Automatic Gate Opener – 2022 Buyers Guide And Reviews

Automatic gate openers are a convenient and more secure alternative to manual gate openers. Many homeowners opt for the best automatic gate opener to make their household more accessible and reliable. Moreover, modern technology has influenced the way automatic gate openers work. They are more advanced and more stable, some even powered by solar energy.

In this article, we will present our top ten best automatic gate opener reviews. They differ in price, functionality, adjustability and so forth. Apart from presenting these gate openers, we will also provide you with concise and simple buyer’s guide. In this guide, we will elaborate why it is a good idea to buy an automatic gate opener (if it is), and explain the factors according to which you should base your choice. We will discuss different models (such as slide or swing gate openers).

We will also look at the design of each gate opener because not all will be compatible with your gate design and dimensions. You should also consider the powering system. Some gate openers are powered by AC, some use solar power, and some have backup batteries. Naturally, some have the option to install additional power source (like solar panels).

In short, the purpose of this article is to educate people on the best automatic gate opener, explain the benefits of such openers, explain particular product’s strengths and weaknesses. All information should help you learn more about these systems, thus assisting you in choosing the right model.


Best Automatic Gate Opener Reviews


ALEKO AR1400NOR is an automatic sliding gate opener, made for commercial use. Made in China, this product features reliable and robust parts which will function regardless of weather conditions.

It is powered by regular AC, but you can attach the solar panel to it. Despite manufacturer’s claims, it won’t be easy to install this piece, and if you aren’t mechanically inclined, you’ll need some assistance to install it.

Once assembled, the product weight roughly 784 pounds, and is 156 x 7 x 6 inches in dimensions. It is one of the cheapest products on our list, which makes it an excellent option for homeowners that want functional but straightforward automatic gate opener.

You also have the opportunity to include a remote controller and the gear racks that are compatible with this opener.


1.5 HP motor, able to move heavy sliding gates
durable, value for money
operates smoothly without stuttering
highly responsive


hard to install
poor customer service



USAutomatic 020335 Medium

USAutomatic 020335 Medium is the most professional, but also the most expensive product on our list. It is a double gate opener, powered by solar panel. The solar panel is nice since you do get 30% tax credit cut.

This is a double gate opener, but USAutomatic also offers single gate opener, which is less expensive. You can install it on gates up to 20 ft in L, which make it suitable for farm gates and iron gates.

Sentry is very conservative when it comes to energy consumption, and the solar-powered battery will last up to 8 weeks without the sun. It comes with a plug-in connector and doesn’t require any wiring during the installation.

Once installed, the product functions very smoothly, but somewhat slow, since it was designed to open big and heavy gates. And if you have any problems with your device, the US customer service will gladly resolve your issues.


robust and well built
comes with remote control and wireless connector
solar powered (solar panel included)
friendly customer service
very durable (also comes with a 3-year warranty)





CO-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

CO-Z Sliding Gate Opener features RF Rolling Code algorithms which prevent others from accessing the control over the gates and is because of that very reliable and secure. It is also very durable and strong, being able to move 40ft long sliding gates, weighing up to 1400 pounds. It comes with an easy to use remote control and is somewhat easy to install.

This gate opener is highly adjustable since you have the option to adjust automatical closing (the gates will automatically close 36, 24 or 12 seconds after they are opened). It is powered by standard 100V AC and functions very smoothly and quietly. And if you run out of power, you can use the manual key, which is also included in the package.

The instructions not great if, and if you aren’t knowledgeable about these things, you may experience issues.


small but powerful motor, able to open 1400 lbs gates (sliding)
adjustable autoclose system
features RF Rolling Code technology for extra security
comes with two remote controllers and manual key (in case of power outage)
friendly customer service
inexpensive, but highly durable


somewhat difficult to install
poor instructions



Mighty Mule Single Slide Gate Opener

The MM-SL2000B is strong, robust gate opener, powerful enough to move 1000 lbs gates that are 30 feet long. It is good all around gate opener, compatible with almost any type of gates (wood, iron, tubular steel and more).

This gate opener is best suited for a household with narrow driveways and light gates. It is safe and durable, but also expensive. MM-SL2000B comes with 2-year warranty, battery, and other standard equipment.

