Ten Best Airpods Cases And Covers In 2022

Airpods are one of Apple’s newest products, and perhaps one of their hottest in years. These wireless earbuds provide an amazing level of sound quality while still providing users with a great deal of freedom, making them the perfect fit for most audio enthusiasts. The biggest obstacle that most users face has nothing to do with how the Airpods work, though, but rather with how to keep them safe. Most have found that the best AirPods cases and covers make it easier to keep their Airpods charged, but also keep their pods and the charging case safe at the same time.

Good Airpod cases and covers come in a few basic varieties. There are those cases that work with the newer Airpods Pro, which charge wirelessly. There are also those cases that are meant simply to hold the older charging cases regardless of the Airpod model. Cases can then be further broken down into their primary use – some are meant to protect the Airpods or cases, while others are fashion cases that simply keep the Airpods together and capable of quick access.

The right Airpods case, then, requires that you take into account what kind of Airpods you own and what you want out of the case. Below are a handful of the best AirPods cases and covers for both standard and pro-level Airpods.


Official Replacement Airpod Case

Of course, it’s always worthwhile to look at Apple’s own replacement wireless charging case. As you might expect, this is the case that Apple recommends for its customers and it functions quite well. Though it doesn’t have many of the bells and whistles that you’d expect from some of the third-party cases, there’s no doubt that this case works perfectly well with the product. Every bit of this design is endorsed by Apple, so it is theoretically one of the best wireless cases that you’re going to find.

The good thing about buying directly from Apple is the warranty. Since this case is meant to work with Airpods, any problems that it causes should be covered by the company. Whether this makes up for the lack of extras, though, is really up to the individual user. If you’re just looking for a bare-bones wireless charging case that Apple will stand behind, you should take a look at this replacement case.


AirPods Pro Cases Reviewed

Coffea AirPods Pro Case

This AirPods Pro case from Coffea is made with the consumer on the go in mind. Not only does it snugly fit the Airpods in a way that keeps them from getting jostled about, but it also protects them from damage when dropped or hit. The charging case itself is compatible with any Qi charger, so you never have to worry about taking the Airpods out of their case to charge them. Consumers even get the benefit of a good LED indicator on the front of the product so they can tell when the Airpods are done charging and ready to be used again.

This case also comes with an attached carabiner, a perfect extra for anyone who likes to keep their Airpods with them on the go but who doesn’t want to leave them in their own pockets. It even goes a step farther in terms of basic utility by ensuring that the case itself won’t get in the way of using the Airpods – a definite selling point for any user.


OHUI Airpods Pro Case

This protective Airpods Pro case is a good example of the kind of functionality most users look for in an Airpod case. Though it may look fairly simple from the outside, there’s a fair bit of work that’s been put in to make this case work. The silicone body is great for protecting the Airpods themselves, but the body has also been designed to ensure that it’s not going to crack or crumble because of use or exposure to the elements. Though it may seem like a small touch, knowing that your case isn’t going to fall apart over time can be a huge relief for those who want a case on which they can depend.

Like all Pro cases, this case also allows you to charge up your Airpods without taking them out of the case. You don’t need a special charger for this – any Qi charger will work, and you can tell the Airpods are done charging just by looking at the LED on the front. Complete with a metal carabiner for travel, this case is a great fit for most users.


BRG for Airpods Pro Case

While there are plenty of functional Airpod cases on the market, most of them lack a sense of visual style. If you’re looking for something that’s going to stand out and that will fit a very specific aesthetic, this might be the best case for you. Though it does a great job of both protecting and charging Airpods, the real benefit of this case comes from how it looks.

This pink case is attached to a big, pink puffball. There’s no doubt that it stands out, which can be quite helpful if you are the kind of person who frequently loses his or her Airpods. The cute look belies the fact that the silicone case does do a very good job of protecting Airpods, keeping them from moving around in the case or falling out. Though this aesthetic isn’t for everyone, it does marry a unique look with solid functionality quite well.


HATALKIN Airpod Pro Case

Thin and soft, this case from HATALKIN is a perfect choice for anyone who is looking to keep his or her Airpods safe without adding a lot of extra bulk to his or her gear. With a thin profile, it fits the Airpods snugly but can still easily fit in most pockets. Though it certainly does a fine job of providing protection, it’s clear that the main point behind this design is to ensure that it doesn’t take up too much room.