The product also features integrated brake system, which locks the gates in firm position once they are closed. The motor is strong and powerful, uses 12 Volt battery as a power source.

However, it isn’t easy to install, mostly because of the poorly written and outdated manual. Also, it comes without remote control, so you’ll have to purchase it separately.


functions smoothly and quickly
suitable for light and heavy sliding gates (up to 1000 pounds)
friendly and helpful customer service
durable will perform under any weather conditions
features integrated braking device for fixed positioning


somewhat expensive
outdated manual



USAutomatic 020320 Sentry 300

USAutomatic 020320 Sentry 300 is an AC power single gate opener. It can open the gates up to 20 feet in length and is best suited for smaller residences and lighter gates. It comes with the transformer, and you have the option to purchase USAutomatic’s solar panel. Upon purchase, you receive hardware, two easy to use transmitters, transformer and installation guide with DVD.

The motor is strong, able to move up to 1000 pounds. It works quickly and without any flaws, and is unaffected by weather conditions. Be aware that the product requires batteries to operate, but doesn’t come with them included. The 020320 Sentry 300 is highly responsive and will stop-and-go if there are any obstacles in the way. Customer service is accommodating and friendly.

This Sentry is a bit noisier than other USAutomatic products, but it does function properly and smoothly.


strong motor, able to move 1000 pounds gate
highly responsive and adjustable
friendly and helpful customer service
easy to install, manual is very useful
compatible with most gates


the Sentry is a bit noisy
cant switch it off



Mighty Mule MM360 Automatic Gate Opener

The MM360 is a single swing gate opener, suitable for 16-inch gates that weight up to 550 pounds. It features Dual Sense Technology, enhancing the opener’s safety.

This opener is best suited for medium sized, lightweight fences, compatibility with most fence types (wood, ornamental, chain link, and many others), as long as they are swing.

The product comes with decent user manual, remote controller, AC transformer and other necessary hardware. It comes without the batteries. This opener is very compact, easy to install and use.

We commend the implementation of the Dual Sense Technology, assuring that the opener stops if something is on its path. However, we don’t like hardware’s quality. The opener itself is excellent, but the bolts and brackets are poorly designed.


works smoothly and silently
features Dual Sense Technology
easy to use one button remote
easy to install, helpful manual (comes with installation DVD)


poorly designed brackets and bolts



OrangeA Sliding Gate Opener

OrangeA Sliding Gate Opener is robust and powerful, able to move gates that weight up to 1800 pounds, which makes it the most potent gate opener on our list. It is fast, moving up to 43 feet per minute.

Remote control features four options, of which the most interesting one is the Pedestrian Mode. If selected, the opener will automatically stop if something is in its way. It is suitable for all types of gates, as long as they are 40 feet long or shorter. It is very quiet and durable and will work regardless of the weather conditions (from -4°F to +122°F).

The product comes with installation hardware, manual, two standard keys (2) and two remote controllers. The device is powered by standard AC. We say it is easy to install, mostly because of the amiable and helpful customer service. However, the instructions are poorly written. Also, for some people, the Pedestrian Mode didn’t work.


value for money
good hardware, easy to install (thank’s to the customer service, which is another plus)
powerful (up to 1800 pounds)
resistant to extreme temperatures
good remote controller, with effective distance of 100 feet


poorly written manual
Pedestrian Mode doesn’t always work



Mighty Mule EZGO-SOLAR

EZGO-SOLAR is a single swing automatic opener, powered by the solar energy. The product comes with gate opener, two remote controllers, and a solar panel.

It is lightweight, able to move the gates that are up to 16 feet in length and weigh no more than 550 pounds. Being compact, it is best suited for people who look for solar powered gate opener that offers performance and security.

It is easy to setup (manual is good), and if you do experience any troubles, you can always contact the customer service. Opener works smoothly, and the remote is very simple and easy to navigate (one button system).