Unlike many other Airpod cases, this is one that is made from eco-friendly materials. This is great for those who are looking to do their part of the environment, especially if they aren’t looking to sacrifice protecting their Airpods at the same time. A solid piece of environmentally-conscious engineering, this case is a solid choice for any consumer.


Standard Airpod Cases

Twelve South AirSnap

This basic Airpod case is about as simple as they come. Unlike the pro cases, this isn’t one that’s meant to help you charge up your Airpods on the go. Instead, it fits around your original wireless charging case so that you can take it with you while you are out and about. This provides a little bit of extra protection for those who are concerned about keeping their wireless charger in their pockets, but it’s largely meant to make transportation just a little easier.

This leather case looks great and it’s a perfect fit for an original Apple wireless charging case. It doesn’t provide much protection from bumps and drops, but it does protect the case against casual scratches. The case is very user-friendly, though, allowing users to see the pairing light on the wireless case without having to open up the storage flap. Easy to open and even easier to use, this case is a good fit for those who want to keep their original wireless charging case safe.


YINLAI Airpods Case

One of the most common reasons to buy an external case to hold your wireless charging case is to add an extra layer of protection. If you’re in the market for something that certainly looks and feels rugged, your ideal case probably looks a lot like this one. It manages to have that rough-and-tumble look while providing an excellent fit, allowing users to combine their desire for a tough aesthetic with a need for a legitimately tough case.

This case is designed to be attached to a bag or a purse, protecting your wireless charger from bumps and drops while still keep it safe and still. Easy to open and close, the case is perfect for those who take their Airpods to the gym or tend to throw their bags around when they’re on the go. Though it doesn’t have the same level of functionality as a Pro case, this one nonetheless manages to be great for those who want to ensure that they don’t damage their original wireless cases.


Ownest Compatible with AirPods Case

Some users are more concerned with being able to keep track of their Airpods than protecting their original case. If you’re looking for something that will stand out and that will make it easier for you to keep your Airpods together while you travel, you will love this case from Ownest. The simple floral print provides a nice bit of personality to a type of case that tends to be more utilitarian, while the design itself is such that you’ll never feel discouraged from using the case.

Easy to disassemble and easy to use, this case is a good marriage of form and function. The case removes a few of the more common impediments to use, while the exterior colors make it look a lot less drab than most other cases. If you’re looking for something fun but still useful, this case might be for you. Though it does lack many of the protective elements that have become common for cases, it’s still a great choice for those who don’t mind being careful wit their Airpods.


10-in-1 Airpods Protected Silicone Case

This isn’t just a case – it’s a full kit of gear for those who want to get the most out of the Airpods. The silicone case itself is a great example of how to protect an Airpod charging case, with a snug fit and a scratch-proof design that ensures that even fairly significant bumps won’t cause damage. It’s all the extras, though, that makes this unit stand out. If you’re looking for more than just a case, you’ll want to take a look at all this set has to offer.

Though the case is at the center of the kit, most consumers will find the extras to be compelling purchases in their own right. there are hooks to help the Airpods fit more comfortably, cords to prevent them from dropping out while exercising, and even clips to hold them in place. If you’re a fan of Airpods but are scared about the possibility of losing or damaging them, this set has everything that you need.


MICOK Compatible Airpods Case

The watchword for this case is tough. While there are certainly slimmer or prettier cases out there, there are relatively few that go so far in their ability to protect your Airpods from damage. Capable of protecting your Airpods and case from drops of up to four feet and waterproof up to one meter, it’s one of the best cases on the market for those who are afraid of damaging their Airpods.

The tradeoff for safety is usually ease of use, but this case is still remarkably user-friendly. It features a button to help you synch your Airpods, a hole for your charger, and even a loop so that you can attach the case to your bag. Capable of everything but wireless charging, this case is a solid choice for most consumers. If your goal is to find a case that’s going to make you feel safe bringing your Airpods with you as you travel, it’s going to be hard to find anything else that does quite as much with so simple a design.