Note that the product requires a 12V battery to function (batteries not included). We don’t recommend using this opener on long gates, due to short opener’s arm (should have been longer). Also, the solar mounting is somewhat difficult, due to poorly designed mounting hardware.


solar powered
value for money
easy to install
one button, easy to navigate remote
friendly customer service, will help you with installation and provide technical support


solar panel mounting hardware is poorly designed
short arm (not suitable for long gates)



Ghost Controls TDS2XP

The TDS2XP is dual swing gate opener. It is capable of operating on 20 feet long gates, not heavier than 300 pounds. The motor is very quiet, and you’ll receive a lifetime warranty for it (and for the Gear Assembly), and 18 months for other parts.

The product comes with the powerful 10 W solar panel, but without batteries, so you’ll have to obtain them separately. The TDS2XP is the best fit for tubular gates (swing) but is compatibility with most gate types (except with the solid-panel).

We command the products quality hardware, high-end functionality, speed, and smoothness. It is also powered by solar panels, which is always a good thing (unless you live in cloudy areas, of course). The product comes without brackets (push to open), and you’ll have to purchase them separately. We feel they are somewhat expensive. Also, it is slightly tricky to install.


rapid and smooth
comes with 10 W solar panel kit
excellent customer service
very reliable, one of the most durable on our list
value for money


comes without brackets and batteries
tricky to install




Last on our list is the ALEKO AS650NOR, a single swing gate opener. This gate opener performs best with short, light gates, being able to operate the 10 inch long gates, up to 650 pounds.

The motor is very reliable and versatile, utilizing both DC and AC, and is the only one on our list able to perform in both ways. You can also add the solar panel to it, but the product comes without it (and without the batteries).

We liked the motor. It functions very smoothly, featuring soft acceleration and deceleration, and will probably last longer due to this functionality. The product comes with necessary installation hardware, motor, and two remotes.

Instructions are very bad, and you may experience troubles installing this piece. Also, it comes without a power cord. Why? We do not know, but you will have to purchase it separately.


solid manufacturing and quality design
excellent and versatile motor
very durable and robust
the control panel offers a lot of functioning options
excellent remote controller


poorly written manual


Best Automatic Gate Opener Buyer’s Guide

In this section, we will address the most critical factors you should include in your selection process. Naturally, these aren’t the only factors you should add but should give you an idea of what you should take into account if you are purchasing automatic gate opener.

Swing Or Slide?

Naturally, this depends on your gate type. There’s not a lot to be said regarding this subject, except for the fact that, if you pick the wrong one, it won’t work. Slide and swing gate openers are designed with the purpose, that is, they aren’t highly versatile: you can’t use slide opener on swing gate and vice versa.

Lenght And Weight

Dimensions and weight of your gate are equally important. If your gates weigh more than the gate opener’s maximum capacity, it will either snap or won’t be able to open the gates.


We suggest going for the panel powered gate openers, simply because they are more cost-efficient in the long run. Also, know that you can purchase the panel and install it additionally, or better yet, use the one you already have. Of course, if you live in the area where sunlight is a luxury, then go for the standard AC powered gate opener.


Other Things To Consider

Take a look at some of the small factors that can help you narrow your choices.

Gate Type: here we don’t discuss swing or slide, but the gate’s material and design. Are your gates wooden, chain link, ornamental or other? Some opener models are perfect for wooden doors, and others are optimized for tubular gates (like the Ghost Controls TDS2XP).

Hardware Accessories: we’ve explained what you receive upon purchase. Some products come with power cords and batteries, other’s don’t. If you want the all-in-one product, go for the ones that include everything in the price.

Speed: some of the listed gate openers move fast, others slow. Naturally, this often depends on the size of the doors, but can also be determined by the motor power. Also, some offer deceleration and acceleration features, meaning that the gates will operate smoothly, thus prolong the opener’s durability.



Although there is much more to be said about the best automatic gate openers, we tried to discuss the things you either didn’t think of or the things that are the most important. We didn’t discuss price because, well, this depends entirely up to you; you know the limitations of your budget.

Once you determine your gate’s type, dimensions, weight, you will significantly narrow your choices. Then focus on the power supply, gate opener’s functionality, features, remote control functionality. Also, be aware of the fact that some of these openers are hard to install, and if you don’t want to hire experts to do the job for you, go for the more straightforward, easy-to-install version.

We hope this article has cleared some things for you, and that reading it will help you pick the automatic gate opener that will fulfill your needs and meet your requirements